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I took my laptop in for repair as it had a virus that did not let me log in to my personal laptop. The guy there was so reassuring and knowledgeable. he fixed it without a problem. I now use easy repairs to look after all my IT gadgets etc...

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I have taken my computer to the local shop several times for a similar problem, Windows was not working quite right. The problem was still present each and every time. I was recommended to iNPUT from a friend who had used them and im so glad I was. They have completely fixed my problem

I was extremely impressed with the service from easy repairs. Lad is very knowledgeable and was able to identify the problem immediately from my description during our phone conversation the evening before taking it to his place. The cost of repair was extremely reasonable and very quick (

Dropped my iPhone 6 and cracked the screen and took it to Tech CPR to see if I could get it fixed. Never broken a screen before so wasn't sure how much it would cost or what it would involve but the experts at Tech CPR helped in every way they could. I got my phone fixed in the next day at

Had a problem with my laptop on Sunday. Called for help and computer was collected and returned fixed a couple of days later. Great service and not expensive.

Signed up to let my tech guy manage my company's it system - and what a great service - Scott at my tech guy upgraded all 10 computers to SSD's - Some sort of wizardry. It has made all the old computer perform like new - without having to buy new computers! They all now have anti-virus and

Sent two laptops for repair prompt professional service reasonable cost

Could not be more helpful & infinite patience with my old computer and setting up new one. Helpful advice re wiring and wi-fi ALL OF IT. Superb service always .

I had recently changed over email providers and software - this sent my computer into meltdown - i needed access to my emails quickly! Scott at My Tech Guy came to my aid in a matter of minutes! Brilliant service and he also provided me with some future guidance! He is no going to be

On 18/05/2017 Matt installed Windows 10 on my Acer desktop upon which I had Windows Vista installed. The update took only 2 days,and since having my computer back I am finding that all is working well ,and quicker than before. Matt cleaned out unecssary items and cleaned my desktop as well.

I have a completely useless habit of tripping on my laptop power cord, of course, I eventually broke the DC power jack (which I explained to Val, as the charging-hole thingie that the cord goes into). I took my laptop there after I realized my laptop wasn't charging anymore. Val diagnosed

As an extreme gamer, I have always wanted good components and performance from my machine. And these guys deliver every time. I've come to Fast Computers for every one of my New gaming "Rigs" and they do not disappoint. I have always been impressed with them. Recently, I invested in an extremely

Excellent work and quick turn around as usual, the service and information from the staff is always first class and I would recommend this company to anyone.

I had the screen on my laptop showing 2 thick vertical lines, last saturday afternoon I wanted to find a location that would be able to perform the task of checking it out and provide me with the confidence that I was leaving my laptop in the right hands. I Thank this internet directory for

Great service. Work laptop serviced within 24 hours. Improved speed and runs a lot better than before. Competitively priced, Pete is very approachable too. Would recommend to others.

Easy repairs was very prompt at looking at my computer when I desperately needed it, I had it back within the same day with everything working much better (very very slow). Without spending silly amounts. They were honest after hearing about my issues on the phone, that I would likely save

Excellent service which i never seen work and honest work.. charge little high but satisfaction work. worthwhile special business people.. defiantly recommend this guys.

Lectronix, formally Jesk, have looked after my computers for over 10 years and have always been quick to respond and carry out any repairs to my computer or software problems, from upgrades to malware problems. Kim Boulton installed Webroot Secure Anywhere Security three years ago, I have

Purchased a motherboard bundle from ebay and they only send me half the parts I ask for a refund or replace the parts and they start harassing me and calling me a bad person.

This company helped us before so we called them again as we bought a new printer but couldn't connect it wirelessly. They did the job and got us connected. Thank you again.

I Had a massive problem with my laptop. Vlad found the issue and gave the advice to contact HP directly . Brilliant, absolutely well done because I didn't know of the responsibilities of companies regarding EU regulations! How long items like mine have to last when it's out of main warranty.

Friendly advice and assistance given at every level of computer ability. Trustworthy and very reasonable. Certainly one of the best in Somerset!

I asked James for a quote to repair my cracked laptop screen, within a couple of hours from when I dropped it off at his house he text me with a quote for the cost of the screen. I was very surprised to learn that this was cheaper than the advertised cost that was advertised on another local

Our PC was running rather slowly and taking ages to boot up. This company cleaned it up, speeded it up and gave it a general MOT. All working much better.

James is amazing at what he does, he speaks in a language that everyone can understand and you couldn't meet a nicer person. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone!

