We are dedicated in bringing fast and reliable service. 10 Years of experience tells us we are doing something right to stay alive in these harsh times for businesses but our customers are staying loyal because of the quality of service we give.

We excel in:
- Sony Laptop Repairs;
- Fast Turnaround times;
- We always contact the customers early if we foresee any delays;
- Free Service so we know the laptop will last;
- Backups solutions;
- Advice given on any issues regarding your laptop;
- Good customer service.

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  City Chesterfield
  Postcode S41 9BN
  Address Pottery Lane West
  Phone Number 012 4655 7775
  Tollfree 0800 112 33 92

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In order to determine the extent of the damage and provide the customer with a proper quote, the laptop will need to be dismantled physically. The primary reason for this is that it is not uncommon for two identical machines to have very different LCD screens. Laptop LCD screens must be repaired or replaced on a case by case basis to ensure the correct connectors, inverter and motherboard voltage and have the correct dimensions to fit in the laptop casing.

In many cases, the company responsible for the manufacturing of the LCD screen is not the same as that of the computer. Therefore, the laptop must be stripped down in order to locate the model number of the screen and identify the manufacturer.

Laptop repairs for businesses. Extensive knowledge of Business Computing and Commercial needs. We understand the need for rapid response. We are available.

I had my Sony Vaio repaired last week with Laptop specialists. I was impressed with the help I received over the phone, everything was explained to me in layman's terms so I understood very well.

Thanks Laptop specialists!

This company for some reason found it acceptable to take my laptop in with a minor screen blurring issue.

Send back a quote saying the motherboard was not functioning and quoting J200+ to repair and then after bullying me into paying J80 for the diagnosis sent me back my laptop which was only 2 years old and of a very high spec for the time with several of the working components removed and replaced with items that do not function.

To further cover up this crime they sent it back without a charger and then after chasing them for some time I was told by Danny Rodgers (Who spoke to me in a very threatening and unpleasant manner) that my charger had probably been stolen, presumably by one of his colleagues and I should just deal with it and he would send a new one when he could.

Over a fortnight later I received a charger that looked like it had been freshly dug up from his garden. It was dirty and clearly far older than my machine. It was then I realised that although the machine powered up nothing functioned at all. Upon taking a closer look inside it appeared some of my previously functioning hardware had been replaced with old broken junk and when I called to complain again Danny Rodgers was highly aggressive and terminated the call without even an explanation or sympathy for my situation.

I tried to contact another member of the staff but after several days of trying I came to the conclusion he was the only one there. This company has the most abhorrent customer service I have ever encountered and if you value the contents of your laptop take it to an accredited repair centre although throwing it against a wall will probably have a better outcome than using this company.

Canít complain, fast service, very friendly. Had my tablet screen changed and had no issues. Would recommend.

This company is a local company in my area, Chesterfield. After finding the place which could have been better located however the guys gave me very good instructions on the phone and even waited for me after half past 5 which I was very pleased with. Both the guys there were very friendly and honest and straight to the point. The next day I got back up they had done everything agreed, I paid the 2 hours labour and they suggested a free memory upgrade they sorted for me in seconds. I was very impressed. All in all a good experience and will be telling my colleagues.