Professional computer repair and support engineer with many years of experience (both from Poland and United Kingdom) with computer, network equipment and smartphones repairs, modifications and support.

We offer:

* Modifications of hardware, exchanging hardware parts to repair or modernize computer, help when buying new hardware.
* Removing viruses, back-doors, and trojan horses.
* Making your computer fast, responssive and stable.
* Connecting, installation and configuration of routers, printers, any computer peripherals. and home networks.
* Data recovery from broken or formated harddrives, recovering deleted files.
* Resolving probles, which other engineers couldnt handle.
* We explain you everything what we do, and what you can do with your computer, and learn you to use it in best way.

* We are very cheap, some repairs cost only 20 pounds. You pay only when we will resolve your problem, so no fix - no fee.
* If You want, we can take your old computer components as part of payment.
* Payment can be made both by cash or by Paypal transfer.
* We can repair Your computer both at our site, and in Your home. We travel to Your home to repair or pickup Your computer completly for free.

Jabber / MSN messager:
Gadu-gadu messager: 124898
Telephone number: 07926793560

Serviced Areas

  • Greater London

Contact Details

  City Turnpike Lane
  Postcode N15 3BT
  Address 9 Abbotsford Avenue
  Phone Number 079 2679 3560