PC-FirstAid.com is committed to providing a cost effective, bespoke solution to the problem of computer support for home and small business users.

We have no interest in making the maximum profit out of our first engagement with a new client, we prefer to give service of such a high standard that our clients come back to us again and again, knowing that we will always seek to serve their best interests. If we service your computer you will automatically have one year's free support for it, via telephone, email or secure remote control - we actively encourage clients to use this bonus service so that we can help to keep their computers running smoothly.

Our aim is to enable every client to get the best use from their computers, ensuring that they are set up correctly for secure and efficient operation. We much prefer to improve an existing system rather than recommend the purchase of a new one - for the sake of our clients' pockets and the environment. We are entirely independent: we accept no commission or favours from any software or hardware suppliers.

You will see a couple of our 'standard' services described here - see our website for more - but our basic principle is that if there's anything you need or want to do with your computer - ask us!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • No Fix, No Fee
  • Free diagnosis
  • No call-out charges
  • Available evenings and weekends
  • Free loan computers

Serviced Areas

  • South Northamptonshire, North Buckinghamshire, West Bedfordshire

Payment Options

  • Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Paypal

Contact Details

  City Northampton
  Postcode NN7 2DP
  Address 10 Salcey Rise, Piddington
  Phone Number 016 0487 0394

Products & Services

Virus and Spyware Disinfect and Protect

Removal of viruses, spyware, spoof security programs and whatever else may have infected your computer. Then we give your computer a complete service, ensuring that it is up to date, and set up for efficiency and security. We install a selection of free security programs and instruct you on how to use them to have the best chance of keeping your system clean. Collection and delivery included, with a proper 'handover' procedure.

Computer Springclean

Computers benefit from regular servicing, just like cars. Bring us your computer and let us get it working efficiently and securely. We'll minimize the things that slow it down and get in your way, protect it against viruses and spyware, and make sure everything's set up for speed and reliability. As an added bonus you'll then have the benefit of our years of experience in free telephone, email and remote assistance support for one year, and 20% discount on our standard fees!

  • I would recommend this business

They go the extra mile to provide an excellent service.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Robin & Joyce, continually exceed my expectations with, a reasonable hourly rate, fixed price jobs, assistance outside the 'billed hours' and and jargon free method of explaining technology. I not only will be back to use them but am signed up for life! Thank you.

We have been using PC First Aid for all our computer needs and bookwork since starting our Business nearly Two years ago. We have found them most helpful and reliable and do not hesitate to recommend them.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent, reliable, friendly service, great customer support. We are very happy.

Social Activity

Another big Windows 10 update! There's no way I can tell you exactly when it will happen on your computers, and I don't even know yet what changes or problems it may bring, but we're starting to see the latest major update to Windows 10 being delivered.
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We are conscious of the huge impact our industry has on the environment, so we do our best to minimise it. We try to repair computers rather than replace them, we are almost entirely 'paper free', we drive fuel-efficient cars, we pay to hand over all
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This looks like a darned good idea: https://www.immobilise.com/
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BTInternet and Sky email addresses were also affected by the 2013 Yahoo hack! There are still a great many btinternet.com and sky.com email addresses managed by Yahoo email servers. If you had an email address in 2013 ending in yahoo.com, yahoo.co.uk,
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The Thorny Problem of Gingerbread Men's Clothing As our clients will know, we are not VAT-registered, but there's some scary talk about reducing the threshold of turnover above which VAT registration is compulsory so we would have to be. That would instantly
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No sound after an update? There has been a faulty update to Intel drivers in the last day or two, that may result in the complete loss of sound on some systems. There's more than one possible solution, but it's difficult for me to give a definitive and
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Microsoft Office 2007 retires in five days! If you haven't done so already, you need to stop using it and uninstall it. Take a look at Libre Office for a free alternative. https://www.libreoffice.org/
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It's so nice to be appreciated! We now have 501 customer reviews on the Buy with Confidence website. Thank you for all your kind words. https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/profile/pc-firstaid-com-limited/9492/
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From Our Website

Our purpose is to provide solutions to your PC-related problems or needs: simply, efficiently and effectively, and at a price that is both reasonable and cost-effective. Firstly you'll get a free diagnosis and assessment of your problem, either by phone or on-site, and an estimate of what it's likely to cost. We will try to solve the problem in your own home, at a time convenient to you (including evenings and weekends if necessary), but for major tasks, it may be necessary to bring your computer to our workshop in Piddington.

There's nothing worse that losing all your precious data after a hard disk failure! We've had clients literally in tears at the thought of losing all their photos, music, documents, spreadsheets, business or home accounts, and even emails. The first rule is always to have a reliable, proven backup strategy: if you don't yet have one, see our Backup Strategies service now. Secondly, at the slightest suspicion that your computer's hard disk might be failing, turn it off at once! Some failures are progressive, and the more the disk is used, the more likely it is for the failure to be terminal and without further warning.

We're completely rebuilding our web site and haven't quite got to this page yet. However we're adding further pages almost daily, so it won't be long before the whole site is complete.

Today most homes and small business have broadband modem router, often with wireless capability, but many clients are unaware of the networking possibilities that this affords. Each computer on the network can be made to share data and/or peripherals such a printers with its peers. Or you can back up data between the various computers. If you have a computer with media streaming capabilities, such as a media centre system, then music, photos and even recorded TV programmes can be made available across the network.

Over the years we have had to replace a very large number of hard disk due to their failure: actual or imminent. And where they have already failed, it is virtually impossible to recover the date they contained (but see our Data Recovery service before you despair!). There are several backup strategies available to suit both your needs and your pocket. At the top end is a mirrored-raid system based upon twin hard disks operating in real-time synchronisation; hence if one fails the other takes over on-the-fly.

If you've still not got a broadband service and would like us to shoulder all the tasks involved in signing up, this is the service for you! We'll begin by advising on the most suitable broadband service provider (BSP) for your needs - and your pocket! Then we'll supervise the process to actually sign up with the BSP chosen, and once the relevant kit has been received some 7-10 days later, we'll return and set it all up for you. However if you've already got broadband but would like to change your provider, then this service will sort it all out for you.

This pair of photos show one of Robin's ancestors; the scan of the original (very old, dirty and water-damaged) print on the left shows the poor quality of the result, while the post-processed version on the right is far more acceptable. The pair of photos below show a fairly unexciting original digital image on the left; however with careful and expert handling in our Digital Darkroom the full available detail contained within the original digital image has been brought out clearly on the right.

This section details the major services we provide which address the main problems most users are likely to experience. We're very experienced at diagnosing even the most obscure problems, and have access to extensive resources and testing equipment. What's more, diagnosing a problem won't normally cost you anything! Although we do have an hourly rate (50 per hour), in most cases we prefer to provide a fixed-price quote. Then if the job takes longer to resolve than we expected, its our problem and not yours!