We repair Apple Mac, Windows XP Windows Vista, and WIndows 7 computers and Laptops in hornchurch in romford essex. Our Engineers are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Our newest service includes iPad screen repairs.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • WIndows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7 and Apple OSX Repair
  • Fixed Rate Repairs
  • MCP Certified
  • No Hourly Charge
  • Same Day Service
  • 1000's of Happy Customers
  • Fast and Friendly Service

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • MCP Certified Engineers

Serviced Areas

  • Hornchurch

Payment Options

  • Cash, Card, Cheque

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  City Hornchurch
  Postcode RM12 4XN
  Address Abbs cross lane
  Phone Number 020 8525 9795
  Tollfree 0800 043 93 66

Products & Services


We provide you with a valuable service for reasonable prices. For your peace of mind we have fixed rates for most common IT problems, so you can rest assured you will not be presented with any unexpected costs. Most computer problems can be fixed within the hour, but if you have a computer that responds slowly we will stick to a fixed rate.

The average time to restore a computer’s operating system along with system drivers can take up to 2 hours or sometimes longer, as there could be additional tests to perform. This service costs a fixed rate of £65. This includes installation of common applications such as acrobat reader, Norton Anti-Virus, Picasa, Internet etc re-establish your computer to the internet.

From Our Website

Q - How long will it take for PC Restore to repair my broken screen on my laptop. A - Most screens can be replaced on the day. We have most common sizes in stock, so we will arrange an appointment for our engineer to repair it at your premises. If the part required is non standard, we may need to order the part from our supplier or manufacturer. These tend to have a 2-3 day delivery time, but once parts are received we can carry out the repair on the same day of delivery. Q - I have spilt wine on my laptop and it wont turn back on.

If you receive a blank screen with text, this means that the computer has detected something wrong with the start up. Safe mode option screen may appear. If presented with this screen select the safe mode option. When in this environment you will notice lack of colour and larger icons than if you were in normal start mode. Once at the user screen select your user account and remove any programs that you may have installed, or look for a restore point. If the computer still fails to reach the user selection screen, or restarts again by itself with a flash of a blue screen, then this indicates that some corruption has taken place with the system files.

Level 1- This method will produce results in the event that the file allocation table (fat ) (ntfs) has become corrupted. Normally when this occurs, it affects the booting of the computer; you may not get as far as the desktop. Level 2 -If level 1 recovery fails to work, low level recovery process will be required. This is a complicated procedure. The files recovered will not have any file name and folder grouping as severe data loss has occurred. Low level will pull all readable files off the hard drive, and will retrieve files going back many years, and photos from previously visited website's that will require sorting.

If your computer is infected by a virus there are many methods of removal. The method used will depend on the nature of the virus or security breech, and on the complexity of the virus. With over 90,000 viruses in the world, removal techniques differ from one to another. Printer and scanner tend to be the most common. Applications such as iTunes or skype can be downloaded from software manufacturer's website. These are unique to each individual and depends on what your computer is used for. These are relatively easy for the end user, and most people are confident in doing this.

Our upgrade service allows you to extend the lifetime of your computer's hardware, if you're looking for greater performance or capacity. Are you thinking that your computer is getting old and contemplating purchasing a new one but are unsure. It is almost always worth considering an upgrade on any computer purchased with Vista pre-installed. Windows Vista is an inefficient operating system. It requires a lot of resources to just run itself, (requires greater ram, and a higher processor chip). Computers from 2007 onwards can support the latest Windows 7 package.

The equipment that provides wireless facility gives you an added feature of being able to share your broadband internet connections with more than one computer. The equipment is known as a wireless router. Wireless routers create local area networks (LAN), enabling connected devices to communicate. Otherwise known as a NAS, is storage that is located somewhere in your home or business. When configured it can be used for network sharing of files so all users can access films, music, photo and documents from any computing device that is part of the network.

Note: Prior to full service procedure all important data must be backed up. This can be done by copying all important files onto an external source, e.g. CD, DVD, USB flash drive, external hard drive or an online backup site. If you want PC-Restore to back up your files, we can provide this service at 15 per user upto a total of 15GB. Please note you must specify all files and folders that you wish to have backed up, also specifying emails if using Outlook Express and MS Outlook. Web based email accounts such as hotmail, live, yahoo, gmail will not be affected by this procedure if you go online to access your emails.