We are a local computer repair and maintenance company based in Rugeley.
We offer a wide range of services including; PC Repair, Computers made to specification, Wireless network setup, Online Backup and much more.
We have a very good reputation that we intent to keep expanding by exceeding our customers expectations and exceptional prices offering brilliant value for money.
We also have an ebay store where we sell computers and computer components etc.
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Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • No callout fee (within 20 miles of Rugeley WS15 2BP)
  • Same day responce in most cases
  • Fully mobile repair service

Serviced Areas

  • West Midlands, Rugeley, Lichfield, Burton-on-trent, Walsall, Staffordshire, Stafford and surrounding

Payment Options

  • Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal

Contact Details

  City Rugeley
  Postcode WS15 2BP
  Address 15 Eaton Croft
  Phone Number 078 0788 9470

Products & Services

Computer Repair

Has your computer completely given up and not work anymore? Well that doesn't mean that it is time for it to be scrapped! If you need your computer to be repaired then just give us a call. Once we receive your call we will ask you for a brief description of what is wrong with the computer and then we will send out an engineer to your home at a time to suit you. When the engineer arrives at your home then they will have a look at your computer and see if they are able to fix it at your home or not. If they cannot fix it at your home then they will take it away with them to fix. Once the computer is fixed they will give you a call to arrange to drop the computer back off to you. When they return the computer to you they will sit down with you and check that you are completely satisfied with the repair before they accept any payment from you.

Computer Setup

When you buy a new computer from us or from elsewhere we offer a pc setup service. If you choose to use this service we will send an engineer out to your home where they will do all of the hard work for you so that you can just get on and start using your new computer. The engineer will: * Unpack your computer and confirm the package contents are correct. * Configure Microsoft Windows and your user accounts to your specific requirements * Connect your PC to your router or modem. * Setup parental controls if required. * Install all of the latest Windows updates.

PC Optimisation

Even when your computer is brand new it can contain unwanted trial software that can affect the speed of your computer. Also after you have had your computer for a few months it gets clogged up with temporary files that are not easy for a standard computer user to delete. Problems with the registry can affect the speed and boot up times of your computer. When this is the case for you then you need to have your PC optimised. The optimisation process will: * Scan your computer for any viruses or spyware * Clean up and delete your temporary files * Defragment your hard drive and perform a general disc cleanup of your hard drive.

Software Installation

Does installing software cause you a headache with all of the different installation options that it offers and you just dont know which one to select? If this is the case then we can install the software for you, even remotely in most cases. This then takes away the hastle for you. If your computer hardware isn't up to the job of running the software we will advise you on what hardware you will need to upgrade in your computer to enable the software to run properly.

Network Setup

Wired and Wireless networks are a brilliant tool for any household. (Wirelless enabled computers and/or laptops required for wireless networking.) A network can enable you to do the following: * Share a printer so that everyone on the network can print to it * Share your broadband connection with all computers on the network * Share files across the network saving you the need to use a USB flash drive to take your files to another computer in the house. The engineer will discuss with you what your requirements are and what a network can do for you. He will then set up your wireless router if you already have one to make it safe and secure. If you do not have a wireless router you can purchase one from us for a small extra fee. The engineer will then connect all of the computers in your home to the network and set up shared folders and printers. He will then show you how everything works and give you any passwords that you may need.

PC Upgrade

Have you noticed that since you have bought your computer it has become slower and does not run applications as quickly as it used to. Well then perhaps it is time to upgrade the components in your computer. By upgrading certain hardware such as the RAM or the Graphics card in your computer you can see big results. Your applications will run faster and your computer will start up and shut down faster than before. The engineer will: * Discuss what hardware that you should upgrade in your computer adhereing to your needs and budgetry constraints * Install the hardware for you and configure it * Clean all of the dust from inside of your computer which can surprisingly increase the performance of your computer as the components inside will be able to regain the correct airflow keeping them cool.

Online Backup

Make sure that your imortant files an photos are kept secure with our online backup facility. With the advances of technology these days everyones memories and important files are all digital and stored on their compters. We have seen the situation where we have to repair a cutomers computer for them but their hard drive needs replacing and all of their files are lost due to them not having them backed up. We offer a fully automated online backup servcice se up by our engineers and tailored to your needs andrequirements.

PC Built to Your Specification

We can build you a computer to your exact specification. We will discuss your requiements and then price up your PC for just J20 extra. We charge J40 Labour to build the PC and a J20 consultation fee if a consultation is required The components for the PC can be purchased from us or you can source your own.

Contract Packages

We also offer various contract packages for small to medium sized businesses. These contracts provide the customer with all of our services for just one monthly fee (parts charged for)And best of all we offer an unlimited, no extra cost call out service with all of our contract packages.

Customer Testimonials

I had been having a lot of problems with my computer which my local computer repair shop had not been able to fix and told me that i would be better off buying a new computer. In one last effort i contacted Cloud9 Computers as a friend reccommended them to me. I gave them a call and they sent out an engineer to me extremely quickly. The same day in fact! The guy was very helpful and explained to me what would have to be done to the computer and how much it would cost. He took the computer away with him and then the next day i got a call to arrange for the computer to be returned to me as it was fixed. My computer was returned to me and it works great and best of all it only cost me J35 to have it repaired. I would definately use Cloud9 Computers again and i reccommend them to everyone now. Thanks Cloud9 Computers!

We were a little reserved about using Cloud9 Computers to repair our laptop as all we knew about the company was what we had read on their leafet that was posted through our door. However after talking to one of our neighbours who had used them we decided to use Cloud9 Computers for our repair. We rang them and explaied what was wrong with the laptop and they sent out an engineer within just one hour. He was very helpful and took our computer away to repair it. I recieved a phone call the next morning to inform me that my computer was ready and it was brought back to my house the same morning. The engineer sat down with us and made sure that we were happy with all of the work that had been completed. The repair was perfect and my laptop works like new again! Extremely happy with the service and would definately use them again and will reccommend to all of my friends and famly.