Hardware and Software Installation, Removal & Repair :
We can install, remove, replace and repair your hardware and software for you. This includes replacement/repair of your motherboard, hard-drive, graphics card, CPU (Processor), memory (RAM) etc. We can install new hardware into your PC for you, like if you wanted to install a new CD/DVD drive or a new Hard-Drive for example. We can install this equipment for you and install all the latest drivers and software.

Virus and Spyware Removal, Detection & Prevention :
Call on us to give your PC a full scan in order to locate and remove any viruses and/or spyware and malware. We will then provide you with Anti-Virus software to protect your PC.

Recovery of Lost Documents, Photos, Music etc:
If you have suffered the lose of such files before, you will know just how annoying and upsetting it can be. Recovery of these files is possible. If this has happened, call us to recover these files for you. The recovery service also includes our simple backup package free.

Upgrades and Restoration of Your PC to Run Good As New :
If your PC requires an upgrade, for example, the memory/processor/graphics card/Hard drive etc, we can recommend, supply and install all this for you. A simple hardware upgrade, like installing more memory saves you having to buy a whole new PC to keep up with new software requirements and results in only paying a fraction of the price as a brand new system. Hardware upgrades like this include a full clean inside and out. Also, removal of temporary files and old software, the file system and registry will be scanned, defragmented and completely cleaned to have your system running like brand new or better.

OS (Windows) Re-Installation With Drivers, Software and Updates :
Over time, your PC will become sluggish and begin to cause other problems like the PC hanging and crashing at random times, becoming non-responsive and forcing you to restart, software failing to run are just the start of the problems. This is caused by the file system and registry being filled with unused files and registry entries. Installation and removal of software usually leaves unused registry keys/entries and will cause the file system to become slow and unresponsive over time. Formatting your hard-drive and re-installing your OS (Windows) with your software, the latest drivers and updates will bring your PC back to a brand new state. We will also backup all your documents (Photos/Music/Bookmarks etc) and restore this to the new installation of your operating system and provide you with 2 x backup DVD's with all your Documents and files.

WiFi, Broadband & Router Installation & Repair. Home and small business :
If you are in need of WiFi and/or router installation, give us a phone for a quote. From home networking for sharing files between PC's and a printer to small business and office networking. We can supply all the required hardware (Cables, WiFi Equipment) and install your network with the minimum of fuss and maximum quality. We will provide you with security and the work will be guaranteed for 6 months, all hardware provided will have a manufacturers warranty.

All Work Includes a Full Operating System Clean and Defrag:
Every time we carry out any work for you, we will give your system a complete and thorough clean. This consists of the Hard-Drive(s) being completely cleaned of temporary and unused files, removal of unused software, defragmented and the registry cleaned and optimized. This results in your PC running a lot better and quicker.

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