For all your computer repairs, come to DB Comp today. We have years of experience in resolving complex problems in a fast and straight forward manner. All our staff are friendly and approachable, and we offer our service at a competitive rate. All jobs are undertaken by professionals and we pride ourselves by the high quality workmanship we deliver.

As well as PC repairs, we also undertake repairs and maintenance on laptop. The range of services on offer is extensive and includes:

* Computer and Laptop Sales
* Data Recovery and Backup
* Wireless Computer Repairs
* Laptop Repair
* Virus Removal
* Custom Built Computers
* Consultancy.

All jobs are treated with the utmost importance and respect, and our trained employees ensure that we maintain our outstanding customer relations through our high quality work. Based in Eastleigh, our services are on offer within a 10-15 mile radius. We cater to both domestic and commercial clients providing our bespoke computer repairs. If you have any issues with a PC, laptop or a virus that is disrupting the smooth running of your computer, then call us today to enquire about how we can help you.

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  • Chandlers Ford, Southampton, Eastleigh, Romsey

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  City Eastleigh
  Postcode SO53 3FP
  Address 7 Surrey Road
  Phone Number 02381789317
  Mobile 077 0763 7353

Products & Services


When it is reaching the breakdown, fast restoring the damaged equipment is the most important thing for acting with keeping everyone given. Into keeping DBComp the most of valuable stores, from an IT point of view (that is of data) , is a priority. If your computer was attacked by the virus or of different kind malicious software, we can help caring about the safety of your files. If you entrust us with your computer, we will try to return it fully efficient and ready to act. If the problem turns out to be more complicated or requiring the considerable financial outlays, we will be able to present a wide range of solutions, which after approval, we will be able to implement. Our wide experience allows to solve the most complicated problems your computer or the laptop computer can be exposed to which. We are able to repair Windows when they are hanging in least expected moments, to restore the connection the network or to diagnose the drive of optical disks, which not read of no plate. Detecting and the exchange of the imperfect component or removing the most dangerous viruses whether trojans constitutes no problem for us.


A reliable and fast computer is a base of the efficient work. DBComp is delivering the best equipment adapted for needs of his user. Independently of whether you are using the PC for surfing the Internet and writing recipes, you are creating the business plan and you carry complicated analyses out, or you want to defeat next invaders from the outer space at the newest DBComp games what configuration will advise will be best for your needs. We are dealing with also existing configurations which we can extend so that increase the speed of action or add new possibilities. Adding the new disc in order to increase the amount of the space for your data, expansion of the memory in order to hasten action of the computer or adding the CD writer of the DVD or the television tuner these are only examples of our abilities. All modernizations can be made in stationary computers as well as laptop computers. Get in touch with us and we will advise and we will carry the modernization out, which with little cost will enhance the speed and possibilities of your computer


Network DBComp is specializing in the installation and bearing the net of different kind: cable, cordless, as well as mixt up. We are using only a checked equipment therefore we can assure that webs provided by us are fertile, reliable and easily expandable if necessary. The configuration of our cordless networks is secured with best encoding therefore you can be sure that your files all the time are protected, as well as amateurs of the free access to the Internet won't connect to it. Independent networks are rather a rarity today therefore with pleasure what kind of connecting we will advise to the Internet will be most beneficial for your network. Wireless access is backing router DBComp messages up installation of connecting the type broadband (known also as the ADSL, through an ordinary telephone line) , SDSL (advanced technology letting content get high speeds at sending to the Internet) , through the cable television (in this case a telephone line is not needed) whether on the phone 3G cellular/modem. Moreover, when the Internet connection already works, we will help your private network to configure the access to sources, even in the accident when in it a server isn't

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