EAZEE PC SERVICES offer a wide range of computer services to home users and small business. Having more than 20 years of experience at dealing with all kinds of computer problems. All delivered as part of a professional, friendly and personal service.

We can diagnose and repair all sorts of hardware and software problems, so if your PC is having problems like unexplained crashing or restarting or blue screens, error messages in the start-up and Windows or no power, freezing or hanging on start-up, internet/email problems or just running sluggishly slow then we will be able to help you get your computer back up and running quickly as quickly as possible. We will let you know what the problem is in plain English so that you can avoid the situation where possible in the future.

We can advise on and install all types of hardware/software to ensure you get the correct and best value upgrades to give you the best performance. So if your computer is struggling to keep up with the latest software or games, need more memory, or you are running out of hard drive space or are looking at upgrading your graphics card, CD/DVD drive then contact us.

If you have just bought a new PC and need assistance getting up and running, EAZEE PC SERVICES can help you find your way around the different parts of the computer, install and connect all your devices such as printers, scanners, digital cameras.
If you are interested we can show you how it's done so you can do it for yourself in the future in case it ever needs to be moved. We can also transfer your important files and settings from your old computer to the new one.

So if you have just bought a new computer and don't know where to start, or need help connecting your new printer, scanner or digital camera, we can help you get started and up and running, check they all work properly and deal with any problems that may arise. We can also connect your computer to the internet and configure your email settings.

We can also help with using different types of software and finding your way around Windows as well as ensuring you load all the critical updates to ensure your PC is as secure as possible right from the start.

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  • Home Call-out Service

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  City Liskeard
  Postcode PL14 4JP
  Address 4 Lodge Hill
  Phone Number 01903 905035
  Mobile 07904008076

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It's recommended that your computer should be cleaned inside and out at least once a year and your system checked regularly. When was the last time yours was done? Our PC Healthcheck service will do this and more. For only J40 we will do the following to your computer: Check for and remove Viruses and adware/spyware Check your hard disk for errors/defects and defragment the drives if required Install all updates for your Windows system. Optimize your Windows system. We will run a series of tests on your system to check that every component is performing as it should. Schedule automated preventative checks so your PC can run maintenance tasks every week to keep everything running efficiently Clean up your temporary and internet files to free up disk space System Valet - Clean the computer inside and out to remove dust and dirt. Advise on any upgrades that could cost effectively improve the performance of your PC.

Customer Testimonials

Doing business with Eazee PC Services was a pleasure! I cant say enough on how knowledgeable they were. Even better was that they listened to me and understood the problem I was having.If you want a hassle free and friendly experience, give them a call. I highly recommend it.

Thank you so much Simon for all your effort. It was a real struggle for me to get to grips with computers and the internet at my age but your patience with me was fantastic. I'm now editing and printing digital pictures and its saving me a fortune. All the best.