Fixed Fee, Laptop PC and Computer Repair, IT Support Donegal, Ireland. Proactive IT Support Services, Web Design & Web Development. Fully Independent Technology Consultancy. Our IT Support is backed up by our own repair centre were we conduct low level repairs in house.

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  City Londonderry
  Postcode BT48 8QP
  Address 7, Elagh Business Park East, Buncrana Road
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IT Support Contracts

Tired of substandard IT support? In a day and age when so many businesses rely so much upon technology, we’re guessing “IT Support” sounds much more like “IT Critical Support” to your ears as well. If so – maybe you should rethink your whole strategy. We know that your business is special. But, then again, we also know how many problems can result from almost any technical failure. Why risk the headaches when a single signature can do away with all of them?

Unlike others, we know that you are the one who signs the IT Contract! So, that means that we should pen and tailor it just for you: it’s time you stopped paying for services you don’t really need. We can provide custom IT Support & Contracts tailored specifically to your business IT requirements. We offer the best response and resolution times – at the very best prices! We can do that, since our systems have never failed us. They are cloud-based, reliable, ultra-fast, cutting edge, and easy to use. And our IT Support Contract promises nothing less.

If your business depends upon having the best and the latest software or having a reliable network infrastructure (as we are sure it does) – you have to ask yourself why have you waited for so long to sign an IT Support contract.

Dee. ie’s IT Support Contract is a guarantee for trust and quality.

Server & PC Support

PC & Server support services are vital to every business so please tell us that you are not one of those people who would try to save some money by running a server operating system on that old desktop computer of yours you were tempted to throw away somewhat earlier! If your business is important to you, and you plan to grow in the future, you have to invest a bit more in the department.

But that’s where the story merely begins. Of course, you need much more than an advice and a good foundation: you need a support partner you can work directly with for years and decades.
After all, all those 3rd party hardware vendors, software services, and communication providers won’t manage themselves and they will certainly need much more than a wish and a magic wand to be compatible with each other and with your company’s needs and goals.

So, let us worry in your stead and give us a chance to prove to you something many satisfied customers have learnt the easier way: Dee. ie provides Server & PC Support of the best and highest order.

Customer Testimonials is our SOS point. They built us a custom software application that allows us to manage over 90 staff members daily work allocation and vehicle maintenance. The reports have truly changed our business and pays for itself daily.

Very friendly service, these guys arent messing about!!!
Thank you very much.... AGAIN...

I used the collect & repair service and was surprised just how easy it was. They managed to return my PC the same day.

I now have the remote repair service which is great, its as if I now have my own IT department which can fix my problems any time.

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From Our Website

We are highly experienced IT Consultants delivering complete fully competent end to end, root to tip software solutions and consultancy services to an array of industries. Our professional IT consultancy services encompass high-end bespoke solutions to complex business challenges. Our business model has transformed since our inception to reflect both our growing experience and successful implementation of complex business solutions, during the fastest pace industrial growth in history. We were made in the 70's but became formal in 2007, as a response to the lack of flexibility, competence and the "shiny shoe salesman" approach of existing IT companies.

Professional Grade Privacy as stamdard, no sales lists, no auto torture till you buy, we manage expectations so as you expect we will review what you have said, maybe ask a few questions then we can discuss internally and present a solution you are not obligated to buy anything, you will not be marketed too, that is true independence for you. Our advice is built on a solid foundation of experience, while observing the industry shape shift and merge the many facets of IT, never mind the consolidations of ideas, resources and demands.

As we have so many years of technical experience between us, as well as being fully independent of all vendors, we are best placed to find a cheaper, better or faster way to solve any technical problem you may have. Professional Grade Privacy as standard, we expect our privacy to be protected and treated in good faith, we promise you the same. We manage expectations, unless we ask first and clearly, we will never trick you by adding you to a sales or other digital auto 'torture' list. We won't track you, profile you or sell your data to data vultures or data mines.

If you are seeking a placement or even a career, then we are listening. Places are alwasy going to be very limited as they are hard work but can be rewarding. We have taken students in from international schools, universities and even local colleges. To weed out the auto bot appliers we have created this area to help find the best of you. We believe everyone should always be on the hunt for high-quality fresh talented students seeking placements, guidance and mentoring.