ComputerCare-SaffronWalden - Computer Consultancy, Repair and Installation at you Home or Office.

Problem solving, New installations, Internet & WiFi, Repairs and Data recovery. Please see our website for detailed information on our services.

Our aim is to have satisfied customers who will recommend us to others.

Our customers are homes and small businesses in Saffron Walden and the surrounding area.

We are fully independent and are not agents of any manufacturer or supplier.

Serviced Areas

  • Saffron Walden and surrounding area

Contact Details

  City Saffron Walden
  Postcode CB10 2EE
  Phone Number 017 9952 0514

Products & Services


We are able to undertake the diagnosis and repair of a wide range of faults;

Common laptop repairs include;
Hard drive replacement with reload of Windows
Keyboard replacement
Screen replacement
Supply of new battery
Supply of new power adapter

Common desktop repairs include;
Hard drive replacement with reload of windows
Mainboard replacement
Graphics card replacement

All repairs are at a fixed cost given before commencement of work.

Data Recovery

We have good expertise in data recovery from old and non-starting machines.

We are often able to recover data from failed and faulty hard drives.

Types of data that can be recovered are; Documents, Pictures, Music, Email, Email Addresses and Microsoft Office activation keys.

We are often able to recover photos accidentally deleted from memory cards and other similar devices.

Recovered data can be written to; CD/DVD, an external hard drive or onto another machine.

Customer Testimonials

I gave them my computer so solve a problem and on the same day called me back and told me exactly what was wrong with it, even though it was very bad news. They guided me through what I should do and what components I should get for a new build as well as where to get them and where to avoid. The staff was very friendly and helpful and I would defiantly go back there if I have any more problems with my PC.

I would defiantly recommend them!

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Most scams and fraud using old fashion confidence tricking, these franster often do not use any "high tech" - just be aware.
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Microsoft will never ring you about your computer - It is a scam!
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Computer Security - Please if anyone rings you about computer problems - what ever the story please just ask them to not ring you again and hang up. Also if you received any emails with Attachments or Links, please only click on the Link if you know what
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Why not check out our twitter page? Will be posting tips and tricks to keep you computer nice and healthy :)
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Here to help with your computer needs whether it be at home or at your office.
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Always make sure your Windows updates are applied - in some ways this is more important than your anti-virus. Scams, three Golden rules; Email - however convincing the story, ignore it. Telephone - politely ask to be removed from the scam. Websites -
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