Technology is great, and it can help you make the most of daily life. Sometimes it does go wrong and that's where we come in. We are the experts and are here to make your life simple, so when things do go wrong or if you need some help and advice, you can count on us!

We come to you at no extra cost, saving you the hassle of disconnecting everything and taking it to a shop. Most repairs are carried out at your home, and if the device needs to come to our workshop, we don't charge for pickup and return, meaning you get the very best service at the very best price every time!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 24 Hour Call Out
  • Mobile Service

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Microsoft Partner Network

Serviced Areas

  • Dumfries, Annan, Lochmaben, Lockerbie, Castle Douglas, Dalbeattie, New Abbey, Sotherness

Payment Options

  • Cash, Debit & Credit Cards at no extra cost

Contact Details

  City Dumfries
  Postcode DG1 2JJ
  Address 88 Shakespeare Street
  Phone Number 013 8780 0769

Customer Testimonials

My Dell desktop began to go slow then seemed to pack in altogether. Would not switch on. Looked terminal. Phoned Dell Helpline, gave "expert" the symptoms and received the bad news. Motherboard knackered, needed a new machine (but here is a 15% off voucher). He suggested I take it to a local technician to retrieve my photo's, music, documents, etc. from the hard drive. Took it to James and within a day he had not only recovered all my precious photo's, etc. but had double checked the tower to find that the motherboard was not at fault, only a "memory module" (too technical for me to know what this is) and he had replaced this without any further charge. Took it home, but found it still had issues. I had recently taken up the free Microsoft offer to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 but had never been happy with it. James took it back in the next day, reverted it back to Windows 7 and cleaned all the rubbish I had managed to accumulated on the machine over the years. It is now working better than ever. Thank's again James.

This is a fantastic service! Over the years, we (Mostly Ghostly Investigations) have received a range of technical and design support from the Computer Fixer and the standard of his work is second to none. Service is always quick and efficient and the work itself is carried out with professionalism, integrity and creative flair. We are delighted with our website which looks brilliant and is very user friendly - we've had positive feedback from many of our web visitors - and the promotional artwork for our tour and event posters is outstanding - thank you! If you're looking for designs that stand out from the crowd - look no further! Highly recommended!

Can't recommend highly enough. Quick service and fantastic value - thank you James, it's wonderful having a silent PC again! Computer Fixer provided excellent communication, updates by text message throughout repair process and a genuinely warm, local service. I will definitely be back.

Had my laptop in at PC World and they told me they couldn’t recover any information and the hard drive was faulty, took it to computer fixer and James recovered the data within a few hours, brill service.

Overnight repairs are a blessing, excellent, quick service, thanks James

From Our Website

Thank you for visiting Computer Fixer Dumfries. Computer Fixer offers you a wide range of computer repair and support services either at your home or in our dedicated computer repair shop in Dumfries town centre. We have served the local area for just over 6 years and are the only computer repair business to be recommended by Trading Standards in Dumfries as we are a part of the Trusted Trader Scheme. We actively take feedback from customers about how they felt our computer repair service was when they visited, and work to ensure that we are always doing the very best for our lovely customers who are supporting a true, independent computer business.

So we can follow social distancing guidelines, we are unable to enter your home at the moment and ask that you have your computer disconnected prior to our arrival, ready for our technician to collect from your doorstep. Payment can be made by card over the phone if required. Please tell us as much as you can about the problem, including things you might have tried already to fix it as well as anything you noticed that was strange with your computer before it broke. If you're requesting other services, try and be as detailed as you can in what you are needing us to do for you.

We all know how annoying a slow computer can be, and here at Computer Fixer Dumfries we have been helping customers get their machines back up to speed for over 6 years, meaning we've learnt a trick or two to help get your computer working as best as it possibly can. We are able to offer you a PC Health Check service that aims to speed up your machine and help keep it running at it's best. We've also got plenty of options for upgrading your laptop or desktop computer if your speed issue is being caused by older or failing components such as hard drives or lack of memory.

Computer Fixer not only supports people in our Dumfries Computer Shop, but also in your own home or business thanks to our affordable computer repair callout service. We can bring our tools direct to your door, saving you the hassle of disconnecting things and bringing them to a shop. Just some of the things we can help you with on-site are; desktop repairs, laptop screen repairs, laptop repairs, home broadband faults, virus and malware removal, new computer setup, wireless extension, and much more.

Did you know that Computer Fixer is a family run and locally owned computer shop in Dumfries? That means when you use our services, you're not just supporting a faceless corporation, you are promoting the local economy. When you walk into our shop, you'll see the personal touch in everything we do, from our picture wall to our friendly spaniels that come to work with us. We're always here for a chat about anything and everything, and we do our best to support the local community as that's where our heart is.

Keeping your computer protected against all the threats on the internet can be a big job for any anti-virus program or human, and sometimes unwanted software can get through your security and infect your computer. Here at Computer Fixer Dumfries, we aim to provide a complete malware removal service that offers key advice and support when it comes to protecting your computer or removing malicious software that happens to slip through the cracks in your security software. If you're computer has become infected with malware, we recommend that you have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible, as certain types of malware can steal your personal information.

This makes the days darker for longer, and we often don't realise the time shift has happened thanks to computers and gadgets making the change automatically. There are some things that still need us to update the time manually, such as some alarm systems, our cars, older CCTV systems, and more. If you're not too sure on how to update any of these things and need some free advice, simply call us on 01387800769 or pop into the shop anytime between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 11am to 2pm and we'd be happy to help.

Here at Computer Fixer Dumfries, we offer priority service for anyone who might need a computer repair done quicker than normal. That means if you are desperate for your computer to get fixed and require it for work or time pressed issues, you can count on us to get it sorted fast! We do charge a small 15 additional fee for the immediate service on top of any other repair costs, to ensure a fair and prompt service for all our customers. We stock a wide range of parts in our Dumfries shop, including Laptop Screens, Power Supplied, Power Jacks, Laptop Chargers, Cables, and more to keep things moving fast as we don't need to wait on parts arriving for most jobs.