At PC Paramedics we are dedicated to working as a team, together with our suppliers, to become the best at what we do - setting the standard for Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Innovation and Value for Money in every area of our work.

Company Profile:

Established in 1993, PC Paramedics provides Information Technology support for businesses in the SME sector. In 2011 the company was merged with it's parent company Vermillion Technology Limited and operates primarily as the consumer support division.

Stephen Ling, the company's founder, says "We have a team of dedicated professionals, who have gained experience in large international corporations yet also understand the challenges and pressures faced by growing businesses. We place very strong emphasis on customer service and giving best value for money".

Company Affiliations:
Microsoft System Builders
Epson Express Centre
APC Reliability Provider
ACER Experience Centre
Sage Partner
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Brother Authorised Independant Reseller

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  City Sandhurst
  Postcode GU47 9DB
  Address 6 Vulcan way
  Phone Number 012 5287 3142

Products & Services

Business Support

We work with many businesses to ensure their IT problems are fixed as quickly as possible, enabling them to carry on with their day work without too much disruption. Ensuring that they can stay focused on the things that matter - like growing and maintaining the business.


Who do you turn to when your PC keeps crashing? Or you've just lost all those beloved. family or holiday photos?
It can be stressful, even heart breaking to find yourself in the position of losing your data from your home PC- especially when you don't have to! You just need to know the right people who can help you!

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Very good service quick repair and knowledgeable!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I needed a new PC for multiple use, work, photos and web sites. The people at PC paramedics helped me work out what machine would be best for my uses. I had it delivered to them so they could transfer the data from my old machine to the new one. Throughout the process, and the problems that arose (due to my antiquated machine, not the folks at PC Paramedics) they kept me informed on progress and solutions available. Liz worked hard finding solutions and suggestions and I am grateful she put up with the 'job from hell' as I started calling it.
A great service at a reasonable price. I will recommend to everyone.

Helpful technicians and reasonable price.

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