Woodgate Computers is a retail shop in Leicester that services the whole of Leicestershire. we specialise in Laptop, Mac, PC & Game console repairs. We stock computer parts & components for all major brands including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens.

Our services include:

Laptop DC Jack repair
Laptop screen replacement
Onsite repairs
Business contracts
Virus/Malware removal
Data recovery
Apple Makintosh upgrades & repair
Repairs & upgrades to all makes of PC & laptops
Suppliers to schools and business
CCTV installation & maintaince
Custom build PC's including gaming
GPU repair using dark infa red rework
Games console repairs including Xbox 360 four rings of death, Sony PS3 YLOD, Nintendo Wii & DS screen replacements.

Serviced Areas

  • Leicestershire

Payment Options

  • Debit & Credit cards, Cash

Contact Details

  City Leicester
  Postcode LE3 5GG
  Address 70 Woodgate
  Phone Number 011 6262 3999
  Mobile 0791 337 2633
  Tollfree 0800 644 0686

Products & Services

Games Console Repair

We repair games consoles including Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, DSi Lite, PSP. We can repair the dreaded YLOD on the Sony PS3 console and the RROD on the Microsoft Xbox 360. Other repairs include: Charging faults Cracked screens replaced Hard drives replaced and also upgraded Firmware repair and upgrades Optical drive issues / not reading disks Laser replacement including Blu-ray lasers Overheating issues resolved.

Slow PC?

We can fix your slow computer Slow when you start up, or slow when you're finally up and running. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer. Woodgate computers are slow computer experts. We can speed up your computer and get it back running at peak performance, whether by fine-tuning your software or upgrading your hardware. Most of the time you don't need a new computer, just a computer that runs like it did when it was new.

Custom Built Computers

We specialise in building custom built computers, either to your desired specification or to your budget. From a basic computer to a full bells and whistle gaming computer including the latest Haswell i3, i5 & i7 processors We also build specialist pc's for professional gamblers, stockbrokers, photographers. Choice of operating systems include Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows 8.1.

Refurbished Laptops

We are Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, we follow guidelines and quality control issued by Microsoft. We always have available refurbished laptops & PC's with original software in stock from J100. All laptops come with a RTB hardware warranty.

Laptop Screen Repair

We can replace any laptop screen, we carry all standard sizes and can fit the same day. We also replace tablet screens including Apple ipad and various smart phones.

Website design, SEO and hosting services

Bespoke websites designed and created in house by our design team. Ecommerce websites and mobile friendly websites a specialty. Please also enquire about our SEO services.

  • I would recommend this business
  • Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable

Amazing support and service, they are very helpful and make you feel at ease! They were very thorough in letting me know what the issue with my laptop could be caused by, and they immediately looked up parts they might need for it (other places had to get back to me for that). In the end it was an easy fix which they did in store while I waited. Fantastic store, I definitely recommend them!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Excellent repair of Ipad2 screen, courteous and professional staff, would highly recommend. You can easily track your repair, using your phones bar code scanner too.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Woodgate Computers sorted out a computer for us that we thought was practically dead, and did so for a lot less money than we thought we'd have to pay.

It started when the transformer for our laptop blew up. We went to PC World to get another one, but we were unsure about the connections because the laptop was bought in Japan. They sold us a new transformer for about J80, but we also had to buy an adaptor for the connection to the laptop - which only came in a packet with lots of adaptors (surely that's daft, people would only want one type of adaptor at a time).

That worked fine for a couple of months, then one day we noticed the laptop wasn't charging up. The battery ran right down and we couldn't get it to work anymore. We took it back to PC World and they said that the DC socket had failed. They said the replacement of a socket in a laptop would cost us about J250, so they would advise us to buy a new laptop.

Not surprisingly, we wanted a second opinion on this and had had Woodgate Computers recommended to us. We went there and asked if they could repair the socket any cheaper than PC World. The man there proved to us that it wasn't the socket at all that was causing the problem, but the adaptor that PC World had sold us. It wasn't fitting properly in the DC socket. He found instantly a transformer with a plug that fitted our Japanese computer, and plugged it in and successfully booted up our "dead" laptop. We bought the transformer from him for J50 and it's worked successfully ever since.

Customer Testimonials

A diagnostic test was required in the first instance and this revealed a software problem with my laptop. The technician advised throughout the process and the service I received was extremely professional. I also requested that certain data be retrieved where possible and this was carried out successfully. Excellent value for money, exceptional customer service and will most definitely be using Woodgate Computers Shop in the future.

The wood gate computers staff were friendly and very helpful.They did a good job in repairing my computer..Well Done Shane and team.

Very good service.

Woodgates is run by a very trustworthy helpful owner who really looked after me after the sale. It is great not to be just left high and dry after you buy a PC and the owner was not afraid of a few phone calls afterwards for help. Highly recommended! Revd George Dunseth.

Great services and excellent price. I would recommend to anybody.

I often use Woodgate computers if I have a problem. They are excellent, calm, well organised, great value for money and as swift as possible. I called this morning with a complete 'can't use it' laptop problem, and it was sorted in a very calm and professional way in 20 minutes. Great

The guys here helped me out of a mess I got myself into without once making me feel like an idiot! Highly recommended.

I've used woodgate computers for a number of years to fix and upgrade my PC's and laptops, they always provide good advice and a cost before starting any necessary work.

During my last visit I needed a new screen for my HP laptop or so I thought, the screen was flickering and I presumed it needed replacing but they told me it was a connecting wire from the screen to the motherboard.
They manged to get a new cable the next day and I had it back good as new the following night.

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From Our Website

We repair all makes of manufactured PC's including custom build PC's. This includes repairs for all types of laptop repair Leicester, Windows errors and hardware problems you may encounter. All makes and models of laptops repaired, whether it be an LCD or charging socket replacement, motherboard repair or any kind of hardware issue. Windows errors, blue screens, upgrades, we do them too! Not having a computer in your home would seem like you're still in the Stone Age. And with the coming of the internet, you can practically do anything within the confines of your home or office.

We know how it feels when you lose vital information. It is not an experience you would want to go through any time. But what matters more is the data recovery service that is able to provide a good job-getting a reliable service provider can be challenging, this is where data recovery services Leicester an help. You have to consider experience, reliability and data recovery services cost. The data recovery service provider must offer a free evaluation. The first thing is to give an analysis of the problem and provide a solution which is usually free.

Things have changed-quite a lot! Computers are at the centre of our lives, and we couldn't be happier. Sitting in front of our laptops for several hours to deliver a task, surf the internet or while away time playing games is not uncommon. But when your laptop breaks down, who do you run to? Looking for a PC and laptop repairs near me might not readily come easy-I mean a reliable repair service. For most people, computer repairs can be a serious headache. Regardless of your location, finding a laptop repair service shouldn't be that hard.

Let our knowledgeable team will help you create the perfect customisable gaming and desktop PC's. If you know what you need we can build to your specification, otherwise we can build to your budget. You may have been in the gaming world for a while or just starting out. There is no doubt about the fun and excitement that comes holding tight to your game pads while your eyes are fixated on the monitor. For a custom gaming computer, a lot is dependent on the power and capabilities of the computer.

Free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android let you view your photos, music, movies and documents from anywhere! No matter the business you do, whether online or offline, information is one of your most critical assets. Even if your main business is not about data, you still have a collection of customer receipts, financial records, inventory or some data that may impact your business negatively if you lose them. Backup for your data is essential, but what is better is having multiple layers of backups for adequate protection.