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We had our PC desktop fixed and later had data retrieved from an external hard drive. Both times we were impressed by the service, expertise and fair price, Highly, Highly recommend, don't bother going anywhere else.

I was really impressed with the service. Came to work to collect and drop off the phone all within a few hours. So much more convenient.

I wanna share my experience with Smart Fix. first of all, I have repaired my laptop two time in Edinburgh most of them not good quality and more expensive but I have not seen like Smart Fix cheaper and good quality and give you plenty time (guaranty) to check if get trouble you you can return

Refurbished hard drive, doubled the memory upgraded and Windows10 licensed. All done very well with very fair rates, after been to other businesses in the area this company made it worth doing it as I'm only using the laptop for web surfing, emails and word processing. So no need to spend twice

I cannot recommend this company more highly. I have used them twice; once to install a new motherboard and to SLI my graphics cards and then today to fix an issue with the drivers and settings for my TV monitor. Super fast and easy!

Very quick, professional and same day repair service. I was quoted a very reasonable price for the level and speed of service received! I was so impressed. I had an entire new screen and frame installed along with a new camera lens cover on my iPhone 8 Plus for a such a good price. 40 mins

After using Fast Computers myself for over two years I have started recommending these guys to my friends and family. They have never let me or the people I have recommended down and their prices are more than reasonable. Big plus point is they are quick and have a priority service for emergencies.

I have been very pleased always with the service I have received from Proactive IT Support and have been using their services for several years now. I am most grateful for your help and follow-up and will continue to be a customer for as long as I can use a computer.

My two old computers with my last 20 years of Data recovered by this company very economically, I enquired for quotes to other York computer shops and Easy repairs done it quickly and cheaper. I'm Positive to recommend to anyone.

Toshiba laptop now repaired but it slowed down so much that I could not use it. Took it to easy repairs office on Monday morning and collected on my way home a day after, very quick and very fair rates. As others said Highly recommend it.

Got a brand new screen replaced on my Iphone X. VJ was quick efficient and very helpful! The phone was like brand new! Would recommend to anyone!

Don't take your old computer here for a check-up unless you don't mind a hefty bill. My son's machine was very slow and difficult to load games etc. A 30min check cost me £67.50 and left him with exactly the same faults. I tried to cancel the work after speaking to my son within an hour of

My home PC would not power up I contacted easy repairs to book and appointment. it took them a couple hours to sort it out while I was shopping in York, very reasonable rates and efficient people. Highly recommend

A new 17.3" laptop screen fitted by this people at nearly half the price quoted by other shops in York, it took easy repairs two days to do it but they've saved me over 80 quid from others. I'll use them again. Thanks

Great service ... Every problem has been sorted with great friendly service..very reasonably charges. I would always recommend this company to friends and family.

Quick, lovely staff and very convenient. Staff were super helpful with all our questions and sorted all 3 phones out within just a couple hours. Would definitely recommend!

Mick sorted the pc out in no time Expert Service And delivered the next day an no extra cost

A big thank you for our beautiful and professionally designed homepage. When changes or problems, everything is done immediately. Dundee Computer care is easy to rely on and can only be recommended. They also Design our Mobile App

Four Terra-bite external hard drive failed to work, I search the web and enquired various companies in York and Nationwide. Easyrepairs was happy to examine the drive for free and then quote me for the job, all other companies wanted a payment on front and their rates worked double and even

My laptop was overheating and shutting down due to dust in the fan. They have fixed my laptop in less than a day and it works perfectly 2 weeks after. Amazing service and at a reasonable price. Would highly recommend it! Thank you.

Computer broke called to ask when I could take it in for repair they said bring it in that day and 24 hours later got the call say it was repaired. amazing service and price will definitely use again and recommend to others.

Accidently spilled a full glass of water on my laptop and the keyboard wasn't working anymore. I thought I had to buy a new laptop or at least spend a lot of money on finding and installing a new keyboard. They have somehow managed to get everything back to how it was, no new parts required.

Cleared my computer of it's bugs and slow processing, offered great advice for future use and longevity of computer life, and explained the changes to my computer with clarity. Was very careful to keep-safe all my data. Great service and would recommend. Thank you.

I recently had the charging button replaced on my iPhone. The service couldn’t be faulted , very quick & reasonably priced. Friendly & professional service. Highly recommended & I will certainly use them again if a repair is needed.

Bigger companies said they couldn’t fix my laptop and told me I had to buy a new one. After reading reviews I took it into this where they fixed it in under 24 hours. Great customer service, honest and friendly. The repair was quick and affordable as they only replaced the damaged part of

A new lcd screen was installed on my laptop yesterday morning by this guy, very quick, cheap enough and fairly easy to find. I definably recommend easy repairs.

