Founded in late 2006, JLM Network Services is a family-run business, headed by James McNicol. With a total of 18 years' experience of PC and network systems, the company has extensive knowledge of support issues involving Information Technology.

In particular, the company has looked into the issues surrounding PC upgrades, especially where the hard disk is concerned. They can now offer a service to completely upgrade a computer using the existing operating system and software without the need for reinstallation, essentially creating a brand new computer for less cost and less hassle than buying a new computer.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Complete System Upgrade - cheaper than a new PC and no need to copy personal files
  • Long opening hours - 9am to 10pm Mon - Fri

Serviced Areas

  • Maidstone, Aylesford, West Malling

Payment Options

  • PayPal, Cash, Cheque, Invoice

Contact Details

  City Maidstone
  Postcode ME15 7AR
  Address 31 Plains Avenue
  Phone Number +447738422438
  Mobile +447738422438

Products & Services

PC Health Check

This healthcheck ensures that your PC is running OK. It looks for anything that might be causing your system to run slowly or to crash such as low disk space, problems in the Windows Registry or virus/spyware infection.

Full PC Service

This naturally follows on from the PC Health Check. The machine is cleaned of any junk files, Windows Registry problems, virii and spyware. The hard disk is defragmented. Virus protection is checked and if necessary, upgraded.

Data Recovery

This procedure attempts to recover files that have been lost through accidental deletion or hard disk failure. In the event files are deleted accidentally it is imperative that no further work is carried out on the PC, to minimise the risk of permanent loss of the files.

Full System Upgrade

This is our flagship procedure. It is now possible for us to replace the mainboard, cpu, RAM and hard disk more cost effectively than supplying a brand new PC. It is no longer necessary to spend time reinstalling the Operating System and copying personal files. This procedure takes an exact copy of the original hard disk and places it on the new larger disk. The user has all their original settings that they are used to but a much faster computer.

Social Activity

Best type of job is when you make someone's day by recovering something they have spent months working on - thank you Windows Previous Versions!
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Some interesting new features being released with the Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade - especially for stylus users.
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If you haven't taken advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 and are still considering it, you only have until July 29th 2016!
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Don't get caught out!
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There are too many cowboys out there calling themselves PC repairers. Currently working on a laptop that had been "repaired" with a 320GB hard drive instead of the 1TB it came with and a dodgy version of Windows 8.1 preventing upgrade to Windows 10. You
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I've said it before and I'll say it again - backup external hard drives are exactly that - a backup. Please, please, please..... DO NOT make them the soul source for your precious photographs because they can fail either losing everything on them or leaving
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Been sent a mass email warning about Simon Ashton ( being a hacker. This is a hoax email like many others - all they achieve is to boost the egos of the originators and help clog up the world's email servers. If you get an email
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Do you keep all your precious photos and important personal files solely on an external hard drive? If so I implore you to create copies of these files and store them on a secondary device or cloud storage, in case the hard drive fails. An external hard
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