We provide all I. T. Related services to clients throughout the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes area. Located in Leighton Buzzard, providing on site services was set up in 2005 and has over 15 years of experience in the IT repair business, Puffin Computers has a team of engineers that can cater for all of your I. T. Needs. Puffin Computers can advise on the most cost effective solutions. Puffin Computers repair, maintain and set up all types of electrical computer equipment including; PC's, Servers, Laptops, Apple Macs, Tablets, Smartphones and Games consoles.

Puffin Computers also design and host websites, Puffin Computers can also create company logo's and additional artwork for start up companies, a have portfolio upon request. The firm offers a variety of IT services to businesses, which can be designed to cater your needs in as simple a way as possible. With a secure workshop, the business also has expert staff providing second to none repairs to all I. T equipment, whether it be a mobile phone or a server. Service products we provide include: Laptop Repairs - Laptop Screens - PC Hardware - PC Software - Virus Removal - Spyware Removal - Networking - Apple Hardware - Apple Software - Ipad / Tablet Screens - Phone Screens - XBOX and PS2 - Data Recovery.

Serviced Areas

  • Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable, Milton Keynes, Luton, Wing, Linslade, Heath & Reach, Bedfordshire

Contact Details

  City Leighton Buzzard
  Postcode LU7 1HX
  Phone Number 01525 888318

Products & Services

Commercial & Business Computer Repair

Does your business rely on your computer system to work smoothly? Business computer repair from Puffin Computer Repairs understand the value of clients owning or running a business – anything from a small shop with one laptop to a full office with many servers – computer systems don’t seem like one of the most important aspects of daily business until they break down. Whether your business is reliant on its computer systems or if you just use a computer for just browsing and email access, having a computer system out of order doesn’t help any business. Skilled business computer repair can often mean the difference between keeping a business open or losing work for days. Businesses cannot afford to lose time and we realise that it is very important to offer a quick, effective and reliable computer repair service for your business. Our techs are highly skilled and fully prepared to assess the issues of any and all computer systems you may be running and have them back in working order as soon as possible. We have years of experience servicing business computer systems and are aware of problems that tend to befall computers used in various industries.

Depending how long you have been using your computer system and how your needs have changed over time, it’s likely that your business computers are generic factory-built models, with hardware changes and unused running software it can be fairly difficult for you to know just what is wrong with your computer and tell one problem from another. We can take the stress out of your businesses computer repair. Puffin Computer Repair is here to help take the stress of computer problems away and get your business running smoothly again.

  • I would recommend this business

My laptop was not starting up and was told by another company that does computer repair for my company I work at that it was unrepairable, the bloke said he'd take it away and see what he could do...
He range me the next day and said he could fix it, its just a fan that cools the prosessor thing and would cost about £10-15 for the part and labour, I said go ahead and within two days it was back and fixed, no problems with it what so ever since.
I have gone out of my way to recommend the fella to friends as he did what he said and checked with me on what work to do.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I've used Nick a few times now to sort out problems with my laptop. I find him to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you!

Excellent service, fixed computer and also ended up doing our website for our shop, was under half the price of website companies we got quotes from.
Highly recommended 10 out of 10

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From Our Website

Puffin Computers repair services offer full I.T. maintenance & Telecoms, support, upgrades and repairs for a wide range of clients, whether it's an outsourced I.T. help desk for your company or a quick fix for a single home netbook, PC or laptop repair, Puffin Computer Services can provide the support you need when you need it the most. Puffin Computers also design websites for many types of clients at competitive rates, using the latest design techniques and fresh styling for any customer. Other areas for computer repair are covered, priced upon distance / travel time.

There is nothing worse to an entire home than when the computer stops working properly. Most of the time, no one is entirely sure what has caused the problem and they are even less sure what to do to fix it. If your kids can't play on there consoles or tablets, you can't do your work and nobody can check their email, don't worry! Call Puffin Computers for home computer repair and we'll have everyone up and running again in no time. Home computer repair can involve fixing many problems including internet problems, memory issues and often software issues, but it can also present an opportunity to look at the state of the computer itself and look at some software fixes or additional hardware add-ons that may make your home computer more enjoyable or quicker we do not sell computers so our advice is impartial.