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We are a Bridgend based company that offer service and support for Computers/PC's, laptops, notepads etc. Visit our website for full details on all our services.

We are:

Cost Effective

All you want in a Bridgend based computer repair service from TCRM.

Serviced Areas

  • Bridgend

Contact Details

  City Bridgend
  Postcode CF31 3LN
  Address 111. Ewenny Road
  Phone Number 016 5665 5669

Products & Services

PC Repair

PC slow? Not starting up? If you are in need of a helping hand to keep your pc on form, TCRM can help. We repair various computer related items and pride ourselves in supplying a first class repair service for the equipment needed to stay in touch in the modern world.

Our engineers are real engineers with extensive knowledge of electronic systems which makes them experts in pc repairs not just someone who knows how to open the case on a laptop.

We know what we are doing, that is not always the case in this industry. So do not trust your PC repairs to you neighbours nephew who thinks a few weeks on a GCSE in computers makes him an expert, your PC is a complex bit of kit and needs professional care.

  • I would recommend this business

I can't rate this company enough. Very professional but also down to earth, easy to talk to and patient! Thank you TCRM for all of your help.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent


TCRM Welcome Video

An introduction to TCRM, a web design company in Bridgend, South Wales

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From Our Website

Built in partnership with Jon Hurley Design for Davies Waste Management, Davies Waste are fully licensed waste carriers and ABP approved by the authorities to carry and dispose of food waste and are a council approved contractor serving Mynydd Cynffig Primary School, Pyle Community Council and Cornelly Primary School to name a few. They have an established team supplying wheelie bins to many businesses and services across the borough and hoping to add many more in the near future. Easyway have experience in providing a reliable and efficient minibus hire service that is delivered in a professional and friendly way.

Take a look at the portfolio of any company you are thinking of choosing, do their sites look good? Check if they are unique, designed for you, not bought for a tenner off the internet for anyone to use.

An essential part of business today is conducted on line, this is normally referred to as e-commerce. TCRM are fully committed to help you become 'e-savvy'. We use the latest software and systems to give your site an easy to use, reliable and flexible e-commerce web presence. We have a demonstration system on this site, please try it out. Essentially you tell us how you want the system to work and we will custom build it for you at a cost that we hope will delight you. These systems need backend administration systems.

TeamTool from TCRM offers your organisation the benefits of an intranet for your workers, but without the need for an office or expensive IT infrastructure. Work together with ease from any location. No synchronisation between databases is needed. All the data is live and available to your team instantaneously.

From Neath to Nashville, Tennessee & Beyond, TCRM are proud to develop and build web sites that excel in quality and value for money. Take a look at our portfolio and you will see we have the credentials to supply the site you always needed. If you prefer you can contact us and we will put you in touch with our many satisfied customers. A quick phone call may mean an end to your web worries.

Graphic design and quality equals beautiful websites, stunning brochures and distinctive logos. At TCRM we also help clients realise the potential of their business by bringing focus to their brand. We can clarify your goals and capture the essence of the company and provide designs that inspire. With a more structured approach to our design process than most, we try to meet your marketing goals with solutions that are cost effective and hit the mark. We use only talented designers with years of experience - just look at our portfolio of products and you'll be impressed on what we can deliver.

The memory amount in a computer system can be checked in a number of ways. The following methods can be used for PC.1. When we start the computer we can see the BIOS messages. Along with BIOS message we can see the memory amount in KBs (Kilo Bytes). But in some systems this information is hidden. We can convert KBs to MBs (Mega bytes) after dividing it by 1024.2. We can see the memory after starting our operating system. The last line of the dialogue box will show "Physical memory available to windows is xxxxxxx".

TCRM web sites have numerous features that give us the edge over our competitiors, but you can take a look for yourself. We would be a bit silly to give away our trade secrets but take a look at these, utilities to see how your current site stands up, or you could take a look at our competitors, that could be interesting. All these "measures" affect how google rates your sites!