Need help upgrading your software on your Macbook Smashed the screen on your Macbook, Laptop, Phone or Tablet PC? Our Technicians are trained in all forms of repairs and are specialists in Macbook water damage and component level micro-soldering repairs. Our Macbook Repairs come with free collection and delivery for the whole nation as well as a live update service which you can opt into free of charge.

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  City Bath
  Postcode BA1 1EQ
  Address iRepair WestGate Street
  Phone Number 01225 427538

Products & Services

Macbook Screen Repairs. Fix Cracked or Smashed or Water Damaged Screen

We can repair any Smashed screens or Lcds no matter
how bad they are, simply give us the model number name and serial number of your Macbook and we will give you a quote as soon as possible.

We also do tablet and phones screens at the best prices possible. We will arrange free collection and delivery for a £14. 99 deposit which will be reimbursed in the final cost of the repair with a fast turnaround.

Prices depend on the model and make with all being individual. We will strive to give you the best prices possible. No matter how old your Macbook, Laptop, Phone or Tablet PC.

Macbook Water damage repairs. Fix Water damaged Macbooks in Bath

Have you spilt a drink on your Macbook or laptop? or left it out in the rain? Or even dropped your phone down the toilet? Many people have done that and you are not the first, we will repair it whilst making sure all parts are working as intended and we also offer free data recovery with all water damage Macbook repairs.

Have you already been told your water damaged Macbook is irreparable by either apple or another 3rd party engineer? Bring it in anyway as we use specialist equipment to ensure the highest success rate with all of our Macbook repairs.

No matter how old your Laptop Macbook or phone is we can fix it.

There is a no fix no fee rate ensuring that you do not spend money for no reason.

Macbook Keyboard repairs. Fix Broken Keyboard Bath.

Sometimes a Keyboard will stop working either from faults water damage or just flat out overuse. We do replacements for all types of keyboards for all Laptops or Macbooks.
All prices do vary depending on the model of the device and what type of keyboard it is using.

Send us a message for a quote with your Macbook or Laptops model number and we will email you back as soon as possible. If you leave your Phone number we will call you back with the price as soon as possible.

Phone and Tablet Repairs Bath. Fix Broken screens and Water Damage

Phone and Tablet Repairs Bath. Fix Broken screens and Water Damage

We not only repair Macbooks. We also repair Phone and Tablets for the same issues.
Smashed or Cracked Screens, Broken charging ports, Snaps headphone jacks
water damage and Component Level repairs.

Promotions & Discounts

10% off all Macbook repairs if you are a student with a valid Student or NUS card.

Customer Testimonials

After being told by Apple themselves my Macbook was unfixable after being quoted an extortionate £1364 Mac Solutions Bath fixed my Macbook for a far more reasonable amount and recovered all of my personal, important and university dissertations data all within 3 days.

My son had thrown his Macbook Air Across the room smashing the screen and stopping both the keyboard and trackpad from working, Apple quoted us £700 to repair both but iRepair Macs Bath fixed the Macbook for much less with what I would have expected the quality to be.

I accidentally spilled a cup on my Macbook which had all of my important University work stored on. MacMagicians Managed to repair and ship my Macbook back to me just in time for my due date and at the best price possible with live updates.

I had my Macbook in my bag during a bus journey at which point a can of energy drink burst in my bag leaking through my USB ports ruining the keyboard.
Within a matter of days MacMagicians repaired and returned my Macbook.

During moving, I accidentally dropped my iMac on the floor. Being a graphics designer I could not live without it. Living near MacMagicians I dropped it off and had a quote within a few hours, MagMagicians had it running and ready for the next morning. Lifesaver!

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Low prices high quality Macbook repairs at Mac Solutions. Always less expensive than Apple and competing companies.
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