Windows Engineer Inc. was originally founded and registered as a global trading company in 2005 when its presence was established in California, United States of America. The company had started to operate under the Department of Labor regulations as a private entity under a home business license and provided basic IT services to residential customers in Southern California under the name of "Repair & Restore".

Richard Stephens, Chief Systems Engineer, has worked hard to forge important relationships with multi-national blue chip companies across the world and currently provides support and guidance to a wealth of progressive service-oriented clients including British Telecom Plc and Expedia group.

After securing a national remote client service contract from a leading Educational organisation, "Repair & Restore" re-branded their corporate identity and became "Windows Engineer Incorporated". With a fleet of professional Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Network Administrators across the UK, Europe and United States of America, Windows Engineer continues to go from strength to strength.

Currently, the company is expanding into the mobile telecommunications and broadband internet technology sectors and Windows Engineer are seeking to develop and maintain their own broadband internet service roll-out by November 2008. A leading certified business partner of British Telecom Plc, Microsoft and The Tech Guys, Windows Engineer is the driving force behind IT support and solutions for home and business customers.

Our website provides a full rate card of professional IT services that we undertake for home and business customers but to provide you with more of a concise idea that summarises our strengths, here are some of our frequently requested services;

Wireless Internet Networking
Cable and DSL Installation
Sharepoint / Citrix / Data Migration
Data Management and Disaster Recovery
Laptop Repair
Desktop Repair
Windows Media Center Home Configuration
Remote Control / VNC Support
Computer Upgrades
Oracle / Java Programming
ITIL / IIS Management
Outsourced IT Consultancy (National Health Service)
Mobile Phone / Smart Phone Repair

Our promise is to our customers and we provide full assurance that all of our services are completed on time as stated. Without customers, we would not have our company. We are here for you. Every day of the year.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 24 Hour Response Service
  • All Types of IT Work Undertaken
  • UK, European and US Coverage
  • Fully Qualified Microsoft Engineers
  • Highly Competitive Rates

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Microsoft Qualified Systems Engineer, Network Administrator and Small Business Partner

Serviced Areas

  • Nationwide

Payment Options

  • Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, Invoice

Contact Details

  City Barnsley
  Postcode S74 0DE
  Address 31 Shaftesbury Drive
  Phone Number 0845-467-9316

Products & Services

Service 365

Are you in need of a real person who can be there for you when something goes wrong? We offer just that with Service365. Choosing this service allows us to make sure that you have all of the tech support right there when you need it. Most other companies would only offer this level of support at specified hours, however we offer this support to you on a 24 hour basis across all 365 days of the year and if it's a leap year, we'll add in the extra day for free! We also offer a complimentary health check of your PC, full remote connection for immediate logging and repair of your PC, and a live chat box so that you and our IT Engineer are never out of touch! A fantastic service that does not incur any hidden fees and we won't charge you premium rates to call us either!

Digital Streaming Installation

Digital Streaming allows you to have the ability to access movies, music and pictures from your home PC to any room of your choice. Listen to songs or watch downloaded movies on your HD or PC TV, you can choose the format that suits you. We will install a Digital Media Streamer in your home and connect it up to your network. Depending on the media streamer we can set it up to connect to your stereo system and speakers or to your TV. This will enable you to access files from any PC that is on your network. We can install as many Digital Media Streamers as you like so you can listen to different music and share content in each room. If you have a wireless network, we can connect it wirelessly! All this as well as our world class support service at a price to suit your budget!

TV / Digital PC Installation

Want to watch your favourite TV programme on your PC anywhere around the world? Being able to access all your home TV channels can be comforting especially if you are away from home. Using your PC and connecting it to a media streamer gives you full access to all your favourite channels, without any additional fees or subscription charges. We will set up media streamer in your home and connect it up to your network and PC so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Entertainment Media PC / TV Installation

Having the latest entertainment PC sitting in your lounge has a number of benefits. It will allow you to view pictures that are on the hard drive, or watch TV from your PC, play your downloaded music, all from the comfort of your sofa. But that's not all, there are other benefits of combining your PC & TV. We have a service that will enable all this to be set up in your home, avoiding the stress and hassle for you as well as wading through all the instruction manuals. Every stage is taken care of, from unpacking all the components, installing the software, setting the TV, setting up the hardware, setting up your email and Internet account. We will also then give you a complete walkthrough on how to get the most from your new setup!

Home Network Installation (Wired)

Wired networking around the home is great for if are only using 2 computers and both want share the internet connection coming into your home. With our expert installation service, we can have your computers talking to each other within just 10 minutes! All customers who order Wired Home Networking Installation will benefit from a free router, free setup and even a free demonstration to show you just how fast and secure your internet really is! This solution is perfect for students, senior citizens and anyone else considered to be regular user.

Home Network Installation (Wireless)

Want to surf the net without wires? Experience the freedom to surf the Internet from any room around your home, so you can check your email on your Laptop in the lounge or play your games console online in any room of the house with the freedom of a wireless network. With a wireless network there is no need to run untidy cabling through your house. A Home Network will give the benefits of sharing files and sharing a printer from more than one PC, which gives you the ability to access it all from anywhere in your home. When we install your wireless router, you also get the added reassurance that your surfing on a secure wireless connection there is no need to worry about strangers using your wireless network and helping keep your important information secure whilst your surf.

PC Home Setup

Have you already purchased your computer and are not confident enough to set it up for whatever reason? Look no further because help is here! We will come to your home or office address at your request, unpack and check all components of your new computer, install any/all software, hardware and device peripherals so that we get your PC up and running for you today! As an added incentive to take advantage of this amazing service, we will even give you a free copy of Norton Anti-Virus and make sure your PC is properly protected, leaving you to surf the internet with total peace of mind!

