Hull Computers are a computer repair company with a difference - we aim to save you money!

Yes that's right, if you don't need an upgrade, we won't sell you one. If your computer may take 12 hours to fix at 30 pounds an hour..... then we'll tell you to buy another one! If we only take an hour and a half to fix your PC, we'll only charge you for an hour and a half labour!

Are we mad? Our bank manager thought so, but our repeat customers tell us that they like to bring their PC to a company they can trust won't rip them off. Which means ultimately we make our money providing services that customers really do want or need, knowing that a happy customer is a future customer.

We treat all our customers the same, whether your a home user with a PC start up problem to fix, or a business user wanting 100 PC's cleaning and upgrading, we strive to do the job at a price that suits you and us.

Quite often we will make a provisional diagnosis of a computer problem and give you an idea of how long it is likely to take to fix (and of course how much it will cost), if we deem this amount to be more than the computer is worth or more than YOU the customer was hoping to pay, we are happy to discuss a fixed price fix.

This means that we will take your PC and share the technicians time between 2-4 PC's, which means the technician isn't just solely working on your computer, but can do other tasks on other PC's while waiting for files to copy etc.

We appreciate that there are a lot of individuals and companies out there offering PC repair services, and we hope that you can see we really are different to the rest and we aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We also like to point out that unlike a lot of these "businesses" we are a real world Ltd company, with business premises and insurances, qualified/ trained and experienced PC technicians and are indeed a local company.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 10 Pound fixed fee call out charge
  • Labour charged per half hour after the first hour
  • Agreed price repair service available
  • WiFi Security a specialty

Professional Associations & Certifications


Serviced Areas

  • Hull, Anlaby, Willerby, Kirkella, Hedon, Preston, Cottingham, Swanland, Melton, Beverley, Hessle

Payment Options

  • Cash, Invoice, Paypal (All major cards), Debit & Credit Cards

Contact Details

  City Kingston upon Hull
  Postcode HU8 8HL
  Address Unit F5 Bizspace
  Phone Number 014 8221 1577

Products & Services

Computer Tune-Up

A software PC tune up will help your PC run as best it can on the hardware within it. We search for obsolete files and redundant registry entries that may be slowing down your PC, we tweak the start up programs and installed software settings to prevent conflicts and memory leaks, we then tweak hidden settings to suit your individual PC usage.

Computer Maintenance

Your PC fans are constantly sucking in air to keep your PC cool, unfortunately this means they are acting like a hoover and sucking in dirt, fluff, pet hairs, skin cells, carpet fibres etc etc. Unless your PC is new or has been cleaned at least once a year - there is a chance that it will be running slow, and could even pose a fire hazard! CPU's need to be kept cool, and fluff balls can block fans and prevent this cooling process. Your CPU will try to compensate by reducing it's operating speed to keep cool - meaning your PC runs slow. Let us strip down your PC, clean & inspect all components, clean the CPU/heatsink and reapply thermal paste to keep your PC running at it's best.

WiFi Security

A recent wifi security audit of hull revealed that a staggering 40% of all wifi networks had poor security or NO security enabled! In addition to this, users of Thomson routers provided by Karoo are at risk due to a security exploit available to anyone with a smart phone! This means that anyone can connect to these networks and download all manner of illegal material. For a fixed fee of 40 Pounds we will come to your home and audit your network, connect into your router, and setup the security properly - and also configure any devices that use the network.

Website Design

We can discuss with you what you hope to achieve through your website, what features it should have, then design something to suit your needs and budget. It may be a static brochure style site, a brochure style site that can be updated by yourself, or even a fully populated e-commerce store with SEO integrated into the coding - we have experience of them all. We can also put together a maintenance package to ensure your site is monitored and updated regularly.

Eco-friendly Website Hosting

We now offer a range of carbon neutral website hosting packages to suit all websites! For the individual with a hobby site there is the Basic package For small businesses with a brochure style site there is the Business package Or for businesses wanting an ecommerce store or forum type site we recommend the E-commerce package. All our hosting packages come with generous bandwidth, disk space, email and features. We are happy to discuss any individual needs and create a tailored web hosting package if needed.