We offer a friendly and cost effective service to local community, our Computer and PC Laptop repair business offers outstanding services from a comprehensive and complete health check of your PC or Laptop checking privacy issues and more.
We offer remote computer service to advise on any PC issues you may have, We also off one to one Tuition on all Microsoft operating systems Windows *.1 and Windows 10 .We are also experienced in all aspects of Internet connection issues from wired to wireless and can offer help and support.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • On site repairs at your office or Home or Remote Support, no call cost fix fee, free collection

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • CompTia Qualifide 17 years experiance in all issues of computed and internet related problems

Serviced Areas

  • Norfolk

Payment Options

  • Cheques, Cash, PayPal

Contact Details

  City Attleborough
  Postcode NR17 1QF
  Address Burgh Common
  Phone Number 019 5345 3103
  Mobile 07900 980 383

Products & Services

Full Comprenhensive Computer Tune up and Health Check

Free Collection 20 miles Radius of ATTLEBOROUGH. ◾Full system Health Check. ◾Check for Vulnerabilities. ◾Check for Malware and remove. ◾Check for Viruses and remove. ◾Check for Silent Trojans and remove. ◾ Check you have Internet Security Installed. ◾Check that Internet Security is active. ◾Check that Internet Security is up-to-date. ◾Check how long Internet Security software has to run and advise on renewal. ◾Do a full system Scan for Viruses and remove. Full Tune UP ◾Check for unnecessary Program Start ups (These can slow downtown your computer when starting up. ◾Check for Conflicts of Programs. These can cause unnecessary Crashes and your Computer Freeze up. ◾Check Internet Browsers for unnecessary add on`s these can slow your internet Browsing. or prevent you from opening some websites. ◾Check you have the Critical Microsoft updates. and Installed and correct if necessary. ◾ ◾Check Hardware i.e. Hard Drive for errors. This could result in total Hard Drive shutdown resulting in you losing all your treasured photographs and Documents Full Tower or Laptop clean for Dust make sure all Cooling FANS are working and clean, these can cause your system to over heat, if not working to its full capacity. this can result in your system shutting down with out warning resulting in you losing hours of vital work. To Order and arrange collection for your Complete PC health Check Please Click buy now to be taken to secure PAYPAL website.

PC Laptop Computer Setup

We Will Set up your Computer at your home or work place. ◾Configure updates ◾Show you how to create a recovery media. if and when you need to recover from a disaster. ◾Install any apps that are needed ◾Email setup ◾Internet Connection ◾Internet security setup ◾Cloud backup OneDrive setup ◾Transfer your files from your old computer to your new one and your settings. ◾1 hour Tuition to get you going.

Remote |Support

Wouldn't it be great if someone was sitting next to you to correct an error or fault with your computer, or show you how to do a task, well providing you have internet connection this is now possible with Remote Connection to your Computer using secure encrypted link. This can be aranged at time mutual to both parties first hour min cost of J20 then after an hour, at quarter hour increment of J5 per 15 minutes. please Click on Contact to arrange mutual convenient time to both parties.

Customer Testimonials

I am the Manager of the Norwich Tennis and Squash Club We use MrWizz for all our computer and Network Services we find them to be competitive and very reliable service, we are more than happy with the Service they provide.

We used MrWizz we found them very reliable and Friendly we will use them again.

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