Business Services

At Compuhelp we meet with, and assess, each of our business clients before devising bespoke stress-reducing IT support packages that answer, and should exceed, expectations

Support Agreements

A support agreement gives you all the benefits of having an IT department just without the cost of one. Our fully managed IT support helps your business when it needs it the most. This comes all backed up with our Microsoft Partner status, with the best accreditation Microsoft has to offer. Our team are trained to Microsoft standards with monthly examinations to improve their knowledge and understanding of Microsoft products. This ultimately benefits you as our client where we can consult you in the right direction.

Why are we different?

Bronze level? Silver level? Gold level? Different levels of service are worthless to a client, we treat all our clients with the same level of service with a no-nonsense 4 hour maximum response time, no extra charges and unlimited call outs or time & materials depending on the contract in place. That's why we are different; many other companies in our industry bamboozle you with different levels of service. We keep it simple, one level of service, where every client is treated equally whether you are a 5 or a 100 user company.


Here at Compuhelp we know that every business is different and therefore needs are different. We don't have a one size fits all approach to IT Consultancy and we truly do tailor the consultancy service to your businesses needs both today and going forward. In some instances we do single one off pieces of work for a client and for others we have an on-going long term approach.

In most cases we start by identifying the needs of the client - these can be issues which the business is facing or can be visions which the business wants to achieve. Generally we like to get a structured IT Strategy document produced for the client and use this as the basis to move forward. In some cases a client will already have an IT strategy and will know exactly where their IT systems need to move to so they can achieve the original goals which they have identified, in these cases we can work in tandem with the in house IT team to ensure that the right solutions are selected and that any implementations are carried out in a manner which has a maximum positive impact on the business.

Project Management

Compuhelp are specialists in managing IT projects. If your company is expanding its IT infrastructure or moving location we can help by planning and carrying out, on time and to budget, any form of IT project management. Please call us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Managed and Hosted Services

Our secure data centre is a perfect alternative for the cost conscious client who wants to use Microsoft software such as Terminal Services, Windows Server and Small Business Server 2008. Compuhelp can manage and host services directly to your user PCs without having to invest and sustain expensive server equipment at a small monthly fee, all backed up with our IT support by our Microsoft certified engineers.

Server Repair and Support

Fast server repair and support

Have you got problems with your server and do not have support? Then we offer a complete repair service either by remote access or on site from one of our qualified technicians. Call now for fast efficient help.
We offer Nationwide Fix or Replace Support up to 24x7 for all Intel-based HP, Compaq, IBM & Dell Servers. We support Tower Servers, Rack Servers & Blade Servers, and offer many other Server Hardware & Software Support options.

Problems most commonly experienced

* Software installation and upgrade problems
* Power Failure / Dead Server
* Fan error / Noisy
* Error Messages
* Server Crashing or Hanging
* Blue Screen Errors / Freeze
* Overheating
* Data Recovery
* Hard Drive Faults / Broken Mirror (Raid Array)
* Slow Server Operation
* Network Problems
* Email Problems
* Server Setup and Software Configuration
* Tape Drives & Backup
* UPS failure

Services we provide

* Repair service to get you up and running again
* Operating system support
* Application support
* Data restore
* Re-imaging

Call for a free quote on our server support programme or for one off fixes and set-up/upgrade service.

Cisco, HP, Extreme Service

Cisco Problems? Call Now For Help, Remote Support and Configuration

Give our Cisco experts a call, for issues from Cisco equipment failure to configuration problems. For example you might be experiencing problems configuring your Cisco VPN. We have configured hundreds of systems so why not let us do it?
Our trained Cisco-qualified technicians will help with any related issues regardless of your configuration. We can get you back up and running ASAP which means you minimise system downtime and keep your users happy.

How does our Cisco support service work?

Just give us a call and if it is a simple answer to a simple question, then we are happy to help with no charge.
If you have an on-going problem or a hardware failure then one of our qualified Cisco technicians will attend, usually on the same day, to analyse the problem and fix it.

For clients who have a business critical Cisco configuration we would recommend a support agreement which gives you priority cover should any problems occur with your Cisco equipment and configuration. Please contact us for a quote for this dedicated support.

Business Solutions

Network Cabling

At Compuhelp we are experts at installing professional cabling solutions to ensure maximum data throughput on your network. Our experienced engineers work closely with our cabling team to ensure highest quality and workmanship.

Backup Solutions

Compuhelp can offer a tailored backup solution to your business. From traditional tape backup ensuring critical data is stored daily to a fully managed remote system where your data is securely backed up and encrypted to one of our off site data centre servers.

Secure Wireless Systems

Is your wireless network secure? Could someone be accessing your files?

Compuhelp offer secure professional wireless systems and multi access point solutions to ensure a stronger signal and allow users to communicate with laptops and PDAs within the office environment. We can also install wireless bridges to link multiple sites together without having to lay expensive cables.


What is virtualisation? Less is more...

Powered by VMWare, virtualisation enables multiple operating systems being able to run on a single server as a Virtual Machine. Most servers are under-utilised at present, with many servers only doing one job i.e. email server, Blackberry server etc. What virtualisation enables you to do is consolidate say 10 servers down to 1 which greatly reduces economic costs to your business and to some extent helping the environment as your energy levels are reduced too.

Another great benefit is that Disaster recovery is no longer an issue for a company as you are able to transfer virtual machines from one host to another. Snapshots of a virtual operating system can be taken every 10 seconds. It's a hot topic at present please call us to discuss your options and the benefits it can bring to your company.

Site to Site Secure VPN Links

If you are opening a new branch office and need to access the IT resources such as the company email server, Compuhelp can supply you with a system to suit your needs.

With our VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution, your company network can cover all the remote sites of your business and link them back to Head Office enabling you to work simultaneously from the same data.


Compuhelp has the knowledge to protect your network from viruses and intruders using a range of Avast! products. Greatly reducing spam and other daily attacks without you even being aware and ultimately your company becomes a safe working environment.

From simple router firewalls to Multiple ISA Server networks, we have a solution.

Unified Communications

Compuhelp Business Solutions is happy to announce an addition to its services being offered to our clients.
Partnering closely with AQL a major player within the telecoms industry - we can now offer you Phone Solutions such as VOIP or a complete Unified Communication platform tailor-made to meet your requirements.
One of our dedicated team members will guide you through a step by step process to propose the right solution for you. Our jargon-free approach will help you understand what's right for your business. Using Mitel, Avaya or Cisco systems, Compuhelp Business Solutions can help you achieve maximum efficiency in your investment.

The future of telecoms is unified communications - a complete phone system for your organisation. Better than that, it completely integrates with your existing IT systems. Missed a call on your DDI? Don't worry - your exchange email server will take the message and email it to you! Do you have remote workers? If so you can transfer calls to their extension wherever they are, at no cost. All calls between users are free, no matter which county, country or continent. The system is designed to be a complete replacement for your old legacy phone system. This is ideal for companies with branch offices both here and abroad.
Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Custom Built Workstations

Compuhelp can build any specification of computer that your business requires. From a simple word processing PC, all the way to a Quad Core processing workstation. Our fast turnaround of custom built hardware is why many people turn to Compuhelp for their IT needs.

Serviced Areas

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