We are your local (and soon to be national) friendly computer support and repair centre. We are currently based in Whetstone, North London and our call outs cover most of the North and North West London area.

However we remotely over the internet, telephone and our courier service (will pick up and deliver your PC or Laptop at a convenient time for you) can cover the whole of the UK.

We offer a world of computer repair and support services and between our expert Surgeons we can pretty much answer any question and solve any problem you have.

We are a customer driven company, offering the best services and a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. With our flexible booking times for an instore appointment, home visit or remote support; you will never be kept waiting.

Our technicians are polite, patient and passionate, they we will explain each step to you in plain English and not computer waffle. All our services are priced by the job and not by the hour with a strict no fix no fee policy (for instore only), so you always know how much you are going to pay.

We Speak English.

We understand your frustration with gadgets and technology when they stop working. For this reason we will not only solve the problem but explain and translate in plain English what we are going to do. So for next time you no longer need to be confused and frustrated.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • No Fix No Fee
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Remote Support
  • Virus Removal

Serviced Areas

  • Whetstone, Barnet, Finchley, North Finchley, New Southgate Southgate

Payment Options

  • Cash, Paypal

Contact Details

  City Whetstone
  Postcode N20 9HQ
  Address 9 - 11 Oakleigh Mews Oakleigh Road North
  Phone Number 020 7998 0104

Products & Services

Laptop Screen Replacement

Our dedicated Surgeons can replace almost all screens; all we need from you is the model of your laptop and let us do the rest. •A brand new screen will be fitted •Just provide us with the model number •Fittings done within 48 hours.

Factory Restore

Sometimes once a PC or laptop has been used for a very long time it can build up with all sorts of unnecessary files and programs which are not required and can cause more harm than good. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeon will return your system back to its original setting as if it just came out of the factory. This is also the best solution if your system fails load or your operating system stops your PC from working. •PC or laptop returned back to how you bought it •Clean and wipe hard drive of all content •Done instore same day

Health Check & Optimisation

After some time your PC may clog up with software, temp files and data that is no longer required, however this takes up space and useful resources from your PC causing it to freeze, slow down and even crash with the dread “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (BSOD)”. This can even happen when you have the most up to date PC with the best specification. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeons can remove and clean your system from unnecessary software, files and data that is slowing your PC down. This can be a quick and cost effective solution from upgrading needless hardware. •Delete all unwanted and unnecessary files •Boost the performance of your system •Check your system for any other problums

Data Cleanse

Are you about to sell your old PC or trade it in, then you must make sure that all of your private data has been wiped clear from the hard drive and there is no trace of any personal information. This is the only way you can make sure that you are safe from identity fraud. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicate Surgeon will make sure that all your personal information has been removed from your PC before you sell it or trade it in. This importantly includes user profiles, temp internet files, all user documents and file, passwords, usernames and logins. If this is not done properly files can be recovered •We delete everything of your hard drive safely •Trade in or give away your system with confidence •Delete all confidential information quickly.

Virus Removal

Virus and spyware can cause a lot of problems if not taken care of. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. There is nothing to be frightened of, as virus are very common to PC’s and can happen to anyone. Our dedicated Surgeons will soon find the bugs lurking around and will remove them bring your PC back to life once again. The Surgeon will also offer you tips and advice on how to keep safe in the future. Also if you don’t have an antivirus program why don’t you download the FREE world renowned Avast Anti-Virus. •Remove virus and spyware from your system •Provide you with protection (Avast antivirus) •Advice you on how to keep your PC safe.

Parental Control Setup

Let us help you keep your children safe on their PC. The internet is an infinite source of fun, education and entertainment, but whatever the age of your children, it should be top priority to keep them safe. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. We can show you how to control access to certain websites and prevent downloads of adult material. We can also create user profile for each child with controlled access to specific areas and the time they spend surfing. •Keep your children safe when they are on the PC •Control the time your children use the PC •Block access to unsuitable websites and content.

Data recovery

Your PC or laptop has failed or just won't boot up, you require the files saved on to the hard drive urgently and losing that data is not an option. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeon can retrieve important files from a non-functional system as long as the hard drive has not been physically damaged. All data recovered is then transferred to a DVD, external hard drive or an usb memory stick. •Find your important files from a failed computer •Safely recover & transfer files to a PC/external drive •Advise you on how to keep your data safe.

Data Backup or Transfer

Buying a new PC is great but what about your precious pictures and home videos, movies, music collection and not forgetting your important documents and files which are still on your old PC. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help! Our dedicated Surgeons will backup and safely transfer your data to your new PC. They will also show you how you can do the backups yourself on to an external hard drive or even an usb stick, so you always know your data is safe. •Backup important files and transfer to another PC •Transfer file from one PC to another •Advice on creating backups & keeping files safe.

Broadband Setup

Getting on to the internet for the first can be a life changing experience. However routers, filters and logins can make that life change experience a bit of a long wait. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeon will come to your home or talk you through it and set everything up from unpacking, configuring the router and your browser with add-on to showing you how to access your emails and watch videos from YouTube and BBC iPlayer. •Install and setup your broadband •Set it up for wireless streaming •Advise you on securing your internet connection.

PC MOT / Diagnostic

Finding out your PC does not work, turn on or does not connect to the internet can be very stressful and so can be finding out what is wrong. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. We are so sure that we can diagnose your PC so fast and accurately that we don’t have the heart to charge. That’s why at the PC Surgeon we never charge to diagnose or to look at a PC instore or over the phone. We will explain in plain English what has happened and suggest how you go about fixing your PC. Even if you’re not local or can’t get to us, always choose us as your 1st line of support. •Just call us on 0207 998 0104 or visit instore •We quickly diagnoses & identify the problem •Free, we never charge to look at a PC.

Operating System Installation

If you are running an out of date operating system or just wish to move to the latest Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeon will make sure that your PC is compatible with Windows 7 and advice you if you need any of your data backed up; bring your PC back to life and up to date. •We can install all Microsoft OS from XP •Don’t need to buy the operating system from us •Setup and configure to your computer’s hardware.

Remote Support

•Easiest way to fix a problem call 0207 998 0104 •Pay only one price or a monthly subscription •Fastest way to get you PC back to life.

Software and Peripheral Installation

Computers are great and you can do many different things with it, like play games, surf the net and word process to name a few. However if you have trouble installing your software, then there really isn’t much you can do with it. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeon will install any software you are having trouble with and show you step by step how it’s done. •We’ll install software even if not brought from us •Have it configured the way you want it •Show you how the program works.

Console Setup

Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or even a PlayStation 3, with so many leads, connectors and connections setting up can be very frustrating. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Our dedicated Surgeon will make sure your console is set up correctly, updated with all your user accounts and saved games. They will also show how you can get more out of your console then just playing games; in fact all three consoles can double up as a media centre or a home theatre system too. •Setup your console the way you want it •Advise on what else your games console can do •Create user names and accounts.

Home Networking

Connecting your computers and laptops, printers, mp3 players, ipods, ipads, TV’s and media centres, consoles, other gadgets and gizmos, so they can all talk together can be a nightmare. Especially if you have tones of files you would like to share and stream. Worry not the PC Surgeon is here to help. Just call The PC Surgeon on 0207 998 0104 and we will take down your requirements and give you an exact quote how much the setup will cost, what will be requires and how long it will take us to install you home network. •Setup and connect all your PC together •Have all your gadgets talk to each other •Advise back-up and security policies.