Computer Repair Services in New Milton

List of New Milton based computer repair shops offering PC and laptop repair and maintenance services.

At home or in the office, we can repair any damage that affects your computer, from hard disk failure to total breakdown. As well as restoring your computer to full health we can sort power supplies, monitors and motherboards. We are able to supply all types of hardware to new systems at very competitive prices.

Remote Computer Repairs utilise the latest technology, to instantly diagnose your computer problems and carry out computer repairs remotely. Remote Computer Repairs is a lively company offering online computer repairs and support to clients throughout the UK and Abroad. The company has over 25 years experience in the computer repair market. The firm delivers comprehensive computer repairs to both businesses

Mobile computer services for home users in and around New Milton. I provide a comprehensive range of services including software and security installation, health checks, maintenance, virus removal, broadband installation and troubleshooting, printer installation, wireless configuration (including printers and other peripherals). Private tuition for all ages. Beginners very welcome. Friendly, informal

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