We are a professional data recovery company specialising in recovery services for: Hard Disks, Desktop Computers, Laptops & Servers RAID Arrays, NAS, SAN Memory Cards & USB Flash Sticks Tape & Optical Media Class 100 clean air environment We offer FREE Diagnostic evaluation and have a policy of No Data No Fee!

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We specialise in professional hard drive recovery and file restoration services for all kinds of data storage. We provide fast recovery services for all laptop, desktop, and server systems - as well as for all RAID drive arrays, NAS / SAN volumes, SSD devices, removable disk cartridges, diskettes, tape, CD, DVD, magneto-optical cartridges, USB flash and digital media data storage. Our staff has the data retrieval and restoration experience to deliver expert and reliable data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services.

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We offer FREE Diagnostic evaluation and have a policy of No Data - No Fee! We use state of the art equipment and data recovery software. When you require the most successful data recovery service and quick turnaround, use Data A&E;, we have the best data recovery knowledge, the safest technology available, and affordable pricing. Data recovery techniques involve extensive knowledge over and above normal computer skills. Data recovery requires a comprehensive understand of problems with hard disks such as firmware programming, electronics, mechanical engineering and machine-code computer programming.

When data loss occurs, you need a data recovery company with the technology and skills required to successfully recover your data, Skilled data recovery means a recovery service that delivers as quickly as possible. Data A&E is that data recovery company. Data recovery is a specialism that very few companies are actually able to perform correctly. If you value your data, make absolutely sure you are using a reputable company in the recovery of that data. At Data A&E we recover data for businesses and we also work with everyday people who may have just lost their Excel or Word data, 3 years worth of family photos, or even their IPOD data.

Physical failure occurs where physical faults prevent the drive from starting up. This can range from a single failed head, through to complete head stack failure, to motor failure. A complete head stack failure often manifests itself by clicking from the drive when it starts up. If your drive clicks at all then DO NOT continue to attempt to access it, or take any other measures such as put it in the freezer ( old wives' tale) that almost certainly will make matter worse. If the heads have failed then the drive needs to be disassembled in a dust-free clean room environment and the heads removed and replaced.