Instant on-line computer repair and advice for individuals and businesses.
State of the art on-line help-desk, providing support from 9am - 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 5pm Saturday.
No fix no fee and all engineers are fully qualified.

Services available:
Virus removal
Data recovery
PC tune up
Software installations
Network set up
Printer & Scanner installations
Driver update
Secure on-line data backup
On-line training

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • No fix no fee
  • All engineers are fully qualified
  • Support from 9am - 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 5pm Saturday
  • On-line training
  • Instant on-line computer repair and advice for individuals and businesses.
  • Virus removal
  • Data recovery
  • Driver update

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • CompTIA
  • AVG Authorized reseller

Serviced Areas

  • World wide

Payment Options

  • Paypal, Credit Card

Contact Details

  City Old Street
  Postcode EC1V 4PY
  Address Suite 13823 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street
  Phone Number 020 3411 5568
  Tollfree 0800 6121 380

Products & Services

Virus Removal

If you believe you have a virus let our expert engineers diagnose and remove the threat. We will also provide advice on virus protection and best practices to keep you and your data safe. This comprehensive cleaning includes all viruses, Trojans, backdoor infections, spyware, ad ware, malware and browser hijacks.

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted or lost files or folders? We can help! Using our state of the art software we can recover files and folders from hard disk drives, USB sticks and Data cards! even if you have removed the items from the recycle bin. All we require is a file / folder name and a location from where it was deleted. The software will then search the location and recover the lost files, with over 99% success rate.

PC Tune Up

Full hard disk clean up and defragmentation Full temporary files clean up Full internet cache clean up Registry scan and clean up Your computer will be more responsive and generally quicker Your computer will start up and shut down faster. Loading time of applications will be faster.

Software Installations

Not sure if your computer meets the minimum hardware specifications for your new software or just require a helpful hand? We can assist with software recommendations and installations and possible upgrades. We can assist backing up any software that you may have downloaded.

Network Set-up & Coaching

Do you have more than one computer and would like to share documents, photos and even videos? To achieve this you will need to set up a network. A network can be either wired using cables to physically connect the computers together or wireless. You also need to consider how to secure your network and protect your data. You can even share your printers between your computers. We have extensive network experience from small home networks to large corporate networks, and can help you plan, set up and importantly secure your network. Allow us to coach you through the installation of your wired or wireless home network. Service includes suggesting products if necessary along with training on basic troubleshooting once the network installation is complete. Price includes router installation/configuration and installation/configuration for 2 computers and/or laptops.

Printer & Scanner Installations

This one-off service will help you install and set-up your device. If you have a new printer/scanner and you would like it set up or perhaps you would like to share your existing printer on your home network, we can help. We will install the printer / scanner drivers and set-up the configurations and finally confirm the printer is working by running a series of test prints and scans. Service available for All major brands:

Driver Update

What is a driver? A device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device. It acts as the translator between your computer's operating system and programs and a hardware device so that the device can understand the commands being sent to it and visa versa Why is it important to update my drivers? Old or missing drivers can cause your devices not to work and your computer to crash. It is important for the functionality and stability or your computer to keep your drivers up to date. Our service will take the headache out of searching for and installing drivers. We can also provide a full driver backup service.

Online Data Backup

Keep your photos, videos and documents safe with our secure online data backup solution. You can relax knowing that all your data is being backed up regularly to our military grade state of the art data center. All data transfers are securely encrypted. You can access your data from any web browser on any computer, ideal if you travel with a laptop. You can also download a free iPhone application and monitor your back ups, stream music and video to your iPhone and even back up photos and video directly from your iPhone! You can back up as many computers as you require, and choose from several storage sizes. Should you need to restore at any time you can simply access your portal and restore the files to your computer.

General Issues

If are not sure what is wrong with your computer or the problem doesn't seem to match any of our ready made products then you can use our issue assessment product to help determine what the problem is and how to resolve it. We will investigate and solve the issue where possible, and provide advice if its something not covered by our services.

On-line Training

Are you struggling with a function in Microsoft Word? Or perhaps you would like to learn how to improve some documents you already have. What ever the issue may be, we will be able to help. We have extensive experience in support and using all Microsoft office applications, as well as Skype, Facebook, EBay. What ever your requirements we can set up an online training session for you, 1 on 1 from the comfort of your own home. And as with all of our services we will call you on your land line so you pay nothing for the call.