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Fixed Fee Repair Service
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Serviced Areas

  • Epsom, Ewell, Kingswood, Reigate, Dorking & Caterham

Contact Details

  City Kenley
  Postcode CR8 4DW
  Address 60 Aveling Close
  Phone Number 017 3730 6025
  Mobile 07810 797843

Products & Services

Virus Removal

Your Computer and the Internet can be tricky to protect.

Virus, Malware and Spyware removal
Reconfiguration of Software after an infection
Advise & Installation of Antivirus Software
Browser Homepage redirection fixed
Virus's can cause your PC to run slowly and even compromise your Data
Don't risk you Data, call us now

Hardware Upgrade

Nearly all PC’s & Laptops can be upgraded to make them more efficient.

Laptop & PC RAM (memory) may benefit from an upgrade
Upgrade your PC or Laptop to an SSD to make data access 6 times faster
SSD upgrades include transfering your valuable Data
Graphic card upgrade will make playing your favourite games even better

Windows And Software

Modern software issues can be complex to troubleshoot. Time to call the experts

We can fix 99% of Windows problems without the need to reinstall
We can troubleshoot and fix a wide range of Software issues
Windows 10 can be an issue after an update. We will get things going again
We will reconfigure your Internet Security software to best protect you

Broadband & Networking

This is our speciality. We have extensive knowledge of Broadband, Broadband Providers and both Wired & Wireless Networks

We all know that Broadband connections aren't perfect. We can help to fix this
WiFi blackspots are all around our houses. We can suggest several solutions to resolve this and install the necessary equipment at low cost.
Whether it's Office or Home we can install any type of Network and Cabling
Installation of Wireless Mesh Systems at a cost substantially lower than your Internet Provider

From Our Website

Outlink Technology was formed over 25 years ago by the owner Ian Nash based on an ethos of ensuring our customer's are looked after and can trust in our repairs. We are a small business working hard to ensure that all customers receive the benefits of our ‘personal' touch and friendly Engineers. We are here to help you get your PC, Laptop or phone repaired no matter what issues you are having. Our extensive knowledge and experience means we can get things done quickly for you.

It's that feeling of despair when your Computer, Tablet or Phone refuses to perform the tasks you ask of it, or you get error messages that you do not understand popping up before your eyes. The reasons that our Gadgets frustrate us are numerous so you need Technical help from our knowledgeable Engineers. We at Outlink pride ourselves on being able to help you and to be honest on the rare occaisions that we can't. Whether it's an upgrade, a clean install, a tweek or it's just not working ok, we can help you with Windows.