I had a great experience at PC4You. My screen had stopped working on my Toshiba laptop. After a different shop in Wimbledon quoting me £150 pounds and telling me it would take weeks to repair, I went for a second option at PC4you. They took it for a 30mins diagnostic and returned it to me

This is the second time I have contacted MyTechMan/Paul for differing laptop issues. The mere fact that I invited him into my home again is testament to the fact that I found Paul to be wholly trustworthy, fair, honest and extremely helpful. He takes great care to explain things thoroughly

James helped me some years ago firstly with installing a new computer at home and down loading all my information on to it. He would always be able to help either over the phone or by emails when ever I had a computer problem. I then started my business and James was able to set up my website

Have used James's computer services on several occasions and found him very efficient, knowledgeable and able to sort out the problem and give relevant ongoing advice

After finding my son’s PC riddled with viruses, I came across "easy repairs" on this internet directory and am so glad I did. I received an excellent service and it collected + delivered the Pc to our place at no extra charge.

Our printer would'nt connect over wifi but this company managed to fix it for us

I am, what they call, a senior surfer, and have real issues with computers, TV and phones. About two years ago I was directed to James at IT Medic. What can I life and outlook with technology changed. James made everything so workable and understanding. He is patient, he listens,

Installed updates and upgrade as we did not understand them.

The lid disintegrated on my HP laptop. PC world advised that it wouldn't be a viable repair. As its only 18 months old and cost nearly £600.00, I decided to take it to K & A IT for an assessment and was please to be told it could be repaired for a quarter of the new cost. I went ahead with

My laptop was showing a blue screen every time it was switched on. I work from home so my laptop is a must have tool. I gave a ring to easy repairs as it was on this listing, they came today, found the problem causing the blue screen and replaced a part from the laptop there and then. I'm really

I purchased a Microsoft surface pro and surface pro 4 for mine and my colleagues surface pro at 2.30pm and the following day these had arrived at 9am which I wasn't expecting, not only have I saved money on these, but got there mega quick. We have been using these for a few days now and they

Nathan replaced my failing hard drive with an SSD drive and updated me to Windows 10. My laptop is better than ever. Before I made the decision to repair my laptop, I spoke to a few different companies. As soon as I spoke to Nathan I felt very confident and immediately made the decision

These guys were able to give our buggy laptop a clean and speed up. No more virus slowing us down.

James has bailed me out on numerous occasions with problems I have encountered with my apple laptop When I had to replace my printer in Spain James set it up for me from England My friend had problems with her computer, she unlike me is very computer literate but was stuck. James sorted

Macbook 2012 model, which would not boot on after sudden crash. I rang easy repairs, they collected Macbook & diagnosed on the spot faulty motherboard. I was advised the replacement part was more than the current value of the laptop however I chose to have the part ordered and fitted. 2 days

I called Darren the laptop repair engineer, I had major problems with my laptop, always turning off and overheating. After speaking to Darren he assured me that he can fix the issue and have it repaired and returned within only 48 hours. I took the chance and based on the feedback on Google

Yesterday I found this guys while searching for help on my tablet, because our family laptop was not showing anything else other than a black screen. Operational system not found. I rung them a man answered, he told me to do a few checks and gave me a quote. 2 hours later laptop was collected

USB stick wouldn't read on PC and was fixed very quickly with all files found.

Fantastic friendly service. Hyper 1 supply all my hosting, email, VoIP and IT backup, and have done for several years. I can highly recommend them.

I left my mac in and within a day they provided a full diagnostic report and quote for repair (free of charge). They even went on to fix my mac until almost working condition before I had confirmed my insurance. Unfortunately my insurance would not pay out and so I had to retrieve my laptop

Given Kim my laptop a couple of times due to viruses, I had the laptop top back both times within 2-3 days fully fixed in perfect condition, very efficient and happy with the outcome, will definitely use GKitsolutions again

GK IT solutions provided me with an excellent service. My laptop was extremely slow but Kim managed to make it brand new again. Kim also provided me with some really useful advice for parental controls on my sons tablet. Great service - would highly recommend

5* service, been having a lot of problems with my laptop lately. Running slow, pop ups & files within my documents kept disappearing. I handed my laptop over to GKitsolutions and it was given back to me within 72 hours. The laptop now works perfect!

Just rang to enquire about my 3D printer as suddenly stopped working this morning. The gentleman took me through various steps to analyze whether the fault was on the printer or the software. Once he thought what was the problem causing the printer not to work, told us what to do which I followed