Desktop, laptop and netbook repair expert in Blackheath, Providing reliable, quick and affordable services from hardware/software repairs to remote support. Nothing is unfixable.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • CompTIA A+
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Serviced Areas

  • London

Payment Options

  • Cash, PayPal

Contact Details

  City Blackheath
  Postcode SE3 0UQ
  Address Blackheath
  Phone Number 07505288347

Products & Services

Desktop PC's

I can work on all makes and models of desktop PC's. If you have a slow desktop, or desktop is too loud, the desktop won't boot up, the hard drive doesn’t work, your desktop overheats, your desktop has a virus, you need data recovery on a desktop, you would like a desktop PC upgrade, or anything else, contact me now.


I am also experienced in the installation and repair of hardware for your desktop or laptop. I can troubleshoot and repair your computer's memory (RAM) , hard drive (data recovery) , external hard drive, power jack, processor (CPU) , motherboard, video/graphics Card, power supply unit (PSU) , keyboard, sound card, CD drive, DVD, mouse, modem, router, and USB devices.

PC Data Recovery

If your hard drive has died, or you accidentally deleted your files and folders, I am your first port of call for affordable data recovery. There is no need to go rushing to "hard drive specialists" when most of the time a "dust free room" is not required. I will salvage as much data as possible from your dying hard disk. In the event I cannot recover your files I won't charge you a penny and you can at least be satisfied that you've exhausted all options before spending alot of money for a recovery service lab.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you soo much Pouya. This guy helped me fix file problems on my laptop. He's a wiz with computers. Definitely go to him if you have a problem

Thanks loads pouya !! he helped me with my audio and voice problems that I have been having. fixed my skype and my browsers and protected my laptop from having viruses by downloading a great and easy program, I'm so pleased with what you did and I'm not having anymore issues

Social Activity

There will be some new services available from ComputerWare Services including Network setup for homes and businesses and Website designing for anyone, whether you want a simple site at low cost to display your CV/Achievements or a professional website
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"One of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook — and could have quietly exposed your sensitive account information (such
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ComputerWare Services now provides FREE Pick-Up & Delivery. Got a problem with your computer? We'll pick it up, fix it and bring it straight back to you.
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We now sell products from Amazon on our website. (check back for more products soon)
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Have you cracked your laptop screen? Is your computer not turning on anymore? Is your computer running really slowly? Just send us a message with what issues you're having and we'll give you instant advice and quote! Get your computer repaired from just
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A MacBook Pro that a customer was about to throw away because of non display functionality and and was quoted £700 by apple to fix. Screen was taken off and connected to £30 monitor and is now in full working order used as a desktop.
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BEWARE!!! There are messages being sent to people's phones, asking you to update your PayPal detail but it's a phishing scam, it directs you to a site that looks like PayPal but it is NOT PayPal. Any details you put in, including username/password and
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