We provide IT services and consultation to business and home users, we can create customise Web Design, Customise Mobile Phone App, Computer repair, Mobile phone repair, our team can help you establish your business with digital currency by walking you step by step to invoice, receive and send payment via digital currency such as Bitcoin or any other alternative digital currency, therefore saving you cost, time, banking obstacle, charges, etc....

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We offer a 24 Hour Call Out
  • It is our aim to return devices in the shortest time possible.

Serviced Areas

  • Redbridge, Ilford, East London

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, We accept, Bitcoin or alternative Digital Currency, Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal

Contact Details

  Person Richard Icare
  City Ilford
  Postcode IG5 0LH
  Address Avenue Court, Claybury Broadway
  Phone Number 0844 884 9952
  Mobile 07852543388
  Fax 0872 110 8816

Business Representative

Richard Icare


Products & Services

Remote assistance 24 hrs

Remote assistance 24 hrs

We are a UK based company providing, that provide customize advice and research to address a strategy and analytic implementation for home user and business, among a range of various consulting services we provide.

As long as you have internet access, we can offer support via a secure encrypted remote assistance, to your devices mobile phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

We can offer you an unlimited number of secure remote assistance connection and support for at £100 a month for business,
and £25 month for residential, or £10 per connection and £10 every hour after that.

In order to receive remote assistance from ICS please follow the following steps before contacting us.

IT and Security Manager (ITSM) is a centralized device management system that allows network administrators to manage, monitor and secure desktop and mobile devices connecting to the enterprise networks. Once you have enrolled your device, it will have a security policy applied to it which will authenticate it to your company's network or home network and protect it from malware.

For Linux devices

Download and install Comodo Client application by tapping the following link:
https://icare_consulting_services-ic-msp. cmdm. comodo. com:443/enroll/linux/run/token/757127b2a7bdfce676fd86ffa23179d3

Use the same link for manual enrollment if required.

1) Change installer mode to executable:

$ chmod +x {$installation file$}

2) Run installer with root privileges:

$ sudo. /{$installation file$}

For Apple devices

1) Enroll opening the following link with any browser on your device: https://icare_consulting_services-ic-msp. cmdm. comodo. com:443/enroll/apple/index/token/757127b2a7bdfce676fd86ffa23179d3

2. a) [ONLY for macOS Devices]

When you have installed itsm. mobileconfig file, use this link to download and install Comodo Client application: https://dl. cmdm. comodo. com/download/itsmagent-installer. pkg

2. b) [ONLY for iOS Devices]

When your profile has been enrolled, you will be requested to install Comodo Client application. Upon completion of the installation, tap the green icon labeled "Run after installation" and follow on-screen instructions to complete enrollment process.

For Android devices

Download and install Comodo Client application by tapping the following link: https://play. google. com/store/apps/details? id=com. comodo. mdm

Upon completion of the installation, enroll using this link: https://icare_consulting_services-ic-msp. cmdm. comodo. com:443/enroll/android/index/token/757127b2a7bdfce676fd86ffa23179d3

For Windows devices

Enroll using this link: https://icare_consulting_services-ic-msp. cmdm. comodo. com:443/enroll/windows/msi/token/757127b2a7bdfce676fd86ffa23179d3