With a team that includes three highly experienced engineers, ON-SITE Computer Doctor has a Microsoft certified team, trained to degree level.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Fixed rate pc repair* see website for more information
  • Microsoft Certified Staff
  • On-Site repairs
  • Same day call-out
  • Over 10 years experience

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • ICT Degree
  • Free-index Recommended company

Serviced Areas

  • Birmingham, Walsall and the West Midlands

Payment Options

  • Cash, Paypal

Contact Details

  City Walsall
  Postcode WS6 6DG
  Address Spring Drive, Great Wyrley
  Phone Number 019 2241 2672

Products & Services

Bitdefender Internet Security and installation

The best anti-virus according to independent testers AV-TEST is the one we supply and recommend. Installation and 1 year subscription.

Same day on-site computer repair.

Our aim is to repair your computer on the same day as you call us, or at your convenience. The repair will take place at your home or business, whenever possible. We will not however, repair laptops which have been liquid damaged or with severe body or multiple hardware damage, as this would cost you more than buying a new machine. In this situation we would advise you on the most cost effective comparative laptop replacement. Calls within the West Midlands call out area are charged at your local rate.

Computer speed up

Supercharge your PC or laptop and make it run as well as when you first had it. We will disable un-needed start-up programs, clean and defragment your computer's registry, disable and or uninstall unnecessary software. Reset Internet Explorer or your preferred browser, so it opens faster. Delete unneeded files, repair hard disk errors and defragment hard disk if necessary. You can also buy our specialised software which will keep it running at its full potential for the life of the computer. Price is just J20 including installation.

Computer training

Speed-up your PC or laptop. Don't be limited on what you can do with your laptop or PC computer. We offer specific training taylored to your needs. We cover hardware and software. Our bespoke service can be for the novice for example, getting your way around the Internet or Facebook to advanced lessons such as photo manipulation.

Virus Removal

If your computer has become slow, or you cannot access the operating system, there is a chance you have a virus. Alternatively, you may be experiencing adverts that pop up continually as you browse. We can clean these infections from your computer or laptop.

Computer set-up

We can set up a totally new computer and all the peripherals if required, along with connection to the Internet. You should have the disks for each peripheral or the computer won't except them, but don't worry if not, we should be able to find them online for you.

Data Recovery

Sometimes viruses can delete your data, or hide it from you. Data can also be retrieved if you forget your password to Windows. We can even grab back deleted files from your machine. However, you should be aware that sometimes retrieved files may be corrupted, so we can't offer 100% guarantee on success in this situation.

Internet connection.

We can repair lost connection to the Internet, or install from new. We will check all the settings on your router, and will if needed contact your ISP to register or configure it. We would check your connection is protected with a password. We will return on a further occasion if parts need to be resent from your ISP due to faults in the hardware or software. There would be no further charge for this.

Laptop screen replacement

Cracked or smashed laptop or notebook screens can be replaced from J99 inclusive of fitment depending on model. We will need to order the specific screen for your laptop/notebook, so this job takes approximately one week to complete. A deposit of 50% is required before the order is accepted. When you phone we will ask you for the laptop make and model number. Payments can be processed via PayPal or we can make a call out for cash payment.

Network set-up

We will come and evaluate your needs, then price up and install a bespoke network. We use NAS servers for smaller networks and for bigger ones; full Windows servers. Prices can be from just J250. Please phone for a specific quotation and we will arrange a call-out to your business.

Peripheral set-up

If you need to add plug-in devices to your system, the computer jargon for these items is peripherals. Peripheras are items such as printers, speakers, webcams etc. We can also set up a totally new computer and all the peripherals if required, along with connection to the Internet. You should have the disks for each peripheral or the computer won't except them, but don't worry if not, we should be able to find them online for you.

Data Transfer

When you buy a new computer, or re-install WIndows, you will want your old files moved across to the new machine or build. However, if there is a great deal of data this is difficult for most people to do by themselves. Files need to be moved to the right folders so you can open them as you did before. We can help with this. Just give us a call. Please note; Windows operating system will not allow program transfer. You will need your installation disks. These need to be legitimate copies or we will not be able to install them.

Web design and SEO

Acrobat Media Associates Ltd brings together some of the finest of Midlands’ talent in an exciting collaboration to create a dynamic PR team. **The company prides itself in its unique journalistic approach to promotion campaigns with a former newspaper editor, established health correspondent and national award-winning art director as key personnel. **Individually, each have established consultancy track records in the public and private sector, allowing our clients to draw on rich seams of daily media newsroom experience in journalism and digital design. **We believe in a hands-on approach to our work and promise to have an eye to detail, leaving no stone unturned as we attempt to secure excellent outcomes. **Simply, as seasoned, professional media people we know what will and will not work ­– and we’ll tell you so. We know too, as poacher-turned gamekeepers, how to best package projects for print, radio, or web exposure. **Our approach is proactive, identifying the best story lines and picture opportunities, adding strong creative ideas that will help clients stand out from the crowd.


We can offer one-off call out for J50 for your business, alternatively, J50 per month, which includes one maintenance call out per month and up to six emergency call outs per month. This package is offered on a three months basis. The full cost of which is J150, required at commencement of contact. Please note; this price is for maintenance of your current PC systems and not for new installations.