Since 2005 Pine Computing has helped customers with their computer problems.
The ability to diagnose your PC to the highest accuracy ensures there
is minimal fuss by fixing the root of the problem.
From replacing broken parts to building you a new computer from scratch, we can

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Fast response, liquid damagage and non-functioning systems fixed fast

Serviced Areas

  • Camberley Farnborough

Payment Options

  • Cash, Cheque, PayPal

Contact Details

  City Camberley
  Postcode GU15 1BE
  Address 4, Coniston Close
  Phone Number 012 7650 3653
  Mobile 07769682559

Products & Services

You can upgrade your computer in many ways. The software can be upgraded with a new version of Windows or an improved version of Windows such as the Professional edition.

If you have bought a new computer, you may want to transfer your setup across from the old machine. This could include email, photos, music and internet favourites.

Pine Computer can clear this up for you. We will run three independent scans to clean your machine. The hard disk will also, optionally be cleaned of old, unwanted files at no extra charge.

Pine Computer will run diagnostic checks to establish the root cause so the issue is fixed in the most cost effective manner. They will then implement agreed corrective actions.

Laptop charging problems are diagnosed and fixed accurately. Most likely the charger or the DC power socket has a fault, less likely is that the fault lies with the motherboard. An old battery can also cause problems and may need replacement.

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Some good news about the CryptoLocker infection. If you have been unlucky enough to have your files music and photos locked by this malicious thing. See
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Been attempting to fix a Samsung NV-RP511 with several non-working keyboard keys. It turns out that the keyboard is plastic welded to the top case and cannot be removed by itself. So a complete new top case is needed. This make the repair too expensive
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Please be careful with the files you download to speed up your computer or to remove bad stuff. I see too many machines with this bad stuff on them. If you enter the name of the product into Google, it will show if the product is bad. Make sure you check
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Now offering games console and audio equipment sevicing
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Not I decided to launch a second website at: This is a site which I have made myself and costs a lot less than the other site. I'm hoping it will appear further up the list in Google.
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My new website has just gone live. See it at
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This works and may be easier than creating a Linux boot disk if you don't have one to hand.
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