We understand exactly, just how important computers are to your business! This is why we invest so much time with our best practices technology alignment. Building a system that relies on 24/7 x 365 network monitoring coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance strategy ensures optimum uptime for your business network.

One of the major challenges in maintaining a computer network is trying to predict what may fail and when. By monitoring hundreds of our client's servers & computers every day and investigating many issues, we see patterns and can tell our network monitoring system how do deal with them within seconds of a possible failure, so ensuring the reliability and stability of your IT network.

Our solution is so effective that our clients see almost immediate results. A regularly and well maintained network means fewer failures, yielding higher productivity and saving on support costs for you. At the same time your exposure to security risks is dramatically lessened, and frustration from unstable IT resources almost vanishes. We allow our clients to focus entirely on their core business functions by taking the worry away from owning a computer network.

You need to be certain that:

Desktop support is available within minutes of you or your staff experiencing an issue. If files are lost, corrupted or deleted, you need to know that they can be restored quickly. Your entire IT infrastructure will be maintained to a standard that is second to none. You have peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, you have a plan to get running. The IT service that you are provided with is of the highest standard and value for money. Everything is included in one simple monthly fee and there will be no expensive surprises.

We are so certain that you will stick with us for the life of your Company that we won't even insist on a long term contract. We won't tie you in with a signature just to keep you as a client you'll stay with us because you've never experienced a service like it.

Fully Managed Worry Free IT Services & Support.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Rapid Response IT Support to Businesses in Kent & London
  • Immediate Remote IT Support to Business throughout the UK

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Trend Micro Partner
  • Mozy Partner

Serviced Areas

  • London & Kent

Payment Options

  • Cash, Card, Cheque, Direct Payment, Invoice

Contact Details

  Person Andy Dawson
  City Orpington
  Postcode BR5 3RS
  Address International House, Cray Avenue
  Phone Number 020 8123 0007

Business Representative

Andy Dawson


Products & Services

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Most IT Support Companies nowadays have an admin panel where they can manage your computers, servers, printers and just about everything on your network, this sort of remote managed IT services has been available for a good few years, the best remote management systems are incredibly hi-tech and configured properly, your computer network should very rarely miss a beat.

Now what sets IT companies apart is the lengths and depths that they will go to, and the time they will invest in advanvce to properly setup these remote management systems to make sure your entire network is working and at peak performance hour after hour 365 days a year. Ideally, 95% of issues should be resolved before they make any impact on your staff, production and ultimately, profit this being the purpose of managed IT services.

Cloud Services

Many of our clients have been asking us about cloud services and the cloud, what the cloud actually is, what it does and is it of benefit to their business? While there is no real commonly accepted definition of what the cloud is, it's really just a computer/server space for hosting applications in a data centre such as Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

Cloud applications are accessible from anywhere in the World as long as you have access to internet.

A lot of cloud service providers will recommend that the cloud is the only way to go for your business and that you'll enjoy huge savings. Now while this can be a true and there are some great savings to be made, every business has individual needs and so each business must be assessed separately.

IT Consulting

When it comes to information technology it's difficult to make sense of all the options open to you and most company owners or managers simply don't have the time or interest to spend a week researching. Choosing the right IT Consulting company takes away the gamble of what might do the job.

Making the right choices with your IT infrastructure, hardware, software and components means that day to day processes will be streamlined, the workload will be reduced and the end result will be an increase in profit.

Making poor choices with your IT can quite often mean that you end up with a few expensive door stops or shelf fillers that are liability rather than an asset.

We've been working in the IT industry long enough to know what works and what doesn't work and we certainly have the resources to find what it takes to get the results that you demand.

  • I would recommend this business

Andy has helped us with Server and Desktop issues for a few years. His knowledge is 2nd to none, we get first class support and they are always at the end of the phone for help and advice. I would thoroughly recommend IT Support if you want top notch Computer Support and services.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Andy has always been available for any IT or IT related issues that we have had, and no job has proven too big or too small! They are reliable, trustworthy, and always happy to offer advice and support to your business when needed. I would definitely recommend using this company for your IT needs and support.

There are so many IT companies out there and I had been looking for a while before I settled on contacting IT Support UK
I needed to find a company that would be patient with me as IT is definitely not my strong point!
The change over went very smoothly I'm thrilled with the new email system and have seen an increase in sales due to this.
They're always on hand via the phone should I have any problems and this is very reassuring for me.
If you are looking for IT support for your Company look no further.

Always on hand to answer our questions, fix any IT problems and ensure our computer systems work properly.
Very pleased to say that after many years in business we finally found an ITSupport company that consistently deliver the highest standard of service. Thanks Guys

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From Our Website

In fact one of our best compliments was a client calling us one day and asking why do we pay you this fee each month? In our next meeting with them, we explained what we do on a monthly, weekly, daily and hourly basis, provided reports and had a bit of a laugh. Nine years later they are still very happy paying that monthly fee for "nothing ever going wrong".

Office 365 allows you to install Microsoft apps on your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, phone, tablet. Sync files, share files with your team, work from anywhere, always have the latest software versions, always have access to your files and find them easily. We offer all of the Office 365 cloud services including all Office versions at the same price as buying direct from Microsoft. We don't requite 12 months commitment like Microsoft do and you can chop and change products as you wish. If, for example you had just 10 employees, the cost of 10 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes is likely to be around 50 per month or 600 per year.

Our Tru-Proactive way of managing your computers and servers is something that we're rather fanatical about. So many of the issues that businesses experience with their computers are very easily resolved. We don't communicate in "geek speak" We won't end a meeting, a phone conversation, or email conversation unless we're certain that we've all understood each other. Having a problem described, understood and resolved in the fastest possible way saves us all money and time, so we always choose this option.

The World of IT has changed and managing IT assets can be rather daunting even for IT savvy business owners. Plugging a computer in and getting the internet working used to be all that was needed to get up and running. Nowadays we need to understand the danger of phishing emails, hackers, ransomware, spyware, trojans. Not to mention protecting against disgruntled employees, fires, data breach, the list goes on. And with the introduction of GDPR the ICO will come knocking and be ready to hand out HUGE fines if personal data isn't looked after properly.

Reach for big goals this year with Microsoft Planner Got big plans for your business this year? Whatever you want to achieve, Microsoft Planner can help you to organise tasks, assign them to team members, and check the progress along the way. To get started, create a team in Microsoft Teams. Add the people. Microsoft Teams is perfect for video calls Since March we've all been using video chat more. A LOT more. Thanks to the pandemic, Zoom has become a household name. Even your Gran's heard about it.

IT Support UK have been our outsourced IT supplier for a long time now. When you find someone that comes up trumps time and again when issues arise and downtime is reduced to the bare minimum, you realise how fortunate you are. Not only this but Andy and his team are creative in finding better solutions when you reveal your IT gremlins. I have never been left waiting or doubting, they have always jumped to it and made things better for the future. I'm happy to give a telephone testimonial to anyone considering them as a supplier.

Whatever the size of your business or organisation, you have the choice of your support contract length. Your company may not want to be tied into an IT Support contract for a year or two so a monthly rolling contract may suit you much better. On the other hand, your company may need the security that a longer it support contract provides. Knowing that the cost of support will not increase over the contract period. No matter how much our costs increased by, you would just continue to pay the agreed fee.

Regardless of how big or small your business is it will depend on an IT system that runs efficiently. If you want your business to succeed your IT system has to support you fully. A management program can maintain the health of your IT system, ensuring that it is fully functional at the times that matter to you. A dependable IT system will allow you to put more time into the things that matter. At IT Support UK we can help to keep your IT system running in the way that you expect with minimal interruption.