Sunderland Computer Repairs have been established in Sunderland town centre, near the Winter Gardens, since 2005. Our expertise in computer and laptop repairs grew from the personal interest of owner Mike Whitehouse in building his own computers. Over the past two years word of mouth alone has bought an increasing number of customers to the shop asking for help with their desktops and laptops. Everything from new keyboards and virus removal to new screens and data recovery. Mike has a reputation for being trustworthy and honest. Fabulous, quite genuine, reviews of his service can be found on his website or Freeindex at

The shop is next to Prontaprint and Sunderland Orthoworld near Tavistock Place. It opens Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm with early closing Fridays.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • A real shop in a convenient location
  • Home and office visits
  • Honest and trustworthy

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Printer Consumables Association
  • Brother Authorised Independent Retailer

Serviced Areas

  • Sunderland, Durham, Tyne & Wear

Payment Options

  • Cash, Credit Cards, Accounts for business customers

Contact Details

  City Sunderland
  Postcode SR1 1PT
  Address 25 Laura Street
  Phone Number 019 1564 1210

Products & Services

Virus Removal

We know that sudden unexpected behaviour of your computer can cause panic. the best advice that we can give is to SWITCH IT OFF at the mains and bring it to us. We will clone your hard disk and only then start work. We have never used the IT shop cop-out- "Sorry- we had to wipe it! ".

Screen Repair

We replace broken screens on laptops. Many are kept in stock for a 'while you wait' service (extra charge.) We do not replace phone or tablet screens because we won't lower our standards to get these sales.

Upgrades to PC or Laptop

Running out of hard disc space? Would you like a laptop that boots in 12 seconds? How about more RAM and a solid-state drive in your PC? How about replacing your DVD drive with a second hard disc?

Data Recovery

Not just copying files- that's a normal part of the job. . It can take 5 or 6 DAYS to extract all possible data from a crashed hard disk. but vital if you depend on the data of course.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you Mike, very important files recovered and one laptops hard drive saved from a format. I had tried everything I knew, but to no avail. Do not despair, PRINTERFOOD are there! I know where to take my PC problems from now on. Thank you. Michael J.

Mike provided both software and hardware services on my lap top and the work was carried out in a very professional and efficient standard.

Have to say a massive Thank You to Sunderland Computer Repairs for the incredible work they have done on both mine and sharnas macs.... they have saved us soooo much money and done one hell off a job. The speed of my mac is insane.... must have been one of the hardest jobs and they done amazingly... Thank you

Mike managed to fix a not too obvious problem with my Microsoft Office Outlook. The problem was rectified over night and my laptop was ready to collect the following morning. Mike explained what was wrong and how it was fixed. This was a big problem for me as i needed access to my emails for work. The quick and reasonably priced resolution of this problem was very much appreciated!

Our laptop refused to start up properly after a powercut interrupted an update installation. Mike kindly took a look straight away, explaining everything he did, and had it working again within 10 minutes. What a brilliant job! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

With a PSU issue with a Dell PC, Mike was able to pin point the issue, order and retest a new PSU to get my PC back up and running. All the way Mike kept me informed and up to date with the progress. I would recommend Sunderland Computer repair to any need any assistance with their PC for a fair price.

Just getting my pc back...must say thank you very much for getting it fixed... am sure it must have had your head battered as much as cheers all the same n will be recommending others to come to you

Mike was extremely helpful and friendly, he explained everything in simple terms so that it was easy for any customer to understand. His prices are very reasonable, I would recommend and use his services again. Thank you.

If you need a new machine they will discuss your requirements and go and find one or build one for you.

They specialize in upgrading laptops with more RAM, bigger hard discs or replacing hard discs with solid state drives.

Their data recovery machine can extract data from drives that have crashed, been formatted or even re-partitioned.

They also speak Polish and Turkish on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays!

Had an issue with my gaming pc crashing during play. Took it in to these guys. Mike was both friendly and knowledgeable and diagnosed and rectified the problem and gave a full explanation of what he had done. Cost was extremely fair and I would have no hesitation in recommending. Thanks Again

Fantastic service. Bought a laptop for Xmas. Prior to collection a problem was identified with the sound system. To cut a very long story short I was presented with a far superior laptop at no further cost. Try getting that sort of service at your larger chains.


SanDisk Extreme SSD Why You Probably Shouldn't Buy One...

This very small portable drive seems to be breaking fairly often. SanDisk seem to identified this as an issue and have made a silly and obviously cheap attempt to fix it- which has made matters worse! See this website for some complaints:

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Windows 10 Spring Update is on the way..... One of my machines has just got the latest Windows 10. You can tell which you have by typing 'WINVER' into the search box. The current one is 1709, the new one is 1803. If you do not 1709 then you should go
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Oh no! I'm being watched..... This arrived in our email this morning.... I need to send lots of money via Bitcoin immediately! You wouldn't fall for this sort of thing- would you? PS- My machine doesn't have a webcam. Bit of a giveaway, really....
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Broadband speedtest; The easiest speedtest site that I've found- Just click the big 'GO' buttone. It also collates the results and averages them... brilliant! Gives you great ammunition for arguements with your provider...
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Very poorly iMac with all his bits taken out... Looking for a logic board fault.... #imac #applerepair
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I have just had a lovely holiday in Madeira. But have been stranded at the airport all morning and they have just said that they are finding us hotel accommodation tonight. This is due to extreme winds . So we are not sure if the shop will be open tomorrow,
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Fabulous, top of the range, MacBook Air for sale! 13.3" screen, Intel i7 processor, 500gb solid state drive, 8gb of ram.... We can't get it better! Running High Sierra iOs. £685 and that includes setting it up and transferring your account details and
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Here's a silly trick to play on someone... press Ctrl+Alt+Arrow key. On Windows 10 this turns the screen round.. Fairly obvious which key turns it which way!
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