If you can't get your PC working, think it may have a virus, or can't get your wireless network going, can't get onto the internet. don't know how to get it to do what you want. want to upgrade your existing PC - then call Mark at Compulogix. I come to you.

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  • Wireless and Wired Networking
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  City Cleckheaton
  Postcode BD19 3BS
  Address 7 Britannia Terrace
  Phone Number 079 6855 0938

  • I would recommend this business

We both thank you for your professionalism and the service offered this afternoon. It's such a relief to have a computer that works. Stay safe.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Mark is a very patient man especially with an amatur like me. I RECOMMEND him to anyone who is having problems with their computer.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for all your help in setting up our little company. You are wonderful!!! The PC’s, e-mail system and all the files you set up are working great and I know we would have struggled to do this without you!!! Thanks for not talking “jargon” to me and letting me ask you silly questions!!

Everything working remarkably well. Thanks for your time and trouble, I hope I don’t need you again, but I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues, and anytime you are passing and have time for a cuppa, please call.

Just to say that once my son saw the new kit he grinned from ear to ear and has had to be prised off the computer to go to bed ever since! He called his friends in to see it and shows it to any other visitors! So thanks for all your help and the very prompt service.

I would like to thank you for solving the graphics problem I had, in a speedy manner and at a very reasonable cost. The home visit provided a hassle free service and my only regret is that I didn’t call you earlier

I phoned Compulogix to sort out my ‘mess’ of a computer. My son had kindly affected the settings by downloading and playing games. Mark came promptly and took the computer away. The next day he returned it with a load of extras and everything working. He then proceeded to give me expert advice in everyday language that even I could understand. I recommend him as a professional who will sort you out with the minimum fuss.

From Our Website

Here's a topic I am increasingly being asked about, and not surprisingly as Microsoft keep telling XP users that the end of the world is nigh come the 8th April 2014! So what does it mean? How does it affect you? What - if anything - should you do? Microsoft has decided to end support for Windows XP completely. This means that not only do they withdraw technical support services (not too many of you are in regular contact with their support desks anyway so that's not too much of a problem), but far more importantly to most users, they stop producing updates to the software.

I'm afraid that I am going to get on my hobby horse, again- I do this when I start to see a rise in the number of a specific type of problem as I go about my daily visits. If you are using a computer then there will almost certainly be some files that are important to you. It doesn't matter if they are pictures, letters, invoices, receipts, spreadsheets or videos, just imagine for a moment how you would feel if you didn't have them, and then consider the following simple question. If you do, then that's great but here's another one for you - Are you sure that your backup includes all the stuff that is important to you?

It was a while ago when I last wrote about backups, but I think it is probably time to go into it again. It is scary how often I find myself at someone's house with a messed up computer, and no backup. It is an easy thing to do these days, and yet frequently people don't do it. Often, with a good backup, you can 'Recover' your messed up PC back to its factory settings, and restore your documents by yourself. If so you will have done most of the time consuming work yourselves. You might not even need to call someone like me for the bells and whistles that bring it up to date, make it safe and to connect to your various other devices and networks.

When you buy something online, usually, somebody, somewhere, gets a commission for taking you to the site that you bought it from. Going direct to a site saves that business money as they have no need to pay any commission. There are sites that exist to help you find a shopping site and take you there, then when they get the commission they pass it back to you. So you can earn money back on your online shopping at thousands of UK retailers. I check if there's cashback available first. It might be 1% or 10%, it might be a fixed amount, it might not be much, but it might be well worth having, and even if it's just a little, it all adds up!

As a general rule time is charged per hour, with a minimum 1 hour charge, see exceptions below. Pricing varies depending on the response times people require, distance from Cleckheaton and nature of the enquiry. Rest assured that I will not come to you unannounced without agreeing the price beforehand. Call or email for a guide. What you will get is value for money. I could not hope to keep the costs of all potential components up to date on this site. If you have a specific requirement then contact me and I will give you a quote.