W -PC-R we are a member of the Microsoft Registered Refurbishes Program. Licensed to install windows OS Including XP Windows 7 /8 MICROSOFT SERVER 2012 as download or image disk Microsoft office / Office Suite sales. We are in partnership with Worcester OEM Software.

Worcester PC RehomEing ltd is the country's fastest growing computer & IT recycling and disposal company.We offer secure IT, PC, monitor, laptop and computer collections from anywhere in the UK. History/background We started our enterprise back in 2010 and over the last two years we have built up a large amount of contracts some of with are in the Birmingham and Worcester areas. We Collect & recycle computers from corporate donors, data purging & full audit, supply of refurbished computers at low cost to schools & organizations involved in education. Refurbish computers & supply them to local charities, NFP organizations and individuals on a needs basis (e.g. The elderly, families with school children, individuals with disabilities & those on benefits and low incomes & students. We are a growing organization with many volunteers & IT, specialists.

Serviced Areas

  • All UK

Contact Details

  City Worcester
  Postcode WR2 6LJ
  Address No 6 Heath Close Hallow
  Phone Number 019 0564 1054

My PC was damaged beyond repair this was what PC World told me anyway. But I found this Company on here and they fixed this so called unrepeatable PC. I called them and within 10 minutes they had organised a date to come to my house and have a look at my PC and told me there would be no call out charge if they could not fix the problem. So I agreed to let them take a look. The guy arrived on time and after 20 minutes had diagnosed the problem as a bad power relay he cleaned out my PC and ordered the new part, which cost me just J9.98. He took my PC back to their base and returned it all working just 2 days later the whole cost was J79.98. My PC is now working better than it ever did it is only 1 year old. This may sound like a lot of money but when you take into consideration PC world told me it was beyond repair and charged me J45 for that privilege and then directed me to a new PC FOR J625 you can see its a massive saving. Thank you so much W-PC-R.