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Do you know what an SSD hard drive is? In our opinion no computer or laptop should be sold without one. The older style drives (you can tell if you have one by the ticking and clicking noise) operate like an old LP player, with a spinning disc and arm
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Here's a tip if using Outlook 2010 and older for email. If you reinstall you lose the auto complete when typing out someone's email address? Go to type a new email and press the To button, add all of your contacts as if sending an email. There should
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Having trouble sleeping? Or your kids having trouble? - Is it because they're looking at a screen up until bedtime? Believe it or not the blue light in every screen simulates sunlight. There is an app you can download for free called f.lux (yes there
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Did you know Windows 10 has a hidden battery report feature? Imagine a jug, full of water, in time the amount of water your jug (battery can hold) reduces. Your laptop might be charging to '100%' but it is only charging to the 100% of what's available.
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You'd watch your kids outside, and watch for them talking to strangers - so why don't you do it online? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42224148
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This is massive and WILL affect you or your business. It quotes a slowdown between 5-30% - that hurts! - make sure you're part of the 5% and make sure you have a FAST SSD hard drive in your PC or laptop, no Windows 10 machine should be without one anyway
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This is not a gimic. It works, helps your sleep. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/flux/9n9kdphv91jt
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Getting or Giving a new PC / Laptop this Christmas? Everyone receiving such a gift want to rip open the box and start using it straight away. Not happening - so much to setup. Let us do it for you on the quiet and box it right back up neatly and ready
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