Fast, high quality repairs, on all premium brand laptops, from all over the UK. 10 years of laptop repair specialist wisdom, and awareness of most models known faults. Power, cracked screen, faint screen, motherboard, keyboard, optical drive, hard drive, won't boot, overheating, liquid ingress, impact damage, lights but no activity, data back up problems.

Contact Details

  City Matlock
  Postcode DE4 3EJ
  Address Unit 1/Lime Tree Business Park/Lime Tree Rd
  Phone Number 016 2958 4459

Original Problem - Screen blur and fading

Claimed fix - Screen replacement

Cost - J240 (would be fair if the screen had actually been replaced)

My first issue came half way through the process, when expressing concern over the phone that J240 sounded a little excessive, with them 'kindly' offering to keep my laptop (bought 2 years previously for J850), meaning that I wouldn't have to pay anything...I was shocked that they would suggest this, basically asking for me to donate my laptop to them and forget it ever existed.

However, the main problem came once giving the go ahead, as I was obviously eager to get my laptop back and working. I collected it in person, but once in the car, I noticed a small mark on the screen which had existed previous to handing it in for repair, thus clearly demonstrating that the screen had in fact not been changed. I returned to their office to query this, requesting for them to show me my original screen if they had in fact replaced it as they still claimed. From their behavior, it was perfectly clear that they had been lying, but were by no means willing to offer any level of refund. In the end, one of the guys pulled out a screen from the bottom of a pile of used parts, suggesting it to be the original screen. Although this looked to be from the same model, it was shattered and covered in dirt/dust. This was clearly not my screen, but they were unwilling to discuss the matter any further, asking me to leave. There was nothing else I could have done and they took full advantage of this...I felt totally cheated...

They had fixed the problem however, so I guess that's something, hence the two stars for quality. However, the problem has returned intermittently a year on making, me think that it must be some kind of connection or motherboard issue. If only they would have had the decency to tell me what they'd actually done, I would know how to approach the problem this time round...I do know one thing however, I shall never rely on the ‘laptop specialists’ again...

This company agreed to repair an i7 Sony Vaio, they claim to be Vaio specialists even though they cannot get the parts.

They agreed to repair a screen, bezel and some casing, they also offered to install a fresh copy of Win7 even though I could manage that.




So, the computer returned unable to boot up, (despite many attempts to install various o/s's, the bezel still had a crack and the screen replaced.

I asked them why they hadn't done the complete basics, they then argue I HAD NOT ASKED THEM TO DO SO!

Unfortunately, you have to pay for the repair for the item to in order to be returned and have to take them on their word - unlike in a local workshop you can see and check before you are satisfied with the repair work.... Not so with online repairs!!

Here's the killer - Your rights under Section 75.

Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the credit card company is jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the company.

This means it shares equal responsibility with the retailer or trader for the goods or service supplied, allowing you to also put your claim to the credit card company.

But in my case, RBS sided with the repairer, RBS is currently involved in fraud allegations, hence the different and unexpected response due to the financial climate we are in.

I would suggest AVOID at all costs, buy a new laptop like a Lenovo or Acer instead, it will be cheaper and faster and will come with a manufacturer's warranty, sometimes up to 3 years.

If you have read any positive reviews about this company on this or any site, they have written it themselves, do not trust a shill.

In the past I have been dubious about using computer repair companies as I have been stung many times. I have to say these chaps where very friendly from the moment I entered their workshop. I had trouble with my Sony laptop starting and thought the worst. Within the day they had repaired my laptop and contacted me to collect. To my amazement they had also backed up all my files to a free Laptop Specialists memory stick just in case any further incidents occurred. In all honesty these young gentlemen go the extra mile to satisfy and I would highly recommend.

My father had a problem with his sony VGN-S4XP some while ago, I realise how stupid I was because I should have checked it first myself. He sent it to Dave Wilson (Laptop Specialists) who were then based in Matlock but are now in Bakewell. The problem was that when he pressed certain letters that numbers came up instead. He had obviously switched on the Num Lock function by accident and didn't realise. He sent it to Dave Wilson of Laptop Specialists and was initially told the laptop would be collected free of charge and that a diagnosis would take a maximum of one hour at J35 per hour, then he would be quoted. The quote arrived stating a new main board was required, and due to the laptop being of some value that the main board would be J500 plus a minimum of 2 hours labour. When he turned down the quote he was presented with a bill for 4 hours of diagnosis work (J140) plus J40 courier charges(!) + VAT!! As you can imagine he was furious but they had him over a barrel, either pay over J200 to have the laptop back 'unrepaired' or over J600 'repaired'.

When he challenged Dave Wilson he was told to read the fine print on the website and in order to help him pay the bill they would offer a salvage value of J80 for the laptop, leaving a J120 deficit which must still be paid. All this for a simple press of the Num Lock button.Needless to say we were furious with this and refused to pay the bill. When we went to Laptop Specialists to colect the laptop he locked the doors and threatened to call the police. I could go on about this story for ever but needless to say in the end we were ripped off. As it happened though I managed to speak to an employee of Laptop Specialists who was very helpful and basically admitted to me that they were running a cowboy rip off shop that was taking advantage of peoples naiveity when it came to Laptop Computers. I believe the business moved to Bakewell was a tactical move to avoid irate customers. Let this be a warning to everyone in the Derbyshire area not to use LAPTOP SPECIALISTS or DAVE WILSON for laptop repairs. If anybody would like to contact me then please feel free to post a response.