Hardware fault finding down to component level including chipsets.
Laptop PSU socket repair.
Laptop replacement screen service.
Operating system refresh.
Operating system Re-install.
General Service and tune up including professional cleaning.

Hardware Faults
We can repair all hardware faults on any laptop of any age, this includes, supplementary power supplies, on board regulators, chipsets, ROM reprogramming, screen repairs and replacement, keyboards and screen invertors, liquid damaged laptops and severe drop damage. All incoming repairs will be accessed into the following fault categories and the customer advised prior to any work commencing.

Hardware Charge Basic - includes regulators, power supplies, fuses, keyboards, audio faults, loose intact psu sockets.

Hardware Charge Medium - includes removal and replacement of PCI/South bridges/core chipsets, complex power supply failures, peripheral circuit shorts, screen invertors, battery charging faults*, dead boards, minor graphics problems, embedded controller problems, laptop charger replacement.

Hardware Charge Heavy - includes removal and replacement of core chipsets, and most graphics chipsets**, multiple short circuit devices and serious dead board short circuits, includes through hole burns, and component/s damaged by scorch marks and light liquid damage, Replacement CCD's (where no screen can be sourced).

Hardware Charge Premium - Includes the most recent chipsets and core chipset removal and replacement, includes all new and recently released chipsets and graphics engines, severe liquid damage and full cleanup, heavy burns and badly damaged laptops, complex multiple short circuits, power supply disintegration.

Quick Sure Estimate Hardware Service - Any laptop that cannot be accommodated with the above pricing structure will be automatically be placed on an estimation system, all parts and labour costs will be broken down to a charge to suit the individual laptop under fault diagnosis. These will be estimates and will not be actual final charge that may be arrived at, all estimates will be within 20% of the estimated price, if outside this then it is at the sole discretion of the client to accept or reject the proposed estimate.

*A working battery must be supplied with the unit, any battery found to be faulty will be charged for diagnosis.
**Not all video chipsets are available, if the cost of any chipset/s exceeds the fixed repair price the job will move onto the "quick sure estimate" service outlined above.

All repairs subject to completion will be subject to proffessional cleaning at no extra charge (see "General Service and and tune up including professional cleaning").
Warranty on all repairs is 90 days from the date of completion. NO FIX NO FEE!

Laptop PSU Repair Socket Service
We have a dedicated service for broken sockets or damaged sockets, turnaround is 3 days from receipt of the unit.

This work is for installation of a new socket (or repair of an existing socket if none can be sourced) but does not include PCB burns, PCB through burns, surrounding component damage or any other faults introduced as a result of a damaged socket. If a board has experienced additional faults due to the faulty socket the repair charge will revert to a Hardware fault charge levels or to the the "quick sure estimation" service where applicable.
Warranty is 30 days upon the date of completion

Laptop Screen Replacement Repair Service
An individual service tailored to the laptop in question.
Broken screen
Liquid damaged or contaminated screens
Screen which has a line or multiple line defects
Screen which has pressure marks
Screen that exhibits a large number of dead pixels
20pin, 12pin, 30pin variants
All laptops that are submitted for this service must have serviceable lids and hinges.
The Following is not included in the service
Invertors which have failed*
Damaged - Hinge systems, Lids, Cables or burnt cables, Front bezels.

Warped or Heat Damaged screens and surrounding component damage.
All the above will revert to the "quick sure estimate" system and will be subject to a written estimate submitted to the customer prior to any work being performed.

* All screens which are dark but have no physical damage will have the invertor tested for functionality prior to a screen being replaced. If the screen appears functional then an estimate will be submitted to the customer prior to any work being undertaken.

12.1" 20pin and micro 20pin screens
14.1" 20 pin
15" 20 pin
15" 30 pin all variants including UXGA
15.4" 30 pin SVGA and XGA
15.4" 30 pin UXGA and UXGA+
17" 30 pin XGA
17" Wide All types
15.6" UXGA

Any screen that falls outside of the fixed pricing structure will automatically place onto the "quick sure estimate" system.
Warranty is 30 days upon completion.

Operating System Refresh Service
This service aims to solve a laptop that has in service running issues, such as;
Poor general performance
Software Configuration issues
Hardware drivers missing or incorrectly installed
Removal of any spy ware using industry standard tools
Security issues
Antivirus check on one of our dedicated servers*
Invasive software removal, and software blockers, diallers etc.
Core services check Vista or XP or Win2000
Update check on critical software components.

The service aims to restore the computer back to peak performance, without reinstalling the operating system, and without altering the default configuration. Internet browsing records, history and passwords will not be removed. Nor will any of the data on the machine be removed, deleted or changed without the customers prior authorisation.
All machines will come with an advisory notice if any actions cannot be performed and the severity of the problem.
The service is not guaranteed to restore the computer to "as new" performance.
*Any machine found with a virus present will have the check terminated with the charge still payable.

Operating System Re-install Service
This service is an operating system re-install, all machines must have a COA present before this action is performed.
The service includes
Re-installation of any windows operating system
Activation if required
Full driver installation where possibly assuming fully working hardware
Latest Service Packs installed.
Antivirus of your choice installed(must be supplied by the customer)
Any hardware faults encountered will be noted and the customer advised.
Printed checklist of all actions performed.

General Service and and tune up including professional cleaning
Our "Operating system refresh service" plus a professional cleaning service inside and out!
Here what's included
Operating system refresh service (see above for details)
Keyboard cleaning
Exterior cleaning
Internal CPU fan cleaning and Video Fans Cleaned where possible.
All covers and bays cleaned
RAM cleaning
LCD screen cleaning
Certificate presented on completion

The Laptop will be returned clean and operable as was originally supplied. Any faults will be noted during the operating system refresh service terms, and will be advised on any remedial action required.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Hardware fault finding down to component level including chipsets.
  • Laptop Power socket repair service
  • Laptop replacement screen service
  • Operating system refresh service
  • Operating system Re-install service
  • General Service and and tune up including professional cleaning.
  • Trade Enquiries are Welcome

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