Fault diagnosis and repair With any Personal Computer, whether it be an IBM-compatible PC, Apple Macintosh or any other variety, the complexity of the software can often cause even the most confident of users some degree of apoplexy from time to time. When such an event occurs the temptation is to persevere with the problem yourself - often making it worse - or call in a friend (who knows something about computers) - who has the advantage of being able to walk away after he's made your PC unusable!

Serviced Areas

  • Milton Keynes, Towcester & Buckingham

Contact Details

  City Milton Keynes
  Postcode MK6 2TW
  Address 17 The Oval Oldbrook
  Phone Number 019 0869 5361

From Our Website

Through our association with BeAnywhere.com we can offer a remote support service which enables us to connect to any PC or Mac anywhere in the World in order to conduct fault-finding and resolution without the need to physically visit you. You are able to see everything we do and we are able to chat whilst we are connected. Please be aware that this is a chargeable facility (at our published rates) and payable via PayPal or credit/debit card on completion of the session. You will then download a small program which will initiate a service request to our console.

Maintenance - For only 10 per month your PC (discounts apply for multiple computers in the same location) will receive a six monthly check-up and you can call us immediately you have a problem without the fear of additional labour charges. With no risk of additional labour charges there is every reason to call us as soon as you notice a problem. This gives us the most realistic opportunity to resolve the problem quickly - with the minimum of inconvenience for you. Paid by Standing Order on a monthly basis, you are in complete control.

New programs are designed to make the best of current machines and where your PC is a year or two old you will often find that a little extra memory or some additional disk space can make the difference.