Computer Repair Services in Swanley

List of Swanley based computer repair shops offering PC and laptop repair and maintenance services.

We have been repairing, building and maintaining systems since 1990 when the company first started. Since then we have carried out thousands of repairs on all major manufacturers systems and those from independent stores and self builds. PC's from every major manufacturer have been through our workshops and we have had experience with a whole range of own built systems as well.

  • Thought I had lost all of my work (over 5 years worth) when my hard drive became corrupt.

We offer a wide range computer related services for home and business users, Our Virus Removal service includes a full antivirus scan of your PC using the latest anti virus software, removal of all viruses and free installation of antivirus software (if purchased from us). We are happy to offer help and expert advice in-store.

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