Software Support:
Our Software Support is provided for a vast collection of operating systems & applications. This includes anything from network configuration to applying firmware updates to your hardware.

Hardware Support:
At Digi Fix It we provide Hardware Support for most electrical devices. We specialise in providing solutions for computers, mp3 players, games consoles, TV's, stereo systems and printers to name a few.

Custom Computers:
Purchasing a computer in the rapidly changing market can be a challenging task. We specially design computers each month for business, personal, gaming or multimedia requirements.

Business Solutions:
Call today to arrange an on-site visit or discuss in detail how we can help improve your business.

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  • Shipley, Baildon, Saltaire, Bingley, Wrose, Bradford

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  City Shipley
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  Address VM1, Salts Mill Road
  Phone Number 075 9411 4960

Products & Services

Application Support

Application help files can be somewhat vague and rarely provide you with the information required to resolve your issue. Error messages, application crashes or simply the computer not doing what you want it to can be very frustrating. At times this can really put your patience to the test. Digi Fix It will troubleshoot any issues in order to identify the root cause of the problem and take the appropriate action to prevent repeat occurrences. Compatibility & conflict tests will be conducted and step by step training if required.

Business Solutions

Even though no two businesses are alike, every business has one thing in common; there's always room for improvement and cost reduction surrounding the technology the business has adapted to. It addition to providing website solutions, Digi Fix It also provides network, application and printer support for all types and sizes of small to medium businesses. Having the right IT systems in place is essential and can actually increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Staff don't like using slow or difficult hardware and software, on the other hand customers don't like waiting for them.

Data Backup & Recovery

Computer data is very precious and it can be devastating if you lose your documents, emails, pictures, music or videos. It's important to provide extra care to protect your data and prevent lose in case of accidental deletion, theft, corruption, hardware failure or because of a nasty virus. In a worst case scenario data can be restored from the media where it was located; however recovery of data is complex, time consuming and all of the data can rarely be recovered. Digi Fix It will create and schedule backups of your personal files to other media devices or recover data if required.

Digital Camera, Mp3 Player & Mobile Phone

The phone numbers, pictures and music on your handheld devices can be more valuable than the item itself. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have lost, broke or had a device stolen you will understand how heart breaking it is to lose all this cherished data. It's important to take precautions and always ensure you synchronise your data to your computer. Sometimes it can be quiet a complex task just to transfer the information onto the device in the first place. Digi Fix It will provide you with professional support allowing you to effortlessly configure and personalize your hardware. Once everything is configured correctly and with some training & guidance, transferring pictures, music, contacts and other data is simple.

Hardware Upgrade

Installing additional memory, a new harddrive or upgrading your CPU can drastically increase your computer speed. This is more than often a cheaper and more viable option of enhancing your computer. It's important that any upgrades are compatible with your current hardware. Let us do the research and find out what hardware is most optimal for you. Digi Fix It will provide you with all your available options so you have choice and can make a practical decision. After obtaining, installing & configuring the hardware you will receive step by step guidance to ensure you understand your computers new functionality.

Optimize Performance

Computers require maintenance & house keeping to keep them running smoothly. Failure to regularly service your computer can severely impact and gradually degrade the performance of the operating system. It's important that you keep your software, drivers & operating system up to date and free from applications that affect your processors response time. Digi Fix It will update & configure all of your computers software, set scheduled scans and ensure it's free of any viruses. We will apply system tweaks and remove unnecessary background processes to optimize your system.

Printer, Scanner & Fax Support

They can be setup via USB, wireless or over a network and have an extensive range of features. The device, drivers and software all contain options that need to be correctly configured, therefore Printers, Scanners & Fax Machines can be quiet challenging for an average user to operate. Common issues can include paper jams, incorrect size & layout, spooler issues, poor print quality or even not printing at all. Digi Fix It will provide comprehensive technical support in order diagnose and fix the root cause of your issues; allowing you to scan, print and send documents or photos with ease.

Remote Support

From the comfort of your chair, it's never been easier to resolve issues in your household. No waiting for engineers to arrive & without the intrusion of privacy, our expert technicians will remotely find the solution to your problems. Providing that you have internet access, support to enable a hassle free computing experience is available at a click of a button. Simply allow us to connect to your computer & we will provide you with the resolution you have been looking for. So don't get stressed, why not sit back, relax & have a chocolate biscuit, while we do the work, at Digi Fix It!

Virus Removal

It's essential that every computer has up to date antivirus software installed to protect your documents, identity, passwords & bank accounts. Fraudsters use malicious software to infect computers and steal personal information so it's vital that you safeguard your computer from threats and attacks. Digi Fix It will remove spyware, viruses, fake antivirus software, adware & any other security threats from your system to ensure your online experience is secure and safe.

Web Design & Startup

There are millions of websites on the internet and each day hundreds of thousands more appear. With a little guidance, it's never been simpler to run & maintain your own website for personal or business purposes. However saying that, setting up a website from scratch can be time consuming & confusing without the required knowledge. Digi Fix It will take care of the registration and configuration of your domain. We will provide you with your very own unique website design and configure the scripts that will allow users to browse your site. To help attract visitors we will optimize the website to appear in all major search engines. With this all taken care off all you need to do is simply provide the website content. Once the content is in place, it's up to you to spread the word on Facebook & Twitter!

Wireless & Networking

Thanks to advances in technology, all sorts of items in the household can now communicate with each other allowing us to share our media & data. Play music from mp3 players through your stereo, stream media from computers and the internet to your TV or games console, view your digital camera pictures on your TV, even remotely control your computer with your smart phone - the possibilities are endless! Unfortunately not everyone is aware of what their existing electrical goods are capable of and can even leave their-self vulnerable to security breaches if the correct hardware configuration has not been applied. Digi Fix It will configure a secure network allowing you to share your media across your household easily.

Computer & Laptop Repair

Nothing's more frustrating than logging onto your computer to look on Facebook, check emails, book flights or carry out any other task only to be denied because your computer or laptop no longer works. If it makes weird noises, constantly freezes, produces a burning smell or even doesn't turn on at all, then you may have experienced hardware failure. Computer repair isn't just limited to hardware though, incompatible or incorrectly configured software can also cause your computer to crash or even prevent it from turning on. Digi Fix It will diagnose the root cause of your issues and put measures in place to rectify the problem. If hardware failure has been identified, we will discuss your options and order the required components. The hardware will be installed, configured and thoroughly tested to ensure stability & reliability.