Established in 2008 we take care of the customer from start to finish and we go the extra mile.

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  • Greater London

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  • Cash, Cheque

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  City Kingston upon Thames
  Postcode KT4 7NZ
  Address 12 Marl Field Close
  Phone Number 020 8090 0968

Products & Services

PC or laptop setup - onsite

Get your pc setup the way you want it with out the hassel. When you have bought a pc or laptop you want to know if it is safe to use and will you be fully protected when surfing the internet. This service includes. * Physically installing and setting up your desktop pc or laptop. * Setting up new users. * Installing a windows antivirus (paid / unpaid) . * Creating recovery media (if the system allows it) . * Check Windows update and advise you on how to install them. * Connecting the laptop or desktop pc to an already existing internet connection. * * Note internet setup not included.

PC or laptop health check and optimisation - C&D

We can remove unwanted trial software. optimise your computer or laptop speed and provide test results. We will also check an edit power management on laptops.

Data transfer - C&D

When you buy a new laptop or a desktop PC you want to be able to access your data. This service will transfer all you personal data such as photos, music, videos, documents to the new computer to you can be sure that you can always access them with out any problems.

Data backup - C&D

We can advise you on what back up medium you should buy. We can even do the shopping for you (Cost not included). We will also make a system recovery disk for you if your system allows it. Alternatively we can also recommend an online backup service you might wish to join.

Data recovery - C&D

We will use our specialised software to recover your missing data. Formatted, partition error. Note that we can not recover data from physically damaged hard drives.

Data cleanse

When you want to sell or give away your old computer or the hard disk, then you don't want others to gain access to your data. With this service we wipe the data on your hard disk so that it is no longer recoverable.

Hardware installation - C&D

We will advise you on the components you need to upgrade parts of you computer or laptop. This includes USB hardware such as printers, scanners, etc. This service also includes RAM, hard disk, sound card, video card, blue ray disk drivers, cpus. Note that the price of parts is seprate and not included on the price of the labour.

Factory restore - (when possible) - C&D

We can restore reputable brands of desktops and laptops back to their factory settings. This depends on whether this feature is available on you computer. As always we are happy to discuss your options with you.

Parental control setup - onsite

We will discuss with you your parental control needs and advise you on the right software for you to use. We will then install and setup the software and teach you how to use that software.

Broadband setup or problem resolution - onsite

We provide this onsite service to connect you to the internet for the first time or resolve any internet problems you might be experiencing. We will even get in touch with your internet service provider such as BT, or Talk Talk etc. This is so that you don't have to worry about anything technical.

Windows 7 install - onsite

We can advise you about Windows 7 installation. (Note: price of Windows 7 product not included). This is because older computers might not be able to have Windows 7 installed on them, in which case they might require a hardware upgrade.

Software installation - onsite

We will check your computer or laptop for compatibility and advise you on any upgrades. We can also advise you on Apple Mac software. We can install 3 software packs )such as firewalls and antiirus).

Infection removal - C&D

An infected computer with viruses, spyware or malware can show a variety of symptoms. If it is suspected that your desktop computer or laptop is infected we will take a number of measures such as automated scans, to resolve the problem. In some cases manual intervention is required to remove the infection. We are proud to provide this service at a fixed rate.