With over 8 years experience in the Computer Repair craft, The PC aid offers pc repair and webdesign services to customers throughout the local area. Established in 2000, the business is located in Mill Hill (London).

The firm provides businesses with a professional Computer Repair servicc and has on-site facilities. The expert staff ensure clients satisfaction. The service is intended to be cost effective every time.

The organisation delivers bespoke wireless equipment that are tailored to requirements and improve security. The products feature wpa, making it just right for private and office use, and they are available from the website.

ThePCaid has a small group of customers, based in and around London, including Jahan Internetcafe, private clients, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 24 Hour Call Out
  • Emergency service
  • On Site fixing
  • Fixed Price or hourly based solutions

Serviced Areas

  • Barnet and whole London and surrounding

Payment Options

  • Cash, Cheque

Contact Details

  City Mill Hill
  Postcode NW7 3PR
  Address Hale lane
  Phone Number 079 2804 9783

Products & Services


We offer a wide range of webdesign solutions, with colocated servers from ThePcaid.com you are sure that your website is never offline, please call for more information


People tend to think that they need to buy a new computer after few years, allot do not realize that their system CAN keep up with the latest performance demanding software's or other applications. Whether it is RAM upgrades, extra hard disks, software upgrades or even graphic upgrades, everything is possible*.

PC Rescue Package

PC Rescue is a cheap and fast way to give a extra boost to your computer without any hardware upgrades. Work will be done on the spot, and depending on the computer, it can take between 30min to 2 hours, if it takes longer than 2 hours, you will not be charged, you'll still pay the fixed amount.

Repair & Maintenance

From virus removal/detection to backups and data recovery. As the list can be endless it is best to give us a call to discuss your personal needs, we at ThePcaid.com see each customer differently, with different needs. Thus unlike our competitor, we do not put price lists which overcharges everyone. Every quote is custom made and is specifically for that particular issue and problem.

Wireless Package

Get connected for the fraction of the price other competitors charge. This package includes everything you need to get on the internet SAFELY and FAST. Unlike most of our competitors, for security we always use WPA encrypted configurated routers. Unlike standard routers provided by BT,SKY,TALK TALK etc are WEP encrypted, which is easy to crack.


For starting businesses or for homes wich requires a medium/extensive network we have allot to offer our customers. Whether you are a starting business or a growing one, we'll deliver the best service/product available for the fraction of the price that our competitors would charge. All network installations are carried out by experienced network engineers. please call for more information

Customer Testimonials

ThePcaid did all our computer set up in the new recruitment office, extending the existing network. He kept it to the strict deadline and finished just before the opening of the new office. kept me wellinformed of the progress step by step. discussed the most cost efficient ways to set up the server area. throughall... highly recommended, the price/value/service ratio was more than expected.

Great stuff, they give you proper value for money. got my computer data recovered in less than half a day! very pleased with the result. recommended

Not that expensive, but not that cheap... got the work done, but was happy with the overall result

I called quite at a late time, he offered me to come and pick up the laptop and promised me to fix it by noon the nexy day... just before 12 the next day he called me and dropped it off, great stuff, worth every penny... much better than those big repair companies!

We always use ThePCaid's expertise's to fix any computer or network related problem. They never says no, and 9/10 times he fixes most of our problems within couple of hours! It doesn't look like it, but it is like a one stop shop for computer problems, cheers mate. I can always count on you

5.0 out of 5 This guy is excellent, I mean, usually I call my regular fixer, but he was not available, So I called him like middle in the night because I had some important documents to present the next day, I was stressing out. He came and fixed it in less than 2 hours! highly recommended