Devon IT Clinic are a specialist PC and Mac repair and servicing company based in Devon, with bases in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

Our highly experienced technicians can carry out work on both PCs and Macs through our extensive range of set price services, from a full service and tune-up to the fitment of new memory, setting up a new computer to the secure erasing of hard drives.
All our work carries a 3 month warranty.

We also offer cost effective business packages aimed at small businesses who can't afford their own in-house IT technicians.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 24 Hour Call Out Available
  • Set-price Cost Effective Services
  • PC and Mac Specialists
  • Small Business Packages

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • BCS; The Chartered Institute for IT Professional Member

Serviced Areas

  • Exeter, Newton Abbot and surrounding areas.

Payment Options

  • Cash, Bank Transfer, Credit Card through PayPal, Cheque

Contact Details

  City Exeter
  Postcode EX4 8DA
  Address 3 Summerway
  Phone Number 0845-681-4834

Products & Services

Consultation and Health Check

This service is completely FREE and comprises of an initial analysis of your computer system, allowing us to gain a good overview of its component parts, what you use it for and more importantly what you need it to do. During this consultation we will not take your system apart any more than is necessary to compile our overview and promise that we'll leave things just how we found them. We will then give you our findings and recommendations, detailing any issues that we feel need attention.

PC/Mac Optimisation

A comprehensive multi-point service and tune up for your PC or Mac. If your computer is slow or doing some unpredictable things there's no need to go to the expense of buying a new one, just give it to us and we'll give it a thorough overhaul. We'll even clean it inside and out. If whilst conducting the service we discover an item of hardware that's failed we'll notify you and ask what you want to do. If you choose to replace that item of hardware whilst your computer's with us the fitment and testing of the new hardware is FREE.

Broadband and Wireless Network Setup

The setting up of a broadband connection with or without a wireless router can sometimes pose a few problems, not least that of securing the wireless connection to ensure no unauthorised person can gain access to it. We'll set up and test your broadband connection together with any wireless router you may have for up to 3 computers, to form a secure wireless Internet connection. We can also supply any necessary hardware. Please contact us for a quote, if you have more than 3 computers.

PC / Mac Repair

This service is aimed at those clients whose PC or Mac has a fault that can't be cured by using our Optimiser Service. Because it can take time to ascertain what the fault is and then repair it, this service pricing starts at 35 GBP, but there's no need to fear a huge bill because we will give you a quote once we have taken a look at your computer and diagnosed the likely problem. We will then only proceed with the repair if you're satisfied.

PC / Mac Upgrades

If the thought of opening up your computer and rooting around inside it fills you with a sense of dread, this service is for you. We'll take the new hardware that you've already bought, or which we've supplied and carefully fit them for you. If you speak to us before you buy any new components we can offer some advice for FREE. Pricing is based on 15 GBP for the first component (or 12.50 GBP if it's memory) and then 5 GBP for each subsequent item. Certain upgrades may cost more due to the complexity of design. We will advise you of this before you commit to the service.

New PC / Mac Set-up

Full installation of your new computer system. This service includes the installation of your software, connection to the Internet (where applicable) and connection and testing of all your peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.). We also offer data transfer at a reduced rate from our normal charge, if taken at the same time as the set up.

Operating System Installation

There are a number of things which can cause a computer to slow down; an ageing operating system installation being one of them. As applications are installed, used and subsequently uninstalled, numerous orphaned files get left behind and over time this can slow the computer to a crawl, prolonging the boot-up and shut down sequences markedly. In these instances a fresh operating system installation is really beneficial. Or perhaps you simply wish to upgrade to the latest version of Windows or OS X. Our Operating System Installation service includes a clean formatting of your hard drive (carrying out an integrity check of the hard drive at the same time) , and the installation or reinstallation of an operating system including full registration, activation and setup to your requirements. We can also install additional software at the same time for a small fee. We can even supply it if you wish.

Data Recovery

It's happened to the best of us; a sudden power failure results in a corrupted drive and a potential loss of all those priceless family photos, your latest artistic composition or that important dissertation that's taken you all night to write. Backups are always the first safety net, but few of us do so as regularly as we really ought. Our Data Recovery service aims to retrieve as much information as possible from a corrupt hard drive, memory card or USB stick. We will transfer the contents on to a new hard drive, CD or DVD. Lab recovery using a clean room environment will cost extra.

Data Transfer

Want to update your computer but baulk at the sheer amount of data you'd need to transfer? Let us take the hassle out of the exercise. We'll securely transfer all your precious files; photos, movies and/or music from one computer to another. We don't put any limit on the amount of data to transfer and always promise to protect your privacy.

Remote Access and Telephone Support

A surprising amount of common software related problems can be cured with a simple telephone call. Our technician will phone you at your convenience and talk you through the process of investigation. If this doesn't resolve things we may ask to connect to your computer remotely over your broadband connection (where available). This just involves you installing a tiny bit of software on your computer, again with our help. A lot of our clients find it of great benefit, since they don't have to be inconvenienced by having to wait in for our technician to visit in person. By using this service we can resolve most software issues and even ascertain certain hardware problems.

Custom PC Build

Building a custom PC can involve so many variables we can't possibly but a fixed price on it, but please contact us and we'll help you ascertain exactly what it is you require, offer help, advice and recommendations.

IT Emergency

If you have a system failure or other critical issue that just has be to fixed now, our IT Emergency service is for you. Available outside of our usual business hours, our IT Emergency service is charged on a 40 GBP per hour basis, not including any call-out fee that may be applicable (see the Call Out Range page on our website for more details). This service doesn't have a fixed price like most of our other services because from experience we have found that faults which require such an immediate response are seldom ones which would be covered under a fixed price service anyway. If however we discover that your issue could be dealt with in this way we will offer the appropriate fixed price service with an additional surcharge of 50 GBP for the out-of-hours nature of the visit.

Business Pro

With our Business Pro package you purchase support hours in a bundled package starting from 10 hours. These blocks fall into differing price bands - the more you buy at the same time the cheaper they get. The bands are: 10 - 19 hours @ 20 GBP per hour / 20 - 39 hours @ 17.50 GBP per hour / 40 + hours @ 15 GBP per hour. The big plus of purchasing these blocks of time is that they never expire, so call us out frequently or infrequently and the only time you'll need to pay again is when you're running low (there's no need to worry, we'll let you know when you need to top up). Our Business Pro package includes unlimited telephone support, unlimited remote access support and unlimited on-site support. You will need to supply any new or replacement hardware/software yourself, or we can supply it to you at a discounted price. As part of the package we will also proactively check your system on a regular basis, including regular checks of your Anti-Virus software, your back-up solution, as well as any critical updates that your operating system requires.