CRH has been repairing Computers and Laptops since November 2006.

We provide a quick, efficient and reliable call-out service with our Engineers able to visit your home or office within 24 hours.

Our core values are:

Excellence in Service

We carry out many types of repairs and/or maintainence on computers and laptops.

This includes:

Installing software
Upgrading hardware
Setting up wifi networks (wireless networks)
Printer installation
Remove Viruses
Remove Spyware
Install Laptop Screens
Replace Laptop Charging Sockets
Advise on building of new computers
and many other services.

Serviced Areas

  • Huddersfield and Surrounding Areas

Payment Options

  • Cash, Paypal, Credit/Debit Card

Contact Details

  City Huddersfield
  Postcode HD1 1DR
  Address Byram Street
  Phone Number 0800-496-9969
  Mobile 07891 519 311
  Tollfree 0800 4 969 969

Customer Testimonials

Our company Dexter Nicholas Ltd used (and will use) these people for repairs, maintenance and supply. We found the company to be highly professional and give excellent service and value for money. The personnel were experienced, extremely helpful, patient and courteous.

Removing viruses and downloading security protection. Very good service.

I have just had speedy & efficient service in supplying and setting up a new laptop following the demise of my much used one.

Very good service and extremely quick and reliable.
Thanks for quickly repairing my computer, and explaining why it went wrong in the first place.
Will use again, thanks

When my laptop was running slow and getting error messages, I booked it into Computer Repairs Huddersfield with no problems. The service was prompt and they cleared my unwanted files and installed Window Washer. It is now running more efficiently. A prompt and excellent service as usual.

Thank you for getting my laptop fixed in record time. I gave my laptop in to have the hard-drive wiped clean and my dongle to be installed as well.

From Our Website

Computer Repairs Huddersfield can offer impartial advice on which Computer is most likely to best suit your needs and budget. We take into account what you want to use your computer or laptop for, and what your budget is, before advising on the most effective solution. Because we don't stock computers or laptops ourselves (our business is service rather than sales), we can make sure our advice is unbiased and not designed to sell you a computer, but if you DO struggle to find a Computer or Laptop at the guide price we give you, we can contact our Partners to see if they have any in stock, and source them for you.

Computer Repairs Huddersfield offers a professional laptop screen replacement service to bring your laptop back to life after a cracked or broken laptop screen. We have experienced engineers who can replace your laptop screen usually within one hour, saving you money as well as providing an efficient replacement. We can also source a replacement screen for you and bill you for just the cost of the screen to us - in other words, we don't make a profit on the cost of your replacement laptop screen - before we do this, we will of course tell you how much it will cost.

At Computer Repairs Huddersfield, we know can be frustrating when you can't connect to the internet, but don't worry about that too much because we have Engineers that are experienced in getting customers back online as soon as possible to minimise the disruption. Because we appreciate and understand you need to be online, we have local engineers that can get to you a lot quicker to diagnose and fix your internet connection problem, and subsequently, get you back online. Computer Repairs Huddersfield recognises this as a priority issue and has the resources to be able to commit to a priority service for Internet Connection problems.

Computer Repairs Huddersfield offers a Laptop Charging Socket Replacement service for most Laptops. It can be frustrating when the charging socket on your laptop becomes loose and stops your charger from charging the battery - it doesn't however mean that you need to replace the Laptop. We have extensive experience of repairing laptop charging sockets, and can even source the replacement socket for you. If you're laptop isn't listed above, please call us on 0800 4 969 969 and one of our Engineers will be able to advise whether we are able to source the replacement charging socket for your laptop.

We offer a "one stop" solution to ALL Computer and Laptop related problems, as well as any Internet Connection issues. Computer Repairs Huddersfield are experienced in diagnosing and fixing all types of hardware and software issues, including Windows 10 installations.

A Trojan is a program that presents itself as being legitimate, but is actually malicious and capable of causing significant problems to your Computer. Trojans are commonly used to gain backdoor access - in other words, gaining remote to a user's system without the user being aware. As with many other Computer Repair services we provide, our Computer Repair Engineers have extensive experience in removing trojans, and a detailed knowledge of the latest threats on the internet. Once our Engineers have removed the trojan from your computer or laptop, Computer Repairs Huddersfield will provide you with online access to a database of useful information and tools to find out how to make sure they can stay protected from trojans and other nasty threats on the internet.

Computer Repairs Huddersfield can upgrade your PC to make it perform better by installing better components, so you don't necessarily have to purchase a new PC. Upgrading your PC can increase the PC's stability as well as performance, or simply just give you more disk space. For example, if you are running out of storage space, you might want to invest in a new hard drive to either replace your existing hard drive, or add it to your computer as a secondary drive for the extra data storage. You can also increase the RAM (System Memory) to make it perform slightly better, or a new Graphics Card might be useful for watching HD Video or Gaming.

As an example, you might want to set up a Network for sharing your internet connection between more than one computer or laptop, or even sharing a printer. You may even want to set up a file server where everyone can access files from one computer/server to share throughout the household or office - maybe for it to act as a media server? Whatever you need your Network to do, Computer Repairs Huddersfield has the right people to be able to do it. As well as installing wired networks, our Networking Engineers can also install wireless networks and are able to advise on the best solution based on your equipment and environment (for example, how to best layout your Network and where to install your equipment for maximum signal strength).