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Hard disk data recovery services from all makes of computer equipment.

We have developed our own technology to help us to recover your data from hard disks, including desktop, solid state drives (SSD), laptop, servers, RAID arrays and external hard disks.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Raid recovery, hard disk recovery, tape recovery, memory card recovery

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  • Fellow of the IPDRA and Founder Member of Global Data Recovery Alliance

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  • UK

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  • Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, VISA

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  Person Martin Wallace
  City Sandy
  Postcode SG19 3JJ
  Address The Old Glove Factory 35 Church Street
  Phone Number 01767686086
  Tollfree 0800 072 3282

Business Representative

Martin Wallace

Customer Services Manager

Customer Testimonials

They started recovering my data immediately and did an excellent job. Very pleased with the service and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Recovered vital data from a failed RAID for a client. Swift professional service, have used before and will no doubt use again!!

Reassuring, professional and confidently put my mind at ease... Kept me up to date on progress, and were able to recover almost all my data. Would recommend to anyone unfortunate enough to lose their data.

Thanks very much for once again saving the day and successfully recovering all the required data. Outstanding service as always.

From Our Website

Established in 1999 we have become one of the leading data recovery companies in Europe and are known and respected throughout the data recovery trade. We are able to recover data from all makes of computer, server and hard disk manufacturer. From RAID systems, tape backup and memory cards. We do work for other data recovery companies throughout Europe and often recover where others have failed. We are based on the South Cambridgeshire border with Bedfordshire and so are within easy reach of Cambridge, Bedford, London, Luton, Milton Keynes and the home counties.

We offer an economy service to home user customers who are prepared to wait for their data. These services typically take up to 30 days at a price that is well below our standard rates. It only covers basic faults, but is worked on by seasoned and highly experienced data recovery engineers using professional equipment. This service will help you recover from broken laptops, desktop computers and external hard drives, where you need a basic recovery or file transfer. The advanced service is for drives that have bad media - symptoms are usually slow and sluggish drives or drives that start up OK but hang the computer.

Raid recovery services for all servers and raid systems. We can recover data from failed raid systems running under any raid level and operating system, from failed server rebuilds, single or multiple drive failures, etc and in many cases we are able to recover where other fail, free diagnosis even on second opinions. Please call us to find out more. From HP Dell IBM Lenovo Compaq Fujitsu and all other server systems running any operating system and RAID level. Stand-alone servers usually have drives built-in as part of the server.

CD and DVD are becoming obsolete as a backup media. However there are still some systems that use DVD for recording of data and there are many Video Recorders that record directly to DVD media. We have developed our own software to read CD and DVD using modified SCSI CD and DVD readers that enable us to recover data where others fail. We have modified the hardware and firmware of DVD readers that enables us to read non-finalised DVDs created in Video Cameras. The symptoms of unfinalised DVD is that when it is placed into a computer it shows up as zero bytes and when it is placed back in the camera it shows it as empty.

We provide data recovery for Qnap NAS devices from all models and versions in cluding the latest TS-653B and RS818RP. Qnap use the EXT3/4 Linux file systems and are used for a range of purposes, from simple file servers through to multi Virtual Machine storage systems. We are able to recover data from all Qnap NAS systems including those listed below. QNAP have a massive range of NAS systems. We have sorted these alphabetically to make it easier to find your model. If you dont find it, it may be an older or a brand new one, please call us to see how we can help you.

Recovery from all makes of NAS systems and storage equipment, from small home user and home office systems to top-end multibay NAS server systems used for by business for all sorts of storage uses. E.g. VM Lun storage, Phone system logs, database storage and backup systems. We can rebuild any level of RAID of the NAS system including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6 and the hybrid levels of Raid 10, RAID 50,, RAID 51, etc and from proprietary RAID such as Drobo and Netgear XRaid, ZFS, etc.

With earlier versions of Netgear ReadyNAS there were problems found in the power supply. They often failed resulting with a blown motherboard. Sometimes swapping the drives into a new case would let you carry on where you left off. But in some cases the devices needed to have the same firmware revision as the failed unit. We recover NAS by removing the drives and taking clones of them, then rebuilding the raid 'outside of the box' in software designed to rebuild the array virtually. From this virtual system we are then able to extract the data onto new media.

A recent job we did was for a large organisation that had inadvertently deleted hundreds of VDevs from a double Z-RAID 2 configuration. The customer had tried rolling back, then a disk failed during the rollback and another disk had failed some time ago, this left the system in a complete mess. Our ZFS engineers looked at it and at first, it seemed that it was unrecoverable, but after many weeks of untangling the system finding old file system structures, determining which VDevs the parts of the file system were related to and writing several scripts we managed to extract more than 90 percent of the data on the system.