A network consisting on Apple and windows devices that I could not get working properly need it fixing by a professional. Easy repairs did the job fixing it very well, last Sunday afternoon, Highly recommend.

Rang these up as both my kids laptops were running very slow with various things popping up that shouldnt have been. Very primpt and polite service - was only charged £50 for repairing both laptops. They have been running well for the last 3 months since they were serviced so really cant

Collected my laptop in the morning, brought it back in the evening as promised. Cleaned up and working better than ever. Even upgraded my RAM at no extra cost. Highly recommended service. 5 stars.

Purchased a Windows 10 product key from this company but the key did not work. when entering product key, error message indicating key has already been used. Have sent countless emails but no response! Still chasing them for a refund, or a new key that works.

Searching for a computer repair shop I found easy repairs here. My asus notebook is now fixed, it used to go off quite rapidly, easy repairs has changed a part in it. I took in my notebook on my way to work and collected getting back home from work, well happy with the work done & price, thank

Stellasoft communication is very poor, ignoring my emails and not returning calls. Their SEO services are basic at best, producing the same 'cut and pasted' SEO report every month with the same recommendations for improvement, even after they had been implemented, proving they don't even look

Thank you for sorting out our iPad today BRILLIANTLY With best regards, Matthew Eden

Highly skilled technician at ease with any hard of software issue. Able to explain in plain English what steps are required to find the necessary solution. Clear on price; meets delivery targets. Goes beyond the extra mile. Very personable and fun to do business with.

Had my ps4 fixed here last week and I got to say Warren was very helpful, more than fair priced. He took it off me on the Saturday and I picked it up the next day. It's working great now. The service received while he had it was brilliant, you would get emails of the progress all the way from

My MacBook stopped powering on I took the laptop to easy repairs early morning on my way to work. Mid morning I received a text message to ring back, he suggested to put a new part "macsafe board" I told him to do it as the quote was acceptable. On my way home from work passed by to collect

As often happens with IT, what was supposed to be simple, wasn't. Lee persevered and solved all the problems. He was very fair about charges considering the extra time he had to spend. I'd certainly use him again and would recommend him without hesitation.

I used Easy repairs this year for different reasons. First my laptop, basically stopped working but the guy was super helpful and changed my screen and hard drive, basically as closed to giving me a new laptop. This was done in literally no time (half of a day). Then, the screen stopped working

Excellent, speedy and friendly service. Would highly recommend.

Amazing service and would really recommend to anyone!

Got the battery changed over on my macbook pro here today, done very quickly and they seemed to know a lot about what they were doing. They installed a genuine battery which cost slightly more than other shops quoted for aftermarket ones which meant it wasnt the cheapest but I am happy ith

This shop has been an absolute nightmare to us. Our computer went there to be fixed , according to an expert who had to get involved , with an easy problem to fix . After we got our computer back , it has been nothing but a farce ... with the cd drawer not connected , a graphic card failing

My home TV box stopped showing the channels and our next door neighbour recommended this company as they used them before, I rung and the lad got in the TV box through the internet, after following their instructions it was Fixed. Very helpful and approachable definably will use in the future.

I came in to the shop looking today to inquire about having some soldering work done on a particular piece electrical sporting equipment. They immediately took on the task, and had it completed for me within minutes. I wholeheartedly recommend Delta Nine to anyone looking to have work done

IPhones are renowned for being obsolete!! My iPhone 7 was crushed by a deck chair & Seb offered really helpful alternatives when we discovered it was dead. Great prices & will make sure you are looked after from his humble shed.

Fair prices and genuine parts. Placed an order online Sunday evening, hoping they would process it Monday. Charger delivered and in use by 10 AM Tuesday morning.

Amazing customer-focused support from this service. Used them twice now, went out of their way to accommodate a home visit on the first occasion to resolve an urgent problem with my home PC. Just rectified another problem for me- immediate response, advised and fixed the problem in minutes

Very helpful and got things sorted for me. Quick and friendly service.

Virus cleaning and general maintenance was required as I wasn't able to remove malicious Trojans even with the popular tools found on the market. Easy repairs came to our home and within 2 hours had my computer working better than ever before, very knowledgeable and affordable. Highly recommend

I took my huge gaming pc that hadnt been cleaned in 6 years into JPJ's and he gave the pc the best treatment, clean and restoration its ever had in its life. He took the time to clean every single component, and test it thoroughly. He is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, super professional