Computer Repair Services in Leyton

List of Leyton based computer repair shops offering PC and laptop repair and maintenance services.

We are a computer and phone repair company that deals with all kind of electronics repairs and maintenance, such as phones, tablets, computers, laptops, networking, CCTV.

  • Very pleased with the service! Brought in a badly smashed iPad screen and it was repaired

If you’ve encountered a blank screen or your computer is causing multiple errors, or even if your phone is cracked, please get in touch with us for swift and speedy solutions!

A callout computer services to residential and business clients in Leyton and the surrounding areas. We look after all your IT needs. We come to you at a suitable time that suits you. Most callouts within 120 minutes.

Leyton, London based Emica Computers is a computer repair centre. We are laptop repair experts, who offer a UK Nationwide services. They have a fully equipped repair centre in East London. All the senior engineers are Microsoft and Cisco certified, who have over 10 years of technical knowledge and experience. We repair all kinds of laptop faults, including damaged screens, broken power sockets, and

I can repair almost any problem on your Windows, Mac computer or laptop for the cheapest price in Waltham Forest. Whether it be broken, running slowly or you are not sure how to do something, I have a solution. I charge £30 for any problem under 2 hours and £60 if it will take longer. If I can't fix the problem then there will be no charge. Just email or call to get in touch with what the

We provide a service that is available to anyone in the world. And what is this Service? The organisation has engeneers that repair computers for local people who are unable or too busy to go else where to get there computer repaired. whereas our service is convenient, the client can have his computer up and running in just a few minuites in the comfort of there own home.

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