High Sky offers the full range of IT Services to Home and Business users including: PC repair, Web design and Hosting, ICT consultancy, virus removal and data recovery. Whether you are a home user with one pc or a business user with 75 computers you can expect the same superior level of service and commitment. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • Staffordshire

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  City Stoke-on-Trent
  Postcode ST3 7YE
  Address 24 Tarragon Drive
  Phone Number 017 8239 3384
  Mobile 07731 713137

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IT services for Business

High Sky offer full server, computer & laptop repair, maintenance and support to business users. From a business run at home on a single laptop to a small office with half a dozen desktops or a company with many computers.

We realise what you need:

A reliable service with QUICK results
Free advice over the phone when needed
No fussing about - just get on with it
and an invoice that you probably can't beat!

Computer Services

These are just a few of the common issues that we constantly deal with:

Virus and Spyware related problems
Blue screen errors - Fatal errors
Internet connection problems
PC running slow
Network nightmares
Data recovery

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Martin has been of great help to me regarding computers telephones alarms or indeed anything technical and would recommend his reliable efficient service to anyone.

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Service & support
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From Our Website

We will always do our utmost to answer calls quickly, if you cannot get through to the office, please leave a message & we will call back without delay. If your call is urgent, please use the mobile number. We will ask a lot of questions to understand your requirements. The more information we have, the better the solution. If you need us in a hurry we can be with you within a couple of hours If you're not in such a rush, we can arrange a mutually convenient time. If you'd prefer to pop in to us, just give us a call to let us know you're on your way.

We will diagnose the problem with your PC and should you choose not to go ahead with the repair - you just pay the minimum Call out / diagnostic fee. We repair all makes of PC running the following Windows operating Systems: Windows 98, M.E., Windows 2000 & Windows XP and Vista. We will be with you within 24 hours of your phone call and (in 85% of cases) will have your pc repaired that same day. The Call out charge to most home users in the Staffordshire area is 20, which includes the first half hour.

A PC Health check is not only necessary but essential if you want your pc to be reliable and not let you down. Prevention is better than cure and it's typical that if your pc is going to crash, it will happen at the worst possible moment! If your pc has a minor error today, it can only get worse. Would you know if your hard drive was about to fail or if your system memory was not performing? Do you know what damage excess dust inside your pc can cause? Don't leave it to chance - book a health check today!

Even huge companies with a substantial IT budget can lose data. The cost of backing up data effectively is always cheaper than having it recovered and certainly less painful than losing it forever! If you are experiencing data loss, please turn off your pc immediately. The chances of full data recovery are greatly increased the sooner the system is turned off. If you accidentally delete a certain file, it's not actually deleted there and then. All that is deleted is the path to that file but it is marked as free space and will be over written as soon as the system needs that space, so you need to act fast in the recovery of it.

A custom built pc means you get exactly what you want and you don't get a load of extras that are of no use to you that you had to pay for anyway! Usually when you buy a new pc you've done your homework, asked friends for advice and looked at various reviews on the net. You've pretty much made up your mind about what you need so off you go to the major high street retailer with your 'reference' piece of paper in hand. The salesman appears! You receive the half hour sales talk, you're totally baffled with the talk of megabytes gigawotsits - a few minutes later you are sitting in your car with a new pc, it cost you more than you wanted to pay and it's nothing like the one you wanted!

Wireless Internet is a great step forward in technology and proves a very convenient way of getting on the web! Wireless internet does away with the need for wires trailing all around the home or workplace and gives you the flexibility of working where you want. The setup costs are very reasonable which would include a wireless router plus a wireless network adapter for each pc, although most laptops now come with wireless 'wifi' already installed. A good quality wireless router for home use would typically cost about 50.00 or less and quite often include a wireless adapter.

A virus on your pc is a small program that is deliberately designed to interfere with general operation, corrupt or delete data and also designed to spread throughout the internet. They slow your pc down and cause various other issues. Sophisticated viruses such as worms can replicate themselves and spread by controlling email programs. Trojans can falsely appear as a genuine program to coax users into downloading them. They can offer expected results while working in the background destroying your system or other unprotected networked systems.