Jetway computer is a laptop repair shop in Swiss Cottage specializing in computer repair, screen and power jack repair, virus removal, data recovery, any make or model including mac laptop. We offer free estimates and home visit.

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  • St Johns Wood, Swiss Cottage, Belsize Park, West Hampstead, Finchley Road

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  City Swiss Cottage
  Postcode NW3 5EG
  Address 4 Regency Parade, Finchley Road
  Phone Number 020 7586 7557

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  • Poor customer care

My netbook developed a physical fault after a bash. It began shutting down abruptly if tapped on the left side, but could be rebooted. After a few weeks, I took it to Jetway. At first the guy was dismissive, despite my full explanation, trying to say that it was just dust in the fan. Then when the fault occurred in front of him, he said leave it with him. I came back several days later, he said it was fixed and invited me to boot it up then and there. I did so, tapped it on the left side, and it shut down. No different. So he said leave it with him. I returned a few days later (a week had gone by now) to have him tell me that it was irreparable. he told me one of the USB ports had a fault and had been causing shorting, and that had been only a matter of time before it died. I tried to ask questions but he spoke over the top of me.
As the netbook had been fully functional except when accidentally tapped in the troublespot, and even then could be rebooted, I was skeptical, but he was not keen on answering questions. I then asked about data retrieval/ transfer of HD and RAM to another identical netbook, and found that he was going away the next week and when he returned, I would be away. That would have made five weeks without netbook/ data (I have since gone elsewhere.
He returned the netbook to me without screwing it closed or giving me the screws.
My summary would be that the guy gambles on people not understanding the workings of their computers, and does not really know what he is doing himself. Plus his customer service skills are poor. I will not be going back to Jetway.

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