Upgrade Component Installation

Digital media such as music, photos and videos requires a lot of storage. You can increase your storage capacity by adding an internal or an external hard drive. Video editing also needs plenty of memory (RAM). A memory upgrade will certainly make the task easier. Also, adding a TV card to your PC can turn it into a digital TV recorder allowing you to pause and rewind live TV. The fun doesn't stop there though! Imagine what you could do with a media drive and Windows Media Centre when coupled with a high speed internet router and top of the range AMD Quad Core CPU! The possibilities are endless!

PC Health Check

Is your PC running slow or freezing up? Itís not surprising that it stops performing to the speed or performance it was once intended for. Every PC needs a regular service to optimise its overall performance and find solutions keep it running at its peak level. Over time unused files build up on the hard drive, adding and removing software leaves behind a messy hard drive, as well as dust building up inside the PC case can cause it not only to slow down but also over heat. All these factors reduce the efficiency of your computer. To keep your PC in shape, we recommend you have a PC Health Check once a year. We have developed a complete service which focuses on a number of critical areas, which include: - Full virus and Spyware check - A comprehensive consultation and advice to improve the performance of the PC - Full fault diagnosis and 50 point check - Advice on upgrades to improve performance - Installation of any upgrades at the time of the service - A full detailed report performed prior and after the Health Check to show you the overall output achieved.

Data Backup Service

There are times in life when we all wish that we could be given a second chance to repeat history and do things differently. What if you never had the chance to do that? That is precisely the reason why we advise all of our customers, both new and existing, to create back-up copies of their precious photos, wedding or holiday videos, music files of your favourite artists and more. Imagine how you would feel if your PC had to be recovered because of a virus or serious error and you had the peace of mind in knowing that your priceless data and documents were safely stored on a CD. How happy would you feel? That is exactly what we offer with this service. Your entire data collection backed up and stored on a special format disc for the fraction of competitor retail store price!

Data Cleanse Service

Have you got no more use for what is currently stored on your hard drive? If not, you can be sure that a cyber criminal has. You can quickly and easily erase all of your old and unwanted personal data, including sensitive information, from your entire hard drive by simply employing us to do this for you. We call the process Data Cleansing because we are cleansing your drive of all data that you consider to be useless but others consider useful when considering ID theft, fraud, unauthorised access to personal and financial account records, passwords, etc. Order this service today and don't let yourself become a victim of crime!

Data Transfer Service

Do you need specific or all of your data transferring from your computer to a different computer? We can do this for you at your home or office and it only takes about 20 minutes depending on the amount of data to be transferred. We will transfer any/all data as you request us to, provide comprehensive advice on how to make your PC more secure, and we will also give you a free USB storage device so you can view your photos and listen to music on the go!

Driver Updates Service

Need a BIOS flash update? Can't find your motherboard drivers? Wondering if we can reinstall sound to your onboard chipset? Then order our unique and amazingly effective Driver Download Service. With this, you will be able to specify your downloads to us which we will then securely download, transfer to CD and deliver to you at your home or office at no extra charge!

Desktop PC Recovery

Forget the myths of today that computers are easy to build and cheap to maintain. If this was the case, there would no need for IT support companies. Computers are expensive and highly sensitive electronic units. When your computer breaks, who are you going to call to repair it? Who can you trust to do the job right first time at a price that suits your pocket and beats the high street? Windows Engineer have an endorsed fleet of IT Engineers, all of whom have worked for Microsoft, British Telecom, BT Internet and The Tech Guys (part of the PC World group). We will inspect, diagnose, repair, restore and provide you with useful advice for keeping your computer in the most secure and operable condition.

Internet Security Check Up

With the Internet increasing it's domain where taking over commerce and society is concerned, there also comes with it an ever growing risk of cyber criminals, fraudsters and paedophiles to say the least. We want to inspect and make sure that your computer is fully secured, giving you no reason to be afraid or cast a doubt that you or someone you love may be exploited by criminals across the world. We will also provide you with a free self help guide on how to make your PC more secure and how to better protect yourself and your identity when you go online so that you don't become a victim of ID Theft.

Memory Installation & Optimisation

Is your PC running sluggish or displaying strange errors on your screen? The most common and likely cause is a memory conflict. If the memory stick is not properly configured to run on your motherboard or is 'out of range', it can cause your PC to stop responding and to crash with potential consequences. We will therefore recommend and install any quantity of memory that you specify, from 128MB to as many GB as you desire, and make sure it is properly configured and speed tested for optimum performance.

Operating System Installation

Have you just purchased a new hard drive? May be you have purchased a Microsoft Windows Operating System Upgrade? We can format your hard drive using a special 3-pass data cleansing service and then install your chosen Operating System on to your PC, fully configuring and setting it up for you, complete with activation, registration and a free tutorial on how to get the most out of your PC.

Notebook / Laptop Recovery

Does your Notebook need repairing? Does your Notebook need a replacement CD/DVD Drive, Hard Drive, CPU or Memory? If so, we can have your unit admitted to our workshop, fully repaired and bench tested by an IT Technician, then returned to you in as little as 24 hours! The fee charged is a one-off price for the complete pick-up, repair and delivery service. All you will be responsible for is the cost of the parts.

Remote Control PC Managment

Take the worry out of trying to resolve and repair your computer issues by letting us take over your computer and repairing your problems while you watch from the comfort of your home or office. You are in control of the process at all times. You can even chat to us online while we work!

DSL / Cable Installation

We will come to your home or office and provide a fully insured and professional installation of all cabling, connections and pathways that will allow for us to connect your computer(s) and get you online within an hour! We also provide a free digital roll-out plan as part of our service.