With twenty five years of experience in the Information Technology market, UK Business IT Ltd delivers Quality IT, Communication and Technology Solutions to customers throughout the local area. The business is based in Stoke-on-Trent.

UK Business IT ensures that it's customers get the very best out of their Computer and Communication Infrastructure.

Customers are Partners and by Partnering with UK Business IT, the staff ensure your systems are Safe and Secure, your Data is Protected and that the client is free to concentrate on their own business rather than worry about Technology Issues.

The company philiosophy is based upon giving honest and reliable advice. Based upon an understanding of Technology and how to make IT work in a corporate environment.

The business aims to supply companies with a professional IT Support Service and has on-site facilities. The expert staff ensure clients systems are kept up and running. The service is designed to be cost effective every time.

The company is run by Mark Swann who has been involved in the Computer Support business for over 25 years. Mark Swann is more than able to manage the company, having previously worked for many IT organisations.

Serviced Areas

  • Stoke, Staffordshire, Midlands

Contact Details

  City Stoke-on-Trent
  Postcode ST4 7AA
  Phone Number 017 8226 4455

Products & Services

IT Support

IT Support is at the heart of everything that UK Business IT Ltd does and as such, we offer a number of alternative Support facilities to suit varying business requirements. This includes ad-hoc support, emergency support and a variety of IT Support Contracts including Managed Services. All support contracts benefit from:

Remote pro-active monitoring 24hrs/day
Rapid one-hour call-out to critical problems including loan equipment where required
Unlimited phone calls to our helpdesk for problems, issues or just questions & advice
Unlimited call-out’s providing on-site visits
Full and complete Site Audit to identify any weaknesses in the system (s) – reviewed at least annually
IT Strategy & Planning to assist with IT projects, expansion, budgets, IT Spending etc.
Loan equipment
Monthly billing
Friendly Helpdesk Service
We are very competent at keeping our customers systems running efficiently